How To Archive Messages On IPhone In 2022 – Complete Guide

How To Archive Messages On IPhone In 2022 – Complete Guide

How To Archive Messages On IPhone In 2022 – Complete Guide

This article will tell you how to archive messages on iPhone. If you have a lot of text messages on your phone, you might want to save them in an archive so you can view them later.

IMazing can archive all of your messages in backups so you can access them at any time, even if Apple doesn’t offer a way to do that. It’s useful if you want to remove messages from your phone to save space, but still be able to read them later, or look at the photos they contain.

With text messaging as a major communication channel for many businesses, including the financial sector, regulatory organizations have set in place text message archiving regulations to mitigate the risks associated with this communication channel. Companies must know how to archive iPhone text messages to survive.

In 36 states, iOS is more popular than Android, with more Americans preferring the operating system. The popularity of the iPhone has made it necessary for companies and organizations to know how they can archive text messages sent by their employees. 

Message Capture By Screenshot

Here’s How To Archive Messages On Your Iphone

You need to download and install I Mazing. You need to connect your device to your Mac or PC after launching the app. Click Back Up if you don’t find your device in I Mazing’s sidebar. 

It’s a good idea to set archival backups options. Make sure you back up your device. If you want to view archived messages, load a backup, then select MessagesIn-Depth.

Launch iMazing on your computer and connect your device

You have to download and install I Mazing. You should connect your device to your Mac or PC after you launch the app.

Select your device in the iMazing’s sidebar, then click Back Up

Click Back Up if you don’t find your device in the sidebar. If this is the first time you back up your device, you may want to choose a specific location for the backups. The device settings window can be opened by clicking on the icon at the right of the device’s name in the top part of the main view.

How To Archive Messages On IPhone

Choose a location for your backups

You have the option of choosing a location for your backups. If you want to have I Mazing save the backups on an external hard drive, you may not want to store them on your computer since they can be quite large. If you have more than one device, you can choose a different backup location for each one.

The default backup location is in the home folder or user folder on the startup disk, so you won’t need to change anything. If you prefer to store the backups in a different location, click Change Backup location and select a different disk and folder. 

Clicking Choose a custom location will allow you to store them in a specific folder on your computer. Click Done when you have set up the backup location.

Set Archival Backups Options

IMazing stores your backups in a way similar to Time Machine. iMazing only copies the files and data that have changed since the last backup. This will save you a lot of space. There are several options for archival backups. Click on the options to access them.

Enable Archival Backups

IMazing stores multiple backups without overwriting older ones, unlike iTunes, which creates a new backup every time you back up your device. Similar to Apple’s Time Machine, it only copies the files and data that are new each time. This saves space but also makes sure that you have older data that you have deleted from your device.

Automatically clean archived backups

How To Archive Messages On IPhone

If you want to automatically remove backups that are more than a month old, I Mazing can do that for you. You can leave this option checked if you don’t want to store backups longer than this. 

You can uncheck this option if you don’t want to. You will have backups that go further back in time, but at the expense of space taken up on your computer if you don’t check this option.

Delete archived backups

If you check Automatically clean archived backups, you can choose how long I Mazing stores your backups for. By default, this is one month, but you can choose between two weeks and one year. 

You can have IMazing warn you and ask for your permission before the deletion of old backups. Click Done to move to the next step after you have selected these options. Unless you decide you want to change some of them, you won’t need to go through these options again for subsequent backups.

Back up your device

iMazing displays the Backups Options screen again after you have set your backup options. If you are ready to back up your device, click next. Your device is being backed up by size. 

Depending on the amount of data you have, it can take several minutes. The progress bar and estimate of how much time is left are displayed by size. If you didn’t set it up via amazing, the app will ask you to enter your password when iMazing completes the backup. This is the password you used to protect your backups in iTunes, which is stored on your device. 

You don’t have to enter it again the next time you run a backup if you click Remember Password. The backup will be shown to be complete by sizing. To return to the main view, click the close window.

Going Further

Access Archived Messages

How To Archive Messages On IPhone

You can access messages and other content from your backup. The name of your device and the word backup will be displayed when you click the Backups button. 

You will be able to see the date and time of the backups. Click View to see the backups. The backup is loaded. IMazing loads the messages from the backup if you click messages. You can either view them or transfer them to a PC.

Automatically Back Up Your Device

Automatic backups are enabled in the backup options so your device is automatically backed up on the schedule of your choice.

iCloud Messages

One of the biggest features of the latest version of the operating system is the ability to sync all of your email and text messages to the cloud. If you want to use this feature, you need to enable iCloud Messages. 

Some older attachments may be removed from your device and kept in the cloud, but you will still be able to display and extract your messages in iMazing as you did before. Text content is not being affected.

Message Capture By Screenshot

Regular iPhone users can back up their messages by taking a picture. The steps that should be followed by iPhone users are listed below. The text message you want to save can be found in the “Messages” app on the iPhone. 

The Power/Lock button and the Volume Up button can be pressed at the same time to take a picture of the message screen for the iPhone X and other models without a Home button.

Go to the Camera Roll or the Screenshots album and select the messages you want to be documented after capturing them. Companies that use this method will lose all the information associated with the message, which can be more important than the content itself.

Backing Up Directly To iCloud

Text messages on the iPhone can be backed up to iCloud. The iCloud is a free and wireless data backup service that also makes it a convenient option among iPhone users. If you have an older version of the iPhone, you can back up your text messages using the following steps:

If you connect to a wi-fi connection, tap “iCloud” or the user banner at the top of the screen, then scroll down and tap either “backup” or “iCloud backup” to back up the text on your phone. The following steps can be used to backup text messages on the iPhones.

If you connect to a wi-fi connection, you’ll find a user banner that says “iCloud” and you’ll be able to find messages on it.

The sender and receiver can use Apple products to sync their Messages so that the computer can receive the same messages. The complete conversation can be printed in the Messages app for the iPhone. 

The backup folder is where users will need to go to access their messages on the device. Users need to follow the Library > Messages > Archive Messages file path after that.

Using iTunes

People can back up their text messages through the OS Mojave or earlier versions. Go to the Summary tab and choose Back Up Now under Manually Back Up and Restore iPhone users using Mac devices can go to the Preferences > Devices to confirm that the backup was successful. Users of the Windows operating system can go to the preferences section.

Can I Save Messages From The Mac Messages App On My Mac Computer?

How To Archive Messages On Iphone

You can, you definitely can! Users of the Decipher TextMessage can save and export messages contained in the Mac Messages app on their Mac computer with a special preference.


In this blog post, we showed you how to archive messages on iPhone. You now have a way to keep your inbox from being cluttered with old messages that are no longer relevant or interesting, and instead, just store the ones that matter most.

We hope that this article gave you all the information that you needed to know about archiving messages on iPhone. Thanks for reading, happy messaging!

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