How To Watch Match Of The Day Online In 2021

How To Watch Match Of The Day Online In 2022

How To Watch Match Of The Day Online In 2021

Do you wanna know How to Watch Match Of The Day Online? You are exactly at the right place. We will guide you on the right pathway.

The famous Football highlights and analysis show, the Match Of The Day was first aired on 22 August 1964 on BBC. Since then it has had a huge fan following and has also been recognized in the “Guinness World Records” as the “Longest Running Football TV Programme” in 2015.

Initially, the title, Match Of The Day was given to the BBC’s coverage of Wimbledon in the year 1964 but months later it was given to this football show. The first highlights showed was of a game between Liverpool and Arsenal at Anfield

The fans can now stream it on the BBC iPlayer app, free of cost with the possession of a TV license in the UK. Though the fans of the show are around the globe, access to this football show is limited to the United Kingdom fans only.

To give you a little sneak-peek into the show, it was the star-studded show, which was all about football matches and their highlights

  • The show was presented by Gary Lineker, Mark Chapman, Gabby Logan, and Dan Walker. The show had many analysts like Tim Cahill, Dion Dublin, Jermaine Jenas, Martin Keown, Danny Murphy, Micah Richards, Alan Shearer, and Ian Wright. 
  • Some commentators from the show are Walley Barnes, Frank Bough, David Coleman, Jon Champion, Barry Davies, Tony Gubba, Stuart Hall, John Motson, Alan Perry, including many other famous commentators.
  • The theme music composer was Barry Stoller. The show had originated in the UK and up till now, it has had 51 series and has broadcasted over 5000 episodes. 
  • The chronology of its numerous seasons is the Match Of The Day 2, Match Of The Day 3, Match Of The Day Kickabout, Match Of The Day Live, Match Of The Day Northern Ireland, Match Of The Day Wales, Match Of The Day the  US, and The Football League.
  • Jacqui Oatley was the first female commentator on the show. She made her first appearance in April 2007. The show also had some freelance commentators including Guy Mowbray, Steve Wilson, Jonathan Pearce, Steve Bower, Simon Brotherton, and many others.

To all the fans living outside the UK, you have approached the right place. In this blog, I will be sharing some tips on how you can get access to the show without having a subscription or living in the UK. The trick is accessing the app through a VPN.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network allows a user to establish a secure connection on various networks over the internet. It can be used to access restricted websites while encrypting your identity and information about your browsing activities over public Wi-Fi while using servers based in a different location or country.

Many people around the globe use a VPN to protect the tracks of their confidential information or to browse the internet without leaving a trace of their activities. A VPN helps you disguise your location and fool the servers of applications and software that are blocked in your country.

The most common example is, when PUBG was banned in India, many gamers used a VPN, changed their location to some different country, and continued playing the game in India.

Many people use a VPN to stream the content whose rights are restricted in the region they live in. Despite, the VPN allowing you to trick the servers, it also encourages you to challenge the terms and conditions and use the services illegally.

The BBC iPlayer is one of the exclusive UK streaming apps that offer a wide and versatile variety of BBC programs, all of which are free of cost, as long as the user possesses a TV license in the UK.

The British Broadcasting Corporation has reserved the rights to stream or download any program on BBC TV channels through the BBC iPlayer app.

Therefore, anybody living elsewhere but in the UK has no access to the Match Of The Day or any other BBC TV programs. If a person tries to stream into the BBC iPlayer app all they can watch is a blocked message on their screen.


How To Watch Match Of The Day Online

There are a lot of VPN services available in the market today. The most important factor is whether the chosen VPN service offers a server in the required region, in this case, the UK.

Also, streaming the video in your location from the UK server requires a faster speed. Different VPN services are available at different costs and speeds. The top VPN services at a pocket-friendly price are listed below-

  • Nord VPN- The most prominent VPN used in India. It costs around 3.30 US Dollars to 11.95 US Dollars (~200-900 INR). Using Nord VPN one can unblock Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and Hulu app. It supports Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and Linux. It has a speed of 81.78 Mbps.
  • ExpressVPN- ExpressVPN is known as a perfect VPN for unblocking applications in India and around the world. It costs around 6.67 US Dollars to 12.95 US Dollars, which is around 400 INR to 900 INR.

It gives access to apps like Netflix iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. It has a smooth and fast speed of 76.10 Mbps and is enabled in Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and Linux.

  • Ivacy VPN- The Ivacy VPN costs 8.95 US Dollars which is approximately 700 INR. Using this VPN, a user can unblock Netflix US, Amazon prime iPlayer, and Hulu app with a speed of 83 Mbps. It can be used in Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and Linux.

Before we discuss the procedure of how to use a VPN, a user needs to know that VPNs are not legal.

Unblocking the network whose rights are reserved by its company or by going up against the terms and conditions of any application, is a punishable offense.

So when you sign up for a VPN, you do it at your own risk. This risk also involves money.

Steps To Access Match Of The Day Using A Vpn

Step 1: Selecting VPN

The very first step is to select a suitable VPN. For selecting the right VPN one must consider its speed and the price to be paid(monthly or annually). Using a VPN, you may encrypt your real location and access iPlayer without being in the UK.

The most common VPNs used are Nord, Express, Ivacy, CyberGhost, etc. Make sure to read all the details related to the specific VPN before signing up.

Step 2: Installing VPN on your device

Select your preferred device, viz., mobile phone, or a laptop to download your VPN. Open the website of the VPN then sign up and download it on a device.

Make sure the VPN is supportive of your device. Well most of them support Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Preferring a mobile gives you an advantage of on-the-go streaming (of course with access to the WiFi network). But going for a laptop will provide you with a bigger screen. At last, the choice is yours.

Step 3: Get- Set-Go

Now you’ve reached the final step, where you log in to your VPN and select the server based in the UK. Selecting a server in the UK, helps you to mislead the iPlayer server into believing that you are accessing the BBC app somewhere in the UK.

So the bottom line is, now you can access BBC iPlayer anywhere around the globe until there is an accessible Wi-Fi network.

Step 4: Start streaming

Now that you’re connected to the VPN, you can access the iPlayer website, log in with credentials, in the location column, select the UK as your location, and start streaming.

You can also use the iPlayer mobile app on Android and iOS. You can watch the Match Of The Day either live or watch the repeated one on a later date.

Match Of The Day has two editions. One is the Saturday edition, which after being aired is available from 7 PM on Sunday in the evening, the other is the Sunday edition which is streamed on Sunday at midnight.

In case of any mid-week episode of the show, it can be viewed at midnight of the day when it is broadcast.

The concluding line is that a fan of the Match Of The Day does not have to be in the UK to stream it. Now it is possible anywhere around the globe.

Besides, you can also download the VPN on your router. Installing a VPN on your router gives you the benefit of encrypting the data on all the connected devices.

[This installation requires a router that supports DD-WRT firmware.]

Another way of getting access to the BBC iPlayer is through Kodi TV. The Kodi TV is an open-source, free software developed by Microsoft for the Xbox, managed by a non-profit organization Xbox Media Centre (XBMC) foundation named it XBMC.

The software gets updated and modified by its developers around the world. It is customizable software. Kodi TV does not come with any pre-installed software or applications but can work on all the devices viz., smartphones, laptops, PCs, Firestick, and Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux.

So one can download it on the desired device and stream the desired content. You can also add your media on Kodi TV.

Many people have their doubts about the legal binding of the content one streams on Kodi TV, well it completely depends on what one is watching or accessing.

The drawback of streaming any content on the Kodi TV is that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the government can access or monitor your browsing activities, which means if you’re accessing something you don’t have permission to, you need to cover your tracks.

The only way to overcome this problem is to connect to a VPN Service on your Kodi TV.

Installing A VPN On Kodi Tv

Follow the steps to know how to install a VPN on your Kodi TV.

  • If you’ve already signed up for a VPN service, you just need to visit its official website and install the application on your desired device.
  • Once it is installed, open the application and log in with your credentials.
  • Now connect to the desired server, here the one based in the UK.
  • Finally, your Kodi TV is now connected to your VPN service and you can freely watch the content.

Using Kodi TV For BBC IPlayer

Now let’s discuss how one can get access to the BBC iPlayer on Kodi TV. The Kodi TV has many add-ons which help you gain access to different music, videos, images, websites, applications, etc.

Similarly, it has one for BBC iPlayer as well. Follow the steps to know how you can access BBC iPlayer on Kodi TV-

Step 1- Open the Kodi TV

Step 2- Click on “Add-ons” in the main menu

Step 3- Then click on the “Download” option

Step 4- Select your category- “Video Add-ons”, this will present you with numerous options.

Step 5- You can select the “iPlayer WWW”.

Step 6- Click on the install button to begin the installation.

Step 7- Post this, you’ll be required to permit the app to install the application, once the app is installed Kodi will notify you about the latest add-on.

Step 8- Return to the main Add-onoption and enjoy watching the Match Of The Day on the BBC iPlayer

Warning: As you already know, every activity on Kodi TV can be monitored and tracked by your ISP and the government so accessing BBC iPlayer outside the UK is illegal. To ensure that your access remains untraceable, a VPN is a must-have.

Although not all the Add-ons available on the Kodi TV are legal, the choice of what to steam depends solely on the user. These third-party add-ons are based on the PIN locking system. The user needs to enable their VPN service before performing any activity.


The use of VPNs makes it easier to browse websites and access applications that can’t be accessed otherwise. The VPN may encrypt your identity and data but still involves the risk. One might not be imprisoned for illegally accessing the application but might get listed as a civil offender or get their license suspended.

Using a VPN is also an advantage to some people who want to transmit some information by preventing hackers to gain access to it. So it has its advantages and disadvantages. The bottom line is that, if you want to access the BBC iPlayer with a VPN you open yourself to the consequences of it too.

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