Steps To Install Duboku Kodi Add On

Steps To Install Duboku Kodi Add On

Steps To Install Duboku Kodi Add On

Steps To Install Duboku Kodi Add On

Do you wanna know how to Duboku Kodi Add On? You are at the right place. Read further to know more.

The Duboku Kodi Add-on is a top-notch add-on for streaming into Asian drama series, anime, and movies.

It is a third-party add-on on the Kodi TV application which is stored in the Cywteow Repository. Using this add-on you can get access to TV shows and movies from Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, and many more Asian countries. There are various sections available in this add-on –

  • Search
  • Recently Watched
  • TV Series
  • Movies
  • Anime and many more.


To make your search quick and efficient, use the available filters. It is quite compatible with the recent three versions of Kodi- 17, 18, and 19. You can download the Kodi application from the app store of your desired device. Kodi is supportive of operating systems like-

  • Android mobiles and TVs
  • Windows PC
  • Mac OS
  • iOS
  • Play Stations
  • Xbox console
  • Linux
  • Raspberry Pi

In this article, I will be exchanging information about the Duboku Kodi Add-on and the steps to install it on your device.

Installing The Duboku Kodi Add On

Installing the CYWTEOW Repository

You can install the “Cywteow Repository” from an external source called GitHub.

GitHub is a website that is filled with repositories. You can get your hands on numerous repositories on this site. Go to the official website of GitHub using this URL- 

Follow the given steps to install the repository-

STEP 1: Start the Kodi TV application.

STEP 2: Head to Settings ⇒ System

STEP 3: Within System, select the Add-ons from the menu list.

STEP 4: Unknown Source is placed with a switch on the right-hand side of the window. Switch the tab to “ON” to enable the Unknown Source*.

STEP 5: Head to the Settings main page and click open the File Manager tab.

STEP 6: From the window select, Add Source ⇒ <None>

STEP 7; A new dialogue box will appear with a space provided for entering a URL. Enter the following URL in the box- and click on the OK button 

STEP 8: Just below the URL path, a box is provided to enter a name for your source media file. Give a suitable name to it- “CYWTEOW Repo”.

Cross-check all the filled details and click OK.

STEP 9: Head back to the main page, click open the Add-ons from the menu list.

STEP 10: Add-ons ⇒ Add-on Browser

STEP 11: Install From ZIP File ⇒ Yes

NOTE: An alert message will appear as soon as you will hit the “Yes”. It appears because the add-ons that are downloaded from a ZIP file need to be manually updated. 

STEP 12: The next step is to open the source file- CYWTEOW Repo

STEP 13: From the source file select the

The “x.x.x” represents the version of the repository you are installing on your device.

STEP 14: A little wait and your brand new repository will be added to your device.

*Enabling the Unknown Source on your device imposes threats like hacking and phishing on your device. You will have to enable unknown sources to install the third-party add-ons. Disable them once you have successfully installed your add-on. 

Use a VPN service to safeguard your device.

Installing the Duboku Kodi Add-on

After successfully installing the Cywteow Repository, the next step is to install the Duboku Kodi Add-on

Read and follow the steps given below to install the add-on-

STEP 1; Head to the Add-ons

STEP 2: Add-ons ⇒ Add-on Browser

STEP 3: Within Browser, click on “Install From Repository”

STEP 4; You will find a list of all your installed repositories. Select and open the “Cywteow Repository”.

STEP 5: In your repository, click on the Video Add-ons category.

STEP 6: Search and open the “Duboku Add-on”. Press the “Install” button.

STEP 7: A dialogue box will appear displaying all the affiliated files called Dependencies*. Click “Yes” to continue the installation process.

STEP 8: You’ll be directed back to the Browser page and will soon receive the notification of successful installation of your brand new Duboku Kodi Add-on.

*Dependencies are the additional add-ons that should be installed with the principal add-on to ensure the smooth working of your Add-on. You should delete these files only when you want to delete the principal add-on.

Protect Your Device

You must know that while using Kodi Add-ons, it is very important to protect your device from external threats. To use these third-party add-ons, you are required to enable the unknown sources which will expose your device to dangers like hacking and phishing. To secure your device from these invaders, you can use a VPN service.

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a service that enciphers your identity, location, and browsing history. You can access the rights reserved content on Kodi Add-ons using a VPN service. It helps you to fake your location and trick the server of the shows into believing your fake location. 

Install the VPN on your router and secure all the connected devices.

You can disguise your identity and erase the tracks of your internet activities without highlighting it to your ISP. A VPN always connects you to public WiFi. These services are offered at various rates within the market. Mentioned below are some popularly used VPN services-

  • Nord VPN
  • Express VPN
  • IPVanish VPN
  • CyberGhost
  • Surf Shark
  • Ivacy VPN

Warning– You need to know what and where you are investing your hard-earned money. A VPN helps you in accessing the restricted content which is illegal and can lead you to a convictable offense.

Staying connected to public WiFi increases the risk of getting hacked. So, if your VPN does not possess decent security settings, you and your data are unsafe.

Think twice before investing in anything illegal.


With the Douboku Kodi Add-on, you can enjoy all your favorite Asian dramas and movies under one roof. You can binge-watch all your favorite Asian shows using this add-on. Remember to read every instruction carefully and follow every step thoroughly to avoid any obstructions in installing the add-on. Use a VPN service to secure your device before enabling unknown sources.

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