How To Install ReleaseBB Kodi Addon

How To Install ReleaseBB Kodi Add On In 2023 – Complete Guide

How To Install ReleaseBB Kodi Addon

If you want to know how to install releaseBB Kodi add on then here we are providing a complete step-by-step guide so read this full article to know more.

We love TV shows, movies, and videos right? As soon as new movies are released we are so excited to watch them as soon as we get time. We do all our work fast, make ourselves comfortable and take out time for the new movie.

And then you open your television and sit for the movie but then you realize that the movie has not come on tv yet, your whole mood gets off, you feel really bad that you made up your mind to watch a new thing today and it is not available.

But what if I say that you can watch a new movie or TV show if you want to, you need not wait at all or spoil your mood. You can watch new movies or videos with the help of ReleaseBB.

releaseBB has links to the latest movies and TV shows.  To know how to install ReleaseBB Kodi add on and what actually is ReleaseBB 


Let Me Tell You About ReleaseBB

ReleaseBB is an add-on on-demand to watch various TV shows and movies. ReleaseBB has a decent library of content for videos. New movies and shows are being added to it on a regular basis.

It has a Premium-Hotstar supported add-on which means it will only work with Debrid sign-in. The Premium Hotstar that you can use is Premiumize, All-Debird, and Real Debrid.

The most popular and most reliable multi-hoster is Real Debrid. The video content that ReleaseBB uses is amazing.

It has better audio and video quality, and of course, because of the high quality you need more bandwidth to stream the content also because the files are bigger. it has also been updated to KODI 19 MATRIX. 

  • There are various sections in the ReleaseBB Kodi add-on which are: MOVIES, TV SHOWS, SEARCH, SETTINGS-TOOLS REAR SET VIEW TYPES, and GITHUB-HELP  

There are various links for a single content, so I one does not work then the other will surely will. 

Now, to use it you need to obviously download it on your device and by reading this article you will understand that too. 

So let us learn. 

How To Install ReleaseBB Kodi Add On

Firstly Install Bugatsinho Repository

The steps that you need to follow to install ReleaseBB are as follows:

  • First of all, you need to enable unknown resources from the settings of Kodi.

           To enable them you need to : 

  1. Open the main screen of Kodi, go to settings at the top left corner
  2. Click on the option System 
  3. Now there you will a lot of options on the left side of your screen, chose Addons 
  4. Now towards the left check whether Unknown Sources are enabled or not, ON or Disabled then turn it ON
  5. When prompted then click Yes 
  6. You will see a warning, but do not worry click on yes because Kodi addon is totally safe 
  • Now you have to open Kodi settings and then open the file manager
  • You will see an option of Add Source, click on that and then tap none
  • Now the box which will be underneath you have to highlight that and type “bugatsinho” for the media source
  • Then click on “ok”
  • Now go back to the main menu and on the left side of your screen you will see an option of “Add-ons” 
  • Now open the Addon browser snd at the top left screen you will see an option of Little Box Symbol, click on that
  • Then select “Install from ZIP file”
  • Now answer the warning message with “Yes”
  • Now you have to open the source “Bugatsinho” and then select the file “”
  • Now you have to wait a bit until the notification appears on your device that the repository was successfully installed 
install ReleaseBB Kodi Add On

Now Install Releasebb Kodi Add On

  • Now here first of all you have to select “Install from Repository” from your addon browser
  • Now select the “Bugatsinho Repository”
  • Now open the Video Catergory addons
  • On the bottom right of your screen select ReleaseBB and tap on “Install”
  • Now by clicking “OK” you will confirm the installation of the dependencies
  • Now you will receive a message or a notification that KODI ADDON WAS SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED, just wait for this bit to show up on your device.
  • Now you have to go back to the main menu and from there you will be able to access the Kodi Addon 

And now that you have accessed the Kodi add-on you can watch the new movies that are released and the new TV shows. I really hope this article helps. This article had all easy and basic steps, after following them you will be able to use Kodi add-on. 


If you are a Kodi user and want to know how to install releaseBB kodi add on, it is a simple process. Just follow these steps and you will have it up and running in no time at all. With this add-on, you can enjoy all of your favorite movies and TV shows without any hassle. Thanks for reading!

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