How to Get HBO Max in Australia In 2021

How To Get HBO Max In Australia In 2023

How to Get HBO Max in Australia In 2021

If You are searching for How to Get HBO Max in Australia. We will get you on the right pathway.

Who doesn’t love online streaming, that too if you can get all of your favorite tv shows and movies on only one platform?

And if you are someone who always likes to enjoy something new and exciting to watch and explore. Well, then we have something special for you all here.

We have an amazing app that will not only give you options to watch something new, but it will keep you updated with new and exciting content. 

Let us introduce this amazing app to none other than HBO Max. Now before any other thing, we will first discuss what HBO Max is.


Introduction Of HBO Max

If you are also a fan of one of the oldest and longest pay channels with remarkable service in the US? HBO, well HBO stands for the Home Box Office.

HBO has been continuously expanding in the field of entertainment all around the world since the early 90s. The channel of HBO has programming which is mainly focused on theatrically released movies and also has its part in original television series, not just this but it also has concert specials occasionally, HBO also includes some famous documentaries, and stand-up comedy shows as well.

And do you know what makes this channel a bit different yet a lot better than the others? Besides, it gives quality content to its viewers, this is the fact that HBO doesn’t allow any type of traditional commercials.

Instead, the HBOs network runs all the promos for upcoming or latest shows/movies as well as the BTS( behind-the-scenes ) of it. As a result, HBO can easily afford to broadcast more explicit content.

Most of the time other channels wouldn’t be able to broadcast it on television: think of profanity, some precise sex scenes, and other graphic violence and all the other good stuff will be easily available in the HBO Max.

HBO Max is the one who has hit the shows like Game of Thrones, West World, and most of our favorite “Friends Reunion”.

You should know about HBO Max which is known as the home of premium television among people. 

However, HBO Max was launched in May 2020 in the United States of America Company and those who already had a subscription to old HBO can update their service directly through AT&T TV or Charter Communications so now how can you watch HBO Max in Australia? Well, just do not be worried about it.

All you need to do is to read this article thoroughly till the end. You will get all the details and step-by-step guidance to watch HBO Max in Australia. So, without any further delays let’s directly jump into the topic.

How To Get HBO Max In Australia?

So, if you have ever heard of Foxtel TV? Let me still give you a little brief about it. Well, Foxtel is an Australian company which is specialized in pay television- mostly operating in cable television, all the direct broadcast satellite television, and all the IPTV streaming services

So, here to get HBO Max in Australia you have two different options one is Foxtel Tv and the other is Binge. Now, both of them are options to stream HBO Max. So, I will tell you how and why they are so great and popular among people.

You can easily watch HBO Max in Australia just by buying Bundles on Foxtel Tv or maybe buying a subscription for it. But if you are someone who doesn’t want to buy bundles and thighs like that then you can easily go try Binge which is an amazing alternative for the Foxtel Tv.

How To Watch HBO In Australia On Foxtel IQ

In case if you already have a Foxtel Subscription then you must be wondering if you can see HBO on Foxtel. 

Just like HBO, Foxtel is also one of the most popular and highly leading media companies in Australia. Foxtel is a company that has exclusive rights to stream HBO and On-Demand HBO Content in Australia.

Foxtel offers premium cable or satellite Tv services using which you can subscribe to Foxtel and access almost all HBO Titles.  So, this is one of the sorted and also one of the most adaptive ways to watch HBO content in Australia.

Now, access to the Foxtel IQ in your home needs an installation of the set-top box. This set-top box will act as a receiver and also as a video recorder.

This means you can easily stream and download your favorite HBO shows and movies through your set-top box without thinking of any buffering.

Now let me also introduce you to the Foxtel IQ Bundles to watch HBO in Australia.

To get access to the Foxtel IQ you have to buy the bundle for it, which you can take on a 12-month basis or with no-lock-in payment plans. Here, I will be sharing with you the list of bundles you can take a subscription from Foxtel.

  1. A Foxtel Plus Bundle: 
  2. Foxtel Plus with HD bundle (only 12-month plan available)
  3. Movies HD & Kids bundle
  4. Sports HD bundle
  5. Sports HD & Netflix bundle
  6. Movies HD, Kids & Netflix bundle
  7. Foxtel Plus & Netflix bundle
  8. Premium bundle
  9. Premium & Netflix bundle
  10. Platinum Plus bundle

Pros Of Foxtel IQ: 

  • One of the most wanted and desired benefits of having Foxtel IQ is that you will be able to watch HBO content easily.
  • The other most important benefit of having Foxtel is that you will get to have a trouble-free experience of watching.
  • And the last one but obviously not the least is that you can bundle up the Tv packs together, and with all of that, you can also bundle up your current phone’s internet bill. Once you subscribe to the service of Telstra then only it can be done.

Cons Of Foxtel IQ:

  • There is a chance that you may have to switch your existing service provider.
  • You might not get the HBO Max content available on Foxtel TV.
  • This Foxtel Tv will not support the Apple Tv without AirPlay.
  • Also, this Foxtel Tv can be really expensive.
  • This Foxtel Tv does not offer any trial period for their customers.
  • The Foxtel Tv installation is a real hassle.

How To Subscribe To Foxtel TV?

There is no such hassle actually to buy the subscription of Foxtel Tv. You can either go to their shopping page and buy directly from there or you can contact their customer service number.

So, in case you don’t want to go through with any kind of hassle of installing a whole new TV and then getting a new connection just for some access to HBO content in Australia. Well, this is now when you should consider this Foxtel now.

Now, Foxtel is a stand-alone streaming service that is offered by Foxtel and is a house of HBO Titles. In other words, if I say that Foxtel has all the HBO content collection and in addition to that it also provides them in HD.

I have also added a link down below so that you can check and buy a subscription for Foxtel directly from the link:

With Foxtel you will be able to have access to all the HBPO shows whichever gets aired. You can also watch the content on-demand or else you can also watch the content which is already there in the library.

Foxtel Now has some plans which I will be listing down below. Check for anyone who suits you the most.

  • Essential Pack
  • Essentials + Drama extra pack
  • Essentials + Movie pack
  • Essentials + Sports pack
  • Essentials + Movie + Sports Pack
  • All Packs

Pros Of Foxtel Now

  • Foxtel Now has a completely Convenient setup for all its viewers.
  • Also, Foxtel Now is less expensive than Foxtel IQ.
  • One of the very desirable benefits this Foxtel Now has is its HD Quality videos for all the bundles without any extra charge on the existing plans.
  • This Foxtel Now also provides you with 10 days of free trial available for its customers.
  • This Foxtel Now is very much convenient and easy to use, it does not even have lengthy contracts to serve.

Cons Of Foxtel Now

  • Foxtel Now is not available for Apple Tv and if you want to you can use AirPlay with it.
  • Foxtel Now can be missed with the HBO Titles especially the ones which have been released for HBO.

Now, I hope you have gotten enough of an idea of how you can stream HBO in Australia through Foxtel. So, now let us discuss how we can stream HBO in Australia through Binge Plans.

How To Stream HBO Max In Australia On Binge

Now, you have never heard of Binge. But firstly I will give you all a small, little introduction to it. Binge is a local streaming channel that is also owned by Foxtel group.

Binge is a local streaming service in Australia. You can use Binge as the cheapest source of streaming HBO shows and movies in Australia. The best thing is you do not have to go through with any other complex bundle and subscription to take the service either.

So, there are certain plans available in the Binge for their customers or viewers as well. Here I will be writing a list of plans which are available go with the list thoroughly and select one for yourself smartly.

  1. Basic Subscription
  2. Standard Subscription 
  3. Premium Subscription

Let’s list out some pros and cons for this Binge to stream HBO in Australia.

Pros Of Binge

  • Binge is the cheapest option to stream HBO in Australia.
  • Binge also has access to most of the titles available on HBO.
  • Binge is comparatively the easiest to set up to watch HBO in Australia.
  • Binge also provides its customers or viewers to enjoy a trial of 14 days.
  • Binge also doesn’t have any contracts for the lock-ins.

Cons Of Binge

  • Binge has comparatively less content than Foxtel IQ, Foxtel Now, HBO, and HBO Max.
  • Binge also supports some limited devices.

How To Watch HBO Content In Australia On HBO Max With Using A Vpn

So far, we have already discussed a lot about the options that can watch HBO which involves the usage of local TV or any streaming service through which we can watch HBO in Australia. 

But have you imagined getting all the HBO shows and movies directly without any use of these third-party service providers?

So, now without any delays let’s directly look into how we can do that.

So, have you ever heard of VPN? If not, still do not need to worry we will describe everything to you. 

A VPN is a part of Software that hides your IP Address and allows you to surf the internet anonymously. But if you use HBO Max and HBO you will need a premium VPN Service like ExpressVPN and there are a few more out there you can check them also. I will list a few of them down below for you all.

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. Surfshark
  3. NordVPN
  4. PureVPN

How To Watch HBO Using A VPN? 

To watch HBO by VPN in Australia is just a few steps away from you. All you need to do is to follow all these below-mentioned steps one by one.

  • Well, first all you need to do is to download and subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  • Now launch this VPN App which you have downloaded and then try to connect to it with US Server.
  • Then simply create an account with HBO Max.
  • Then just simply sign in to your specific HBO service and start watching all your favorite shows in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can HBO Be Streamed In 4K?

Yes, as HBO Max has recently added new feature support of 4K HDR. which allows you to watch your favorite TV shows, movies, and all the other HBO Max content using 4K UHD and HDR streaming quality on selected devices. 

Q2. Can I Stream HBO Content On Chromecast?

Yes, you can watch HBO Max content on Chromecast. And for the same, you need Chromecast to cast HBO Max from your mobile, tablet, and PC to your TV.

Q3. How Much Is The Cost Of HBO In Australia?

As we have already mentioned different plans for HBO. so we would suggest you go and check the plans on their website and select the best one for yourself.

Q4. Is HBO On Netflix Australia?

No, you just cannot watch HBO content on Netflix. Because Foxtel and Binge had a deal with HBO to allow only them to broadcast their contents.No, you just cannot watch HBO content on Netflix. Because Foxtel and Binge had a deal with HBO to allow only them to broadcast its contents.

Q5. Is HBO Bigger Than Netflix?

Well, there is no such thing. They both are into entertainment services and are doing pretty well. They both have great content and are equally demanding among viewers.

Q6. How Can I Get HBO For Free?

Well, if you are an Amazon Prime member and all you need to do is to download HBO Max and use your Amazon credentials and enjoy HBO.


So, we have discussed a lot of things about HBO and HBO Max. Also, how can you watch them in Australia? We have also told you different ways by which you can stream HBO easily.

Now, you are well-acknowledged to make the best decision for yourself. And still, if you are not able to understand then we would suggest you take a trial for it and then observe.

We have told you 4 different ways, some were really great and very easy to use. I hope this article helped me understand How To Get HBO Max in Australia with all the different sources.

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