ACE and MPA Target More Streaming Sites and IPTV Services

ACE And MPA Target More Streaming Sites And IPTV Services

ACE and MPA Target More Streaming Sites and IPTV Services

In this article, we will tell why ACE And MPA Target More Streaming Sites And IPTV Services, Can ACE And MPA take down IPTV Services, and What are the criteria of ACE And MPA for taking illegal action on piracy streaming sites.

ACE, the Advanced Copyright Exchange, and MPAA, the Motion Picture Association of America, have been targeting more streaming sites and IPTV Services over the past few months, with the first major site being the Denon Media Player.

This week, they have been targeting another major site, the TvTunes Player, which is owned by the KeeFox Group. This is the second major Backpage. com-related site targeted by ACE and MPAA, as they have been targeting in the U.S. and in Russia.

ACE and Multi-Platform Accessibility (MPA) are two laws that have been introduced that require streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, HBO Now, and others to provide a robust accessibility experience to their users.

The law is intended to address the accessibility concerns of users who are blind, deaf, and have other disabilities by requiring streaming services to provide a rich content navigation experience accessible to the blind.


ACE And MPA Target More Streaming Sites And IPTV Services

Many more streaming sites and IPTV providers are being targeted by ACE and the MPA, according to reports.

The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) and the Motion Pictures Association (MPA) are pursuing additional streaming domains and IPTV services in the news.

Only a few months ago, ACE took down two major streaming sites: and Cuevana.

ACE has taken down two major streaming sites.

On three separate DMCA subpoenas, ACE and the MPA are requesting information from Cloudflare about unlawful streaming site owners.

These three subpoenas together target more than 40 streaming domains that are hosted all around the globe.

The following are some of the most noteworthy domains on this list:

  • user

ACE and the MPA sought information from individuals who operate pirate IPTV services in the third subpoena.

This is a statement by AMC/MPA for conducting legal streaming services after providing the necessary document, People who are running illegal streaming services ace/mca demanding user information from operators.

“This would include the individuals’ names, physical addresses, IP addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, payment information, account updates and account history.”

The following were among the illicit IPTV services targeted:


A declaration from ACE/MPA is included in the formal subpoena papers, and it requests user information from the owners of these unlawful streaming sites.

Names, physical addresses, IP addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, payment information, account changes, and account history would all be included.”

This isn’t the first or last time that unconfirmed streaming sites/apps have been taken down, as we’ve seen before.

ACE has shut down the popular streaming site “Nites.TV.”

ACE has taken down the Typhoon TV app.

Mobdro is no longer available.

Even though this is a win for ACE and copyright holders, it appears certain that the “cat and mouse” game of shutting down streaming sites/services will continue shortly.

The papers below provide formal documentation of the ACE/MPA subpoenas.

Streaming Sites – Official ACE/MPA Subpoena

IPTV Services – Official ACE/MPA Subpoena

Will Users Of These Streaming Sites & IPTV Services Be Contacted By ACE/MPA?

With this new targeting of additional streaming websites and IPTV providers, it’s unclear what’s going on behind the scenes.

User data, streaming history, and identifying IP addresses have all been handed up by website owners in the past. They’ve also been accused of selling this sought-after data to other parties.

It’s critical to only watch material that isn’t copyrighted and to use an IPVanish VPN to protect yourself.

These website operators & app developers can do anything they want to with your streaming history and identifying IP Addresses.

A VPN hides your IP address and encrypts your Internet connection, making you anonymous.

Also, since your connection is encrypted, your Internet service provider can’t see what you’re doing online.

For additional information, see our VPN Resource Guide.

Overall, it will be fascinating to watch how the owners of these streaming websites and IPTV providers handle the situation.

As additional information about the situation becomes available, we will update our visitors.


This news is representative of a continued trend in the industry. More and more people are cutting their cable cords and opting for streaming services instead. As a result, content providers like ACE and MPA are targeting these streaming sites and IPTV services in order to reach as many viewers as possible.

If you’re thinking about getting rid of your cable subscription, know that you have plenty of options for watching your favorite shows and movies online.

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