How To Change The Name Of Your Roblox Group

How To Change The Name Of Your Roblox Group In 2023

How To Change The Name Of Your Roblox Group

Wanna know how to change the name of your Roblox group? Read on to know more.

Roblox is an online virtual playground and workshop, where kids of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun, and learn. It’s designed for 8 to 18-year-olds, but it is open to people of all ages. Each Roblox game is like a different world made up of building blocks that are sculpted by players themselves.

Group Name in Roblox is basically the title for a specific group in Roblox. Each Group Name in Roblox has its own unique identity and it can be customized with special characters and color codes, which makes it even more appealing.

It gets displayed when someone enters the game, so they know whom to chat with or who’s hosting the game. In this article, we will guide you on how to change the name of your Roblox group.


What Is Roblox?

Roblox is a user-generated online gaming platform where players can design their own games and play a wide variety of different types of games created by other users. 

In addition to the creation aspect, Roblox allows for an in-game currency called “Robux” which can be purchased with real money and used to buy in-game items such as clothing.

Roblox also offers paid memberships called Builders Club and Outrageous Builders Club which offer perks such as exclusive clothing items, increased earn rate of in-game currency, and access to “superpowers” while playing on Roblox. Memberships can be purchased using either credit cards or Paypal.

How Does It Work?

How To Change The Name Of Your Roblox Group

Roblox is designed for the user to be able to design their own games, but most users do not know how to use complicated coding languages. Roblox provides a simple drag-and-drop system that allows users to create almost any game imaginable without having to learn how to use any complicated coding languages.

The use of simple drag-and-drop within Roblox has led many people to believe that it is just another “virtual playground” similar in fashion to Club Penguin or Moshi Monsters. This couldn’t be further from the truth, with the only similarity being that both Roblox and Club Penguin allow children into their virtual worlds.

What Is Roblox Group?

In addition to the main site, Roblox also has a section called Roblox Group, which is a place for users to able to “meet up” and talk about their games. While this would be fine as an option for socializing with other users on Roblox, many of the groups participate in inappropriate interactions with children.

These groups often contain links to other websites that contain images and videos not appropriate for anyone under the age of thirteen (13).

How To Change The Name Of Your Roblox Group

What Are Roblox Users Like?

Many of the users on the site are children, some as young as eight years old. However, many users who are playing on Roblox are much older than thirteen (13).

Many of these users use groups to communicate with each other or attempt to spam chat rooms with links to objectionable websites. As a result, it is very hard to tell just how old someone you meet online is simply by their game handle.

Many people see that there’s no signup for this game and they think that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting right into it for fun. However, most kids don’t realize one really simple thing: signing up means giving away your personal such as e-mail address, birthday, etc.

This can be very dangerous since anyone who has your information could steal your identity, frame you for things you haven’t done, or scam you into sending money to them.

How To Change The Name Of Your Roblox Group?

To start with, when you’re on the Roblox website and go to “Groups” located in the navigation bar at the top of the page, you’ll see a button that says “Create“. Click on it and you’ll be taken to a page where you can create your own group.

There will be a field labeled “Name” which is what will appear as your group’s title when someone enters the game or goes to your group’s chat room.

After completing that step, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page where there is an option that says “Privileges“. Once selected, you’re given options such as having full permissions (others cannot delete messages), joining without approval from an administrator (this one is completely up to you), having the ability to delete messages from chat rooms, and if your group is public or private.

It’s best for this option to be “private” since it’ll add another layer of security in case someone attempts to join your room who might not be a part of your group.

Once that’s done, simply click on “Create Group” and you’re all set! You can always change these settings whenever you want by going back to the page where you created your group and clicking “Edit Settings“. People can now join your game without any issues whatsoever.

How To Change The Name Of Your Roblox Group

How To Create A New Group On Roblox?

If you want to create a new group on Roblox, then follow the steps below:

  • First, open up Roblox. To create a group, click on the “groups” icon which is located right next to the home icon.
  • Once you do that, one of two things will happen. Either you’ll be taken to your current group’s information page or you’ll be taken to a blank white space with only the option to create a new group present.
  • If it takes you directly into an existing group’s area then just go back and select “create new” again.
  • You’re allowed up to five groups so even if it seems like clicking these options doesn’t seem to work just try it once more! If it still doesn’t work, make sure you actually are signed in (you should see your

FAQs: How To Change The Name Of Your Roblox Group

How do I join a group on Roblox?

To join a group on Roblox, first find the “groups” tab. Once on that page, select any of the options which say “join“, “create”, or any other similar option.

Then simply search for any group you wish to join and click one of those options once more.
After clicking those options again, it should bring up your screen as if you were looking at your home page except there will be some differences such as new navigation menus and some other things here and there that allow you to enter the chat room as well as send messages to everyone else in the room.

Why can’t I create a Roblox Group?

There might be a few different reasons why you can’t create your Roblox group.
First, make sure that you’ve actually signed in and not just created an account.

If you don’t remember signing in then refresh the page and try again. Make sure to check both on the website and in-game when attempting this step.

Next, if it still doesn’t seem to let you sign up for your new group then there’s probably some sort of issue with your account such as having too many groups already or something like that (you’re only allowed five). 

Even though creating a new group might seem like it’s free, it’s actually one of the paid services offered through Roblox so if anything goes wrong during the process, you’ll need to contact Roblox and ask for assistance.

Finally, if you’ve done all of that and it still doesn’t work then there might be some issue with your internet connection or the Roblox servers themselves. If this is the case, then you’re going to need to wait it out or try again later (just like almost everything else within life).

Why do I keep getting messages about joining a group?

There is a chance that you aren’t actually trying to join a group, instead, someone could be messaging you saying different things such as “hey wanna play games” and possibly other similar things. If this seems like what’s happening then make sure not to click on any of these links. 
Your account is at risk regardless of whether you click on the link or not so it’s best to simply ignore any messages like this which seem suspicious and report them immediately.

What are some other things I need to remember about groups?

There are a few different things that you should keep in mind whenever you’re using a group function within Roblox.

First, make sure you know who everyone in the said group actually is by looking through their profiles before joining or adding them into your game room.
If anyone seems suspicious then do not add them into your group whatsoever. There have been plenty of reported cases where people try to take advantage of others either through scamming or whatnot so instead of risking the safety of your account, just leave the group entirely and look for another one.


That’s pretty much everything you need to know about changing the name of your Roblox group. All it takes is a few quick clicks and then you’ll have a brand new group that’s ready for its members, or simply just yourself if you’re looking to make a personal room for something else entirely.

Remember, even though there are plenty of groups out there that seem great in terms of their content and such, it doesn’t mean they aren’t at risk for scamming or anything like that. 

Always check through people’s profiles before deciding whether or not they should be accepted into your group so that way everyone involved can feel safe with the choices being made.

If this article helped you out or if you want to leave feedback in any way, shape, or form then please feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks for reading.

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