How To Find The Right Free Kodi Add on For You

How To Find The Right Free Kodi Add-on For You

How To Find The Right Free Kodi Add on For You

Do you wanna know about the Free Kodi Add on? You are exactly at the right place.

Kodi TV is an open-source and Free application, developed and managed by a non-profit organization named as Kodi Foundation. It helps you to stream your favorite TV shows and movies, using the third-party add-ons available in its repositories. Free Kodi Add on is one such third-party add-on that you can find in the DejaVu Repository among many other add-ons in it. 

The Free Kodi Add on has a vast collection of video add-ons like TV shows, movies, documentaries, and sports shows like Mixed Martial Arts or MMA fights and other wrestling shows too. It does not require any premium service like Real Debrid to stream its content. You can use the Free links to binge-watch your desired content. It has plenty of 1-click Free links.

In the following article, you will get plenty of information to know about the Free Kodi Add on and the process to install it on your device. Read further to know more.


Integrating Kodi With Vpn | Free Kodi Add on |

I will recommend you use a VPN service with the Free Kodi Add on as you have to enable the unknown source to install this add-on. This exposes your device to hackers online. VPN or Virtual Private Network helps you to secure your private and confidential data and your device from all kinds of risks and dangers. 

The VPN service also helps you to encipher your identity, location, and browsing activities from all online entities including your ISP or Internet Service Provider. It also gives access to the rights-reserved content available in the Add-on. 

“Streaming into the copyrights-reserved data is illegal.”

All you have to do is follow these simple steps to purchase a VPN service-

  • Pick a suitable VPN service.
  • Visit its official website and sign-up with all your details.
  • Download the Kodi application on your desired device.
  • Log in VPN account using the credentials.
  • Set the desired location. This helps you track the servers and encrypt your real location.
  • You are all set to use your Kodi application without any worries of threat to your privacy.

There are various VPN service providers available in the market. Some experts recommended are- Nord VPN, IPVanish, Ivacy VPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, etc. You can select the one you find most suitable.

WARNING: The use of a VPN service to access the rights reserved data and trick the ISP is illegal and a punishable offense. Think twice before you invest your money into something like this.

Installing The Dejavu Repository | Free Kodi Add on

The Free Kodi Add on is unavailable in the official repository of the Kodi TV application. Hence, you have to find an external repo to install it.

You can find a great number of external repositories on GitHub. Visit the official GitHub website-  to install the DejaVu Repository on our device. 

You can get your hands on the Free Kodi Add on from this repository. Given below are the steps to install the DejaVu Repository-

STEP 1: Open the Kodi TV application

STEP 2: Head to System under Settings and enable the Unknown Source*

STEP 3: Once you enable the unknown source, head back to the main Settings page.

STEP 4: Click open the File Manager

STEP 5: Click on “Add source” ⇒ “None”

STEP 6: In the provided space type the exact URL- and press “Done”.

STEP 7: Underneath the URL space. You will find a blank space, here you can name your source file- “DejaVu” and press OK.

STEP 8: Head back to the Home Screen and open “Add-ons” ⇒ “Add-ons Browser” ⇒ “Install from ZIP file” ⇒ “Yes”

STEP 9: Now click open your source file named DejaVu and select- “repository.DejaVu-x.x.xzip” 

STEP 10: Have patience, it will take a few minutes for your repository to install. Once you get over with the installation process, you will receive a notification.

*NOTE: You will receive a warning when you enable the unknown source on your device. This leads to leaving your device unprotected and open to all kinds of threats like hacking and viruses.


STEP 1: Open the Kodi TV application on your device.

STEP 2: Go to the Add-ons Browser under Add-on from the menu list.

STEP 3: Select the “Install from repository” option

STEP 4: Amongst all the given repositories, select the DejaVu Repository.

STEP 5: Click on the Video Addons option from the repository.

STEP 6: Hover on and look for the Free Add-on, select the add-on, and click on OK.

STEP 7: Once you click OK, a dialogue box will appear displaying all the affiliated files of the add-on. Click OK and continue. These affiliated files are known as “Dependencies”

STEP 8: Few minutes and your addon will be successfully installed on your device.

STEP 9: As soon as you receive the installation notification, head to the Main Screen. You will see the icon of your brand new Free Kodi Addon.

Binge-watch and enjoy! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Free Kodi Addon legal?

Ans. Yes, it is 100% legal to use the Free Kodi Addon. Although there are a few contents available on this add-on that are geo-restricted. Streaming these contents can be illegal.

Q2. Why Do I Need A VPN Service While Using Kodi?

Ans. A VPN service is highly recommended when you are using Kodi Add-ons to protect your device and the data stored in it from external threats. A VPN service also encrypts your identity and location which helps you to locate yourself wherever you desire.

You can read all the relevant information about a VPN service in the above article.

Q3. Do I Need Real Debrid Service For Free Kodi Add on?

Ans. No, you will not require a Real Debrid service to use the Free Kodi Add on as it is not a premium add-on. The contents available on this add-on can be streamed through the free links.

Q4. Is It Important To Install The Dependencies Of The Free Kodi Add on?

Ans. Yes, you have to install the dependencies with the Free Kodi Add on as these files are the medium to help the add-on to search the internet and deliver the content you want to view. You will have to install the dependencies of almost every add-on on the Kodi TV.


Free Kodi Add on has one of the most simple and user-friendly interfaces. And as the name says, you get all the services free of cost. You can enjoy all your favorite wrestling shows in the comfort of your house with a decent WiFi connection.

Though there are risky contents to use, with a standard VPN service, you can overcome all the challenges.

All your comments and queries are heartily welcomed. Share your views with us to help us advance.

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