Omio Review

Omio Review: Best Way To Book Tickets In Europe?

Omio Review

Omio is an online ticket booking platform that provides a platform to book any kind of ticket around the world within train flight bus and ship(Faries). But is omio reliable and safe for booking tickets?

Are you worrying about how to book an online ticket from a fast and reliable source within the last minutes of departure, or traveling in a foreign country?

With the tone of luggage and struggling with a foreign language, and can’t figure out how to travel from one place to another place without worries about buying tickets from different counters.

Omio is a good option for people who use to travel frequently locally and internationally by booking online ticket is the most reliable and trustworthy website which have 1000 partner in bus, train, fights, and ships.


Omio Review: Full Overview

Omio is a new service, launched in mid-2011. Its goal is to provide you with all the information you need for your upcoming journey, but also make planning your trip easy and convenient. If this sounds interesting, keep on reading!

I had just finished my exams at university when Omio approached me with the opportunity of testing their newest product – an app for Android devices that will help you get around Europe using public transportation.

Being quite enthusiastic about traveling myself, I couldn’t turn down the offer! Two weeks later found me on an airplane headed straight for Paris.

The app itself is very user-friendly. It tells you which train/bus/metro lines to take to get from point A to B. You can. You enter your starting point and destination, then you can set the date of your trip.

Depending on when you’re traveling – by plane, train, or bus – Omio calculates estimated costs for you (plane tickets, trains, buses) and suggests which travel passes to buy (for countries where they are available).

It also provides you with information about all sorts of things related to public transportation in the selected cities/countries: routes, timetables, prices…

The app is very well designed so it’s easy to navigate through all the information even if you don’t speak any foreign language. That’s why I especially recommend using this app if you’re planning a trip to somewhere new!

When I was already in Paris, using the ‘France’ option, I found out that next month a new tram line was going to be opened. You can also see all sorts of changes in timetables or routes on the map, so no more being late for class while trying to figure out what bus you need to take!

Some other pretty useful features include the ability to download city maps and timetables for offline use (that is, without using data from your mobile provider) and the GPS function that tells you where exactly on a given route you are.

The latter feature has been especially helpful since some stops sometimes don’t have any street signs…

All of this information is very well organized and up-to-date, which makes Omio a great tool not only for making trips by public transportation but also for traveling as a tourist!

What Is the Downside Of Omio?

Omio was founded in 2008 by the same people who brought us CityMapper. And just like their previous product, Omio is focusing on simplicity and ease of use.

There are no downsides to Omio that I’ve come across during my testing period, other than the fact that you can’t yet purchase tickets through the app (you’ll have to do it at the station) and you can’t add your routes (yet). However, both of these features will be introduced soon – according to the developers.

What about costs? The basic version of Omio is free, while advanced features require purchasing a subscription. 7-day passes for unlimited use are available in France/Germany for €4.99, while 30-day ones cost only €9.99.

You can also get one month’s worth of city travel information in any mapped area for €15 or you can subscribe to the service directly – prices vary depending on which country you live in.

I hope that by now I’ve managed to convince at least some of you to try using Omio! It should definitely come in handy if you’re planning a trip around Europe, even just round-tripping within your own country.

You never know when it’ll be useful… After all, public transportation is the best way to plan out your travels and see different cities without having to worry about expensive taxi rides, expensive hotels, or looking for parking spots when you get there. Or when you’re just trying to get anywhere in a big city!

So go ahead and download Omio – it’s free, after all! And let me know if you find the app useful in the comments below.

Do You Want To Save Money On Your Next Trip?

Interest: There are many ways to get discounts on train tickets. One of the most popular is discount cards, which allow passengers to take advantage of lower fares for a specific route or region. If you want to know more about how these work and where they can be used, read this article.

Discount cards are usually available for frequent travelers who travel regularly by train in one country or region. They’re also sometimes available only for residents of that country or region. However, there’s another way you can get Omio coupons and use them to book your ticket at a discounted price – HotDeals!

We have all the latest coupon codes from Omio so that you can enjoy big savings when booking online! And it doesn’t matter if it’s last minute because we’ll help you find cheap deals fast! Just copy the code from our website and paste it into their website shopping cart before checking out!

It couldn’t be easier than that! So what are you waiting for? Get started now by clicking here!

What Payment Methods Does Omio Accept?

What Payment Terms Does Omio Accept?

Omio offers a free trial for all products and does not support refunds.  This product can be purchased using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.  The monthly price is $9.95 and automatically renews unless you cancel your membership before the end of the trial period

Do omio accept PayPal?

No omio does not currently accept PayPal as a method for paying for omio memberships. The only accepted payment methods are Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard), American Express, Discover, or PayPal (for Upgrades). As such omio cannot offer a refund through PayPal’s protection schemes.

Please note we advise the careful reading of omio’s terms and conditions before opting for omio membership. Romeo’s T&Cs can be found on omio website here

The world has become increasingly globalized with people from different countries traveling frequently for business or pleasure purposes. We need to know what kind of payments we should expect when we visit a foreign country so that we don’t have any surprises at the end when it comes time to pay our bills!

For example, if I go on vacation in Europe I would want my hotel room paid for through PayPal because it is accepted everywhere in Europe while my plane ticket might be best paid by using my credit card since it offers me protection against fraud charges which could happen if someone stole my card number while making a purchase online!

So always make sure that you use the right type of payment method depending on where you live or where you are next

Attention: Are you planning a trip and want to know if the company supports refunds?

If so, then Omio US is your best choice. They’re an independent search platform that displays unbiased results for all carriers. This means that they don’t operate their flights, buses, or trains.

In short, they’re not affiliated with any carrier which ensures consumers can always trust the displayed results are unbiased. That decides whether a return and refund policy is related to each carrier.

Currently, some big companies such as Amtrak, OurBus RedCoach Deutsche Bahn, and so on all build cooperation with Omio US.

In general, these carriers are all allowed to support the return and refund process when necessary according to their policies – just surf the website of Omio US to find out more about this! More relevant refund policies are here!

What Is Omio?

European transport is a challenging and confusing experience. With so many options available, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle or miss out on that unbeatable fare deal – until now!

Omio has made this process much more manageable by providing you with an app for your smartphone where we aggregate all of our trusted sources from around Europe under one roof: trains/buses/planes tickets as well as ferries fares–all at risk-free prices and without worrying about getting scammed like before because everything here will be 100% genuine guaranteed just like any good travel website should be doing its job right?

The best part about using O Mimi’s services though if there had been such things would probably be.

How Does Omio Work?

The concept of Omio is incredibly simple. Put in the route that you want to travel and it will display results for all buses, trains, or flights available on your preferred mode (e.g., flight).

This app can be especially helpful when trying to decide between different types of transportation options without much preference over one specific form; just inputting “all” will show them all!

One of the best features of this app is that you can see which trains are cheap and efficient, especially if traveling on a budget! Plus there’s an easy icon to let you know whether your ticket will work for rail travel internationally.

When deciding on a ticket, make sure you read the terms and conditions of your fare. If anything goes wrong with what was planned or if things change in favor of something better then there are rights for refunds as well as changing dates without penalty fees!

You’ll then proceed to enter your personal and payment details. You’ll notice that the fare here is slightly higher than what you saw when searching earlier, but don’t worry!

What Is Omio’s service fee?

That additional cost includes Omio’s service fee which amounts to about 10% of each ticket price they sell- so it will most likely be worth every penny once we get on board with our adventure tomorrow morning!”

You might think it’s possible to avoid paying a service fee by booking directly with the bus or train company, but this can often be easier said than done.

On our recent trip across Europe, we found that payments wouldn’t go through if you had an outside card, and also some websites didn’t have very good user interfaces or experiences in which case your bank could even place holds on their credit cards!

You don’t even need to pay for the ticket! If you enter your personal details and review what journey information is available, then simply select “process payment” when it asks if that’s correct. An email will be sent notifying me of this action with instructions on how I can get my tickets right away!

If this review has convinced you to try the company out on an upcoming trip, then go here for train and bus schedules, or simply enter your details into the box below!

Pros Of Using Omio

In this article, we’ll explore why Omio is a great option for booking transport in Europe. While their list of pros already exceeds any other service out there and they have plans tailored to meet your needs no matter how unique or specific you need them to be – here are some more reasons as well!

1. Excellent Customer Service

The user interface of the Omio website is easy. It makes it possible to book tickets for buses, airplanes, and trains with no need to deal with poor translations or wonder whether a foreign company will accept your credit card!

Each transaction becomes even easier as soon as you hop onto the site; there’s nothing more than just clicking on what needs doing from anywhere in any country because we’re always here – online right at home!

2. Compilation Of Data

The problem of navigating Europe while trying to find the best bus or train company is solved by Omio. Using its clever algorithm, this app can help you compare prices and times for different routes without having ever been redirected more than once! I love that it also shows info about each service (i.e., how long does my commute take?).

In addition what countries are available alongside their websites so there’s no need to spend hours hunting around on your phone before finding something useful again like last time when hopefully Google will give me suggestions next time if not already done.

3. It’s a lot easier To plan a trip

Rather than booking several different train and bus tickets, you can keep all your trips in one place with Omio. This makes it easy to stay organized while traveling throughout Europe! The app also lets users know when their next connection will arrive by showing real-time updates on where the trains/buses are headed next.

For those who prefer not having an electronic device along for their journey – they offer paperless ticket purchases as well through its mobile application available both pre-installed onto certain smartphones or downloadable from iTunes Store & Google Play store respectively.

4. Customer Support

If you’re looking to save some time and hassle when it comes to booking your travel needs, then look no further than Omio.

With 12 different languages available on-site as well as online through their easy-to-use platform – customers will be able to change the language themselves in case something goes wrong or if they just want an assist from someone who speaks more about what’s going down!

Omio offers customer service around every corner so even those without any knowledge can get help with making changes while speaking their preferred dialects which range anywhere between English, and French subtitles (both Canada), Spanish speakers have access to them because duh! German viewers sporting.

Omio Has Some Drawbacks.

The truth is, despite being a great platform to use; there are still some things you should keep in mind when considering whether or not to use Omio.

1. The Coverage Does Not Extend To All European Countries.

The main limitation of the Omio platform is that not all off-the-beaten-path destinations have complete information or any at all. This isn’t so much of an issue though, as you simply know to look elsewhere for what you’re looking for when searching these places like Georgia’s popular routes Kutaisi – Tbilisi, and Batumi-Tbilisi.

These are currently unavailable on their site due in part to incomplete data regarding entry/exit points into various countries along those particular routes among other things.

The biggest shortcomings I found while utilizing this website were its inadequacies when compared to competitors such as Expedia.

This app is a great way to find and book bus tickets for all of your upcoming travels. However, it only shows limited information about routes in certain parts of Europe which can be frustrating when you’re looking for more than just an overview of where different bus companies go across their respective countries or regions within these popular destinations such as Croatia.

Balkan Tour Bus doesn’t completely cover its area so make sure that if traveling through the UK – one’s primary destination while using the app- then check out other resources before relying solely upon this site!

2. Finding Low-Cost Flights Is Difficult

While Omio does offer the ability to search for flights on its platform, it’s not as simple or flexible with a calendar of dates. You can’t compare prices and journey times between trains or buses because those services require pre-booking which is only available through an agent at this point

Omio mission statement says “To make journeys easier.” To do so, they provide three different options: booking train tickets from one station/destination straight into your account; finding the cheapest airfare by comparing fares across multiple airlines (not just delta); searching within specific cities using regular Google Maps–all without ever having to leave home!

Is Omio Legitimate And Trustworthy?

Many websites offer ticket booking services for trains and buses in Europe. What makes the Omio experience different is, they have direct connections with major transport companies which makes them trustworthy to use as their service also provides a great user experience when purchasing tickets online or over a phone call

Their best asset would be connecting you directly through your journey requirements so it can help save time on waiting around at stations while dealing with others trying to get information out of someone else who may not even know what I’m looking for myself!

Was this Omio review helpful to you? Have you ever used them? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Omio Trustworthy?

Ans. Yes, omio is a secure and safe company for travel booking and also a very reliable and fastest company in the market that provide booking services it is free to use since its launch in 2013, and currently has +1000 traveling partners which provide service within the train, bus ad air flight, and ships.

Q2. Can I Buy Tickets Through Omio?

Ans. In omio, it’s easy to book a ticket online for air fights and buses and trains, and other transport, in one place with the best price possible.

Q3. Can I Get A Refund For An Omio Ticket?

Ans. Yes, you can cancel the booked ticket in your booking section and also can avail full refund after cancellation charges in some cases, only in refundable purchases.

Q4. Are Omio tickets Flexible?

Ans. Yes, can cancel or change the timing of your ticket any time and from anywhere after a 20% deduction multiple times before 5 min of departure, in case you change your mind. prefer booking economy because it is the perfect combination of saving and flexibility.


In conclusion, Omio is a great site that can save you time and money when booking your travel plans. The user interface is easy to use and the customer service is excellent. I would recommend this site to anyone looking for an affordable and convenient way to book their travel.

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