Iwata’s Death – why does he cry on his death bed?

Iwata’s Death? I only started getting interested in games and Nintendo in general last April (thanks to Scott the Woz, who got me into this mess).

I’m new to Nintendo… I come from a poor country and I didn’t even know who Mario was….. I only started getting interested in games and Nintendo in general last April (thanks to Scott the Woz, who got me into this mess).

You, even in the short time I’ve had… I was more obsessed with their history than the games (for some reason).

I was watching the old videos… …their evolution and fan base… old articles and more…

So, yeah… Not only do I know their good and bad deeds today….. I know their beginnings too… how badly they treated the other demons… …how greedy they were for ammunition instead of readers. censorship. I know all that…

BUT! !! I’m also aware of the Iwata era (for me… it was the best Nintendo game of all time).

From what I’ve learned… Sir, I want to thank you for your support. Iwata was an extraordinary man… a man who really understood the game business, not just the business in general… a man who truly understood… every player…

Of course, I won’t go into the details of his life since most of you already know him, but if you want a reminder or just want to know more about him….. I recommend you watch these two short videos of his on


Game Historian and DidYouKnowGaming

Of course, he… he wasn’t perfect… Ver… I know all about censorship in its era…. the ridiculous Paper Mario situation… the YT program and much more…

BUT! !! I don’t want to talk about it now… I may ask about it in the future, but for now, I just want to focus on Iwata’s focus, so don’t tell me he wasn’t perfect and that I’m blind.

Even with all his faults. he was one of the best gaming industry professionals I could find… No one even approached him!

He was a good man.

And why is that? What happened six years ago? How did I find videos and snide comments about them so easily? All tweets expressing joy that he is gone…. all the videos talking about him leaving…. this will be a turning point for Nintendo, as he has become old and untouchable (even you gloss over the creation of BOTW and the Switch itself).

Was the console war really that bad back then? Were people so heartless as to rejoice in the death of an innocent man?

I thought so too until I met fans who blamed him for the Wii U’s failure and forgot all the great work he did during his programming years? Did he bring us a Wii? A fucking detective sergeant? 3DS? And also his work on turnout, which we all already know….. is doing a great job! !!

It breaks my heart… Everyone blames Blizzard for laying off employees while the company had a great sales year, but no one understands how Mr. Iwata cut salaries by 50 percent so no employees were laid off in his darkest year? But instead, fans demanded he is fired ????.

He deserves better… Since hearing of his death, I always wish he could see the success of the conversion and die in peace, knowing that once again he did the right thing and saved the company !!!! company.

Rest in peace, Mr. Iwata… We will miss you…

Feel free to tell me to shut up, because I don’t know anything about it and I wasn’t around during Nintendo’s hard times, so I’m a hypocrite.

And, please. remind me that the Ask Iwatu book is coming to the West next month! It!! A must-buy if you are interested in Iwata.

If you’re in the mood to cry, may I share with you my favorite crying material from Mr. Recommend Iwata?

We have a GDC tribute, Reggie’s 2015 Game Awards appearance, and of course …..
legendary quote from the most legendary man.

Sorry for the typos (English is not my first language) and sorry for sharing such a dark and sad topic with Mario Day.

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