How To Watch ITV Abroad In 2021

How To Watch ITV Abroad In 2022

How To Watch ITV Abroad In 2021

If you want to know How To Watch ITV Abroad we will explain how to access ITV content from outside of the UK using a Virtual Private Network VPN, meaning you’ll never have to miss your favorite shows just because you’re abroad. 

Well not anymore because now you can access the ITV from anywhere in the world. In this article, I will tell you how you can trick the ITV server into thinking that you are in the UK even when you are not.

The usual procedure requires you to subscribe to the ITV Hub+ and create your account. Logging into the account with your credentials while you’re in the UK gives you access to all its shows and features.

In case, you try using it, across the UK borders, a pop-up window will display the block message, which means you can no longer access it. The only choice to access the ITV abroad is, through a VPN.

A VPN a.k.a Virtual Private Network that allows a user to establish a secure connection on various networks over the public Wi-Fi. It is used to unblock various rights-restricted websites without revealing your personal information and identity.

A VPN allows you to access servers based in a different location or country with an untraceable network trail.

As we know that the ITV Hub+ rights are reserved by the UK government and wrongfully accessing it with a VPN is a punishable offense and might lead one to a problem. On one hand, it keeps our individuality a secret on the other hand it exposes us to legal threats.

Most people use a VPN, to stream into inaccessible websites, pass on confidential information to protect it from hackers, play games that are banned in your region, etc.


Ways Of Accessing The ITV

Anyone around the world can access it in two ways

  • Directly through a VPN
  • Kodi TV+VPN

Before diving into the procedures of accessing the ITV through VPN, one must know how to get a VPN, which VPN is the best, what cost has to be paid to get one, and what are the requirements.

In the present time, many people use a VPN, so there is a great variety of Virtual Private Network Providers in the market. As you know, necessity creates demands. 

Below is a list of top service providers with a little detail about all of them-

  • Nord VPN- The most prominent VPN used in India. It costs around 3.30 US Dollars to 11.95 US Dollars (~200-900 INR). Using Nord VPN one can unblock Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and Hulu app. It supports Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and Linux. It has a speed of 81.78 Mbps.
  • ExpressVPN- ExpressVPN is known as a perfect VPN for unblocking applications in India and around the world. It costs around 6.67 US Dollars to 12.95 US Dollars, which is around 400 INR to 900 INR. It gives access to apps like Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. It has a smooth and fast speed of 76.10 Mbps and is enabled in Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and Linux.
  • Ivacy VPN- The Ivacy VPN costs 8.95 US Dollars which is approximately 700 INR. Using this VPN, a user can unblock Netflix US, Amazon prime iPlayer, and Hulu app with a speed of 83 Mbps. It can be used in Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and Linux.

Apart from these, there are other service providers too like CyberGhost, IPVanish, Surf Shark. Well, the primary purpose of any VPN is to conceal your IP address, your private data, your identity, and last but not least your internet browsing activities. This can be dangerous so make sure when you sign up for this you do it at your own risk.

Procedure To Install A VPN

Few easy steps and you can access the ITV. Now let’s begin

STEP 1- Selecting VPN

The very first step is to select a suitable VPN. The primary consideration before selecting a VPN should be its speed and the price that has to be paid, either monthly or annually. Using a VPN, you can trick the ITV server and access it by sitting back in the comfort of your room, anywhere in the world. 

The most common VPNs used are Nord, Express, Ivacy, CyberGhost, etc. Make sure to read all the details related to the specific VPN before signing up.

STEP 2: Installing VPN on your device

Once you make your choice you must choose the device on which you which to download your VPN. After selecting the device, you can open the VPN’s website sign-up, and download it on your device.

Most of the VPNs support Android, Windows, iOS, Mac OS, and Linux but making sure that your VPN supports your device is not harmful.

Note- Preferring a mobile gives you an advantage of on-the-go streaming (of course with access to the WiFi network). But going for a laptop will provide you with a bigger screen. At last, the choice is yours.

STEP 3: Get- Set-Go

Once you log in to your VPN, you must select the server that is based in the UK. This UK-based server will help you to mislead the ITV servers into believing that you are accessing the ITV Hub+ somewhere in the UK. Now, you have control over accessing the ITV Hub+ anywhere around the globe with a decent connection to Wi-Fi.

STEP 4: Start streaming

Now, you are all set to use the ITV through a VPN. Open the ITV website login with the credentials and select the UK as your location in the location column, and you can start streaming. The ITV Hub+ app can be used on Android and iOS supporting mobile phones. Binge-watch your favorite shows on the ITV app anytime and anywhere.

Note- Installing a VPN on your router secures all the connected devices and you can access all the websites and applications on any desired device.

Using Kodi Tv To Access ITV

For all those who do not know what Kodi TV is, here is a little information to help you understand it. The Kodi TV is an open-source, free software developed by Microsoft for the Xbox.

It is managed and named by a non-profit organization known as the Xbox Media Centre Foundation a.k.a XBMC. The Kodi TV is one of the applications on the Xbox and comes with a supportive Firestick. Also, there are no pre-installed applications on the Kodi TV, but one can download anything or stream their media on it.

It works on all the devices viz., smartphones, laptops, PCs, and Firestick. It is supportive of Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Linux, and Android.

You must be wondering that without any pre-loaded content, how can we access iTV on Kodi TV. Well, the answer is, it comes with many add-ons some of which have legal bindings and the others do not.

While we stream any content on the Kodi TV without any protection, our Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the government can monitor all our browsing activities, without us having any knowledge about it.

So, it is very important to make sure that you are guarded up before you try accessing any website or application that has been blocked in your region or has its rights reserved.

Installing Vpn On Kodi Tv

The simplest way of preventing the government or ISP from tracing your tracks is to use a VPN Service on your Kodi TV. For installing a VPN on your Kodi TV follow the steps given below-

  • Select a suitable VPN service, sign up for it and then download the Kodi TV application from its official website on the desired device.
  • Once the installation process is over, you need to create an account and log in to the application.
  • Select the server of the preferred location, in this case, the UK server.
  • Your Kodi TV is finally connected to your VPN. You can now safely stream all the contents without any fear of getting your internet browsing traced.

Signing up for a VPN has always the risk of getting caught and then getting fined for it because streaming into any server by going up against its terms and conditions is wrong.

Installing ITV On The Kodi Tv

So up till now, you know how to get a VPN service, what is Kodi TV, how you can secure the tracks of your Kodi TV browsing. Now let’s head to how you can access ITV through the Kodi TV. Follow these simple steps given below and enjoy the ITV shows wherever you are.

The very first step to begin with the process is to download Noobs and Nerds Repository* on your device.

  1. In the Kodi TV app, open the system settings, select the Add-ons and enable the unknown source option.
  2. Now head to the File Manager section and install the third-party Noobs and Nerds Repository.
  3. Click on Add Source in the Profile Directory.
  4. Enter the URL- “http:/”
  5. Name the downloaded file Noobs and Nerds
  6. Head back to the Add-on section and select My Add-ons.
  7. Install from a ZIP File
  8. In the Noobs and Nerds File, look through the complete list.
  9. Click and choose the “noobsandnerds repo 2.0”
  10. You can now access all the Add-ons from this repository, just click the “Install From Repository” option.
  11. In this list, you will come across Noobs and Nerds Repository, click and open the file.
  12. Select the Video Add-ons option.
  13. Search for the required file, here iTV Add-on.
  14. Hit the install button and wait till the installation process is complete.
  15. Head back to the Main screen of the application and launch the ITV Add-on.
  16. The ITV Add-on is now ready to be used, all you need is a WiFi connection and a VPN to stream into your favorite shows.

*Noobs and Nerds repository is one of the most popular and commonly used repositories. It has a huge collection of a lot of popular add-ons available on Kodi TV. The Noobs and Nerds repository is an easy-to-use option for beginners too.

WARNING- all the third-party add-ons used in the Kodi TV are based on the PIN Locking System. A user must ensure to enable their VPN services before accessing any blocked content. To stream illegal content through a VPN can be dangerous but making this choice is solely dependent on its users.


The axis of ITV Hub+ outside the United Kingdom is not possible without a proper VPN Service. Using it directly through a VPN or Kodi TV + VPN is the choice of the viewers.

One can cover their identity, trick the servers into believing the wrong location and leave no traces for the Internet Service Provider to track your activities. All you need is proper and well-connected Wi-Fi access.

On one hand, it saves all your personal information from getting hacked and used wrongfully but on the other hand, it also introduces you to the risk involved. The bottom line is that when you choose to use a VPN you should also so consider its pros and cons. 

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