How To The Kodi Downloader In 2021

How To Install Kodi Downloader App

How To The Kodi Downloader In 2021

Do you wanna know How To Install Kodi Downloader App? You are exactly at the right place.

Kodi is a free and open-source application created by the Kodi Foundation, a non-benefit innovation consortium. Kodi is accessible for numerous working frameworks and equipment stages, including a 10-foot UI for use with TVs and controllers.

It permits clients to play and view most recordings, music, webcasts, and other computerized media documents from neighborhood and organization stockpiling media and the web.

The Kodi application does not come with any pre-installed media, you need to install your content. You can connect your external drives to load the content on the Kodi application. You can also install the Add-ons available in the various repositories of the app. All these plug-ins and add-ons are available free of cost.

Well, the Kodi application is recognized for streaming duplicated content or shielded content. But, one can stream and play all the legitimate content on this app. It’s utterly a user’s choice to stream legitimate or illegitimate content. 

Though the application’s interface has been designed to stream on a Television set it’s easier to download it on the laptop or PC. Downloading the Kodi application on your Smart TV is no rocket science, but a tricky procedure.

Do not worry, you’ve reached the right place. In this article, I’ll be discussing how you can download the Kodi application on your Amazon TV Cube or Fire Stick. All you have to do is make little changes in your settings and you will get the application installed on your device within a few minutes at no extra cost. 

Steps To Download Kodi Through A Downloader

If you wanna download the Kodi application on your laptop or PC having Windows or Mac OS, all you have to do is visit the Kodi website ⇒ Sign up ⇒ install ⇒ stream. Whereas, for Android users, it is available in the Play Store. But, you will require the Downloader app to install Kodi on your Smart TV sets and other devices like Fire TV Cube or Fire Stick.

Below the steps are given on how you can install Kodi on your Smart TV and Fire Stick.

Installing The Downloader App On The Fire Tv Cube Or Firestick

Now, about downloading it on your Fire TV Cube or the Fire Stick, you need to thoroughly follow the steps below-

STEP 1: Select the device. 

STEP 2: In the Search Option, type Downloader. You can press and hold your Mic button on the remote.

STEP 3: Select the Downloader App.

STEP 4: Click and download the app on your device. Wait for the installation process to complete.

STEP 5: Head back to the Home Screen and open Settings

STEP 6: Look for My Fire TV and click it open.

STEP 7: Select the Developer.

STEP 8: You will find Install Unknown Apps*.

STEP 9: Now you can see the Downloader app.

STEP 10: Once you click it, it will enable the installation from unknown sources on the Downloader app.

STEP 11: Now, head back to Home Screen and open the Downloader app.

STEP 12: On the Home Screen of the Downloader app you will see the space to enter the URL.

STEP 13: Enter the Kodi website URL- 

STEP 14: Once you hit the search button, you will find options for different operating systems that the Kodi application supports. Select the Android version, as the operating system of the Fire TV Cube or Fire Stick, is Android.

STEP 15: Select the desired version of Kodi viz., Kodi 17 “Krypton” (which is considered the best version for TV interface) or Kodi 19 “Matrix” (which is the latest Kodi app version).

STEP 16: Click on Install and wait for the application to download.

STEP 17: Once the installation is over, open the app, and customize it to your favorite content. Download the Add-ons or use the plug-ins and enjoy.

*Enabling the installation from unknown sources on your device is a risky process. It hinders the security of the device. You will also receive a warning from Amazon stating the risk factor when you grant the access.

Installing The Downloader App On The Android Tv

Follow the steps to download the Kodi using the Downloader app on your Android TV

STEP 1: From the Main screen of your TV, open the Google Play Store.

STEP 2: Click on the Search icon and type Downloader.

STEP 3: Select the app and begin the installation process.

STEP 4: Return to the Home screen.

STEP 5: Open the Settings.

STEP 6: Scroll down the menu and select Device Preferences.

STEP 7: Under the Device Preferences, select the Security and Restrictions option.

STEP 8: Click on the Unknown sources from the list.

STEP 9: You can now see the icon of the Downloader App with a switch.

STEP 10: Hit the switch and enable the settings to download from any unknown sources.

Warning: Enabling the download from unknown sources is a huge risk. It will affect the security of the device.

STEP 11: Head back to the main screen, open the Downloader App.

STEP 12: On the Home Screen of the downloader app you will see the search bar.

STEP 13: In the bar, type the URL- Hit the Go button.

STEP 14: It will now display the options of different operating systems. You must select Android.

STEP 15: Now you will have to select the version of Kodi TV, you want to download. 

NOTE: Kodi 17 “Krypton” is considered to be the best version for the TV sets. Kodi 19 “Matrix” is the latest and updated version.

STEP 16: Install your desired version and wait for the process to complete. The installation process takes 5-10 minutes maximum.

STEP 17: Click the Kodi app and customize it as per your requirements.

Following these simple steps, you can install the Kodi TV app through the Downloader app. You must consider enabling the unknown sources for downloading such applications as it is a great risk you are willing to take.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq’s)

  • What is the price of the Downloader app?

The Downloader app is available free of cost on the Google Play Store and Amazon Store.

  • Which Downloader app is the best?

The Downloader app powered by the AFTV news is considered the best for Android devices. But, there are other options available so, you can choose the one suitable for you. 

  • Is it necessary to install Kodi using the Downloader app?

It is the easier way to get the Kodi TV app through the Downloader app. You can go for other versions too, but those require a lot of time and tricky process


Using the Downloader app, you can install multiple applications on your desired device. Kodi TV allows you to stream a lot of content using its Add-ons. You can also download the games on your Kodi app and enjoy playing them on your Smart TV sets.

Make sure to select the right operating system and Kodi application version for your device. 

Feel free to share your views and ask queries regarding the article.

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