Fallout Tabletop RPG From Modiphius Releases March 31, 2021

29. March 2021 – Modiphius’ Fallout RPG will be released on March 31. March 2021. The game, based on the popular post-apocalyptic video game, is now largely available. The game was announced last year and has since gained popularity.

Over the past few weeks, several draft blimps have released plenty of details about what everyone can expect. Besides all the good about the system and settings, today’s last entry was also missing oh, by the way, the game is available tomorrow.

The #RPG #Fallout is almost here and comes out Wednesday the 31st. March 2021, published at 12:00 a.m. British Summer Time! While you wait, enjoy this latest Fallout RPG that explores how to keep combat in line with your desert encounter! #TTRPG https://t.co/kaAzOV0xwx pic.twitter.com/iu71jeJZcH

– Modiphius (@Modiphius) March 29, 2021

The #RPG #Fallout is almost here and comes out Wednesday the 31st. March 2021, published at 12:00 a.m. British Summer Time! While you wait, enjoy this latest Fallout RPG that explores how to keep combat in line with your desert encounter! *TTRPG

You can find all the information in the design magazines:

16. March: Now with icosahedra!
22. March: Builds a
board at 29. March: Helps you stay in shape!


The protagonists of the classic Fallout games are similar in many ways: They are all humans, and most of them are Vault residents who grew up in a safe environment, far away from the radiation, mutants, and other dangers of the desert. Even those from outside the warehouse are somewhat naive about the world they live in. On their journey they may have one or two companions to help them, but for the most part they are the center of the story.

  • Brotherhood characters are trained in useful skills such as energy weapons or science, but must obey the orders of their superiors in the Brotherhood.
  • Ghouls are natural survivors, trained in survival skills, but their most iconic trait is that they are immune to survival and heal by secondary radiation.
  • Cell phone robots are a bit unusual as player characters. Due to their robotic nature, they need repairs rather than natural healing, but they are immune to radiation and poison, have built-in armor, and hover above the ground. They also have a variety of built-in tools.
  • Supermutants are big and tough, immune to radiation and poison, but generally not particularly intelligent or social. Also, most harnesses are not suitable for their massive, bulky frames.
  • The survivors are ordinary people living in the Wasteland, whether they are raiders, settlers, itinerant mercenaries, traders, or anything in between. Humans adapt to adversity in different ways, and so survivors are given some additional traits that help them survive and thrive in the Wasteland.
  • Vault residents are those who grew up in the protective environment of the vault. They get extra training through well-planned education, and they’re more resistant to disease through a healthy upbringing….. but some vault dwellers have a strange quirk based on the type of vault they come from. Trunk dwellers also carry some iconic Fallout hardware in the form of a PIP-Boy computer and a stylish Vault-Tec overalls.


The new role-playing game Fallout lets you explore the wasteland of post-nuclear America with a few friends at the table. The game is based on the 2d20 system of Modiphius, but with some SPECIAL modifications to make the game look as much like Fallout as possible.

In the 2d20 system, you roll two or more twenty-sided dice when trying to do something difficult, dangerous or spectacular. These dice tell you if you were successful, how successful you were, and if anything negative happened during the process.

These difficult, dangerous, or dramatic situations are called skill tests, and they all involve one of your seven S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes (Strength, Perception, Charisma, Intelligence, Dexterity, and Luck) and one of your skills. When you take a skill test, take the scores for the corresponding trait and skill and add them together to determine your target number.

Almost everything in the game is based on these skill tests, so once you’ve mastered this part of the game, you’re pretty much ready to play!

Photos with Dropdown Video Games and Modiphius Entertainment

Are you excited about the announcement of Modiphius’ Fallout role-playing game on March 31, 2021? Let us know in the comments below!

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