How To Turn Off TTS In Discord

How To Turn Off Text To Speech Discord In 2023 – Best Guide

How To Turn Off TTS In Discord

The founder of Discord decided to add a gaming communication platform to use the text to speech technology. In this article, you will read about how to turn off text to speech discord.

You can listen to the messages in audio format using Text To Speech, an advanced technology that converts Text-To-Speech. When we tested the function on a Discord server, it worked great.


How To Turn Off Text To Speech Discord

We noticed that TTS is enabled at the command level by default. Because it isn’t something you already know about, registered users can’t detect it and may get confused. It was designed to work at the command level, so disabling the TTS at that level is necessary.

Click on the “User settings” and find “Text & Images” and then tap on it to continue. To turn it off, scroll down and click on the button that says “allow playback/usage of /TTS command”

There is a way to close the Discord from the task manager. If you re-open the program from the menu, the TTS will no longer work for you, and you will no longer receive messages from friends and server members.

How To Enable TTS In Discord

How To Turn Off Text To Speech Discord

We joined the server using different accounts because We couldn’t hear the TTS message on my phone during the test. We used the server administrator account to send the message and then tried to listen to it using another account

We realized that We need to enable the function of my program. We want the readers to know that the function is not available on the mobile phone.

Discord has a built-in text-to-speech feature that’s enabled by default, so you don’t need to do anything to get started. To confirm that it’s working, you can simply open a message or go to the main menu and select the “Text-to-speech” option.

  • Click on the Settings button if you don’t want to open it. We appear to be a gear, and you can find it in the bottom left corner.
  • Select the accessibility option under the app settings tab.
  • To allow playback and usage of the/tts command, scroll to the bottom and switch the toggle next to it.

You can set your text-to-speech rate here as well. We prefer you can speed up or slow down the talking rate, but we recommend leaving the setting in its default position. To make sure text-to-speech is working, make sure to select preview before closing out.

How To Use Text-to-speech On Discord

You can use text-to-speech to send or receive messages after you have set it up. There is a slight difference between the Discord app and the browser version

There is a voice in the app that is unique to text-to-speech. We are using the browser version, the voice will be the standard voice available in your browser. If you want to send a text-to-speech message, type /TTS before you say anything. 

After you send the message, the command will disappear, but the recipient will hear it read out loud. To read a message, hover over it and select three dots on the right side. Click on the Speak message.

How To Send Discord Text To Speech Messages

You don’t have to work on fixing the common problems if you read the last part because We will give you information about the functions. We allow me to explain how to use the TTS feature in real-time, it will work on Discord.

  • We will want to open an existing private message, open any text channel on the server.
  • We will want to convey your message, you should add /tts.
  • You can convey the message to the members by clicking on the Send button.

Don’t worry about the limitations of TTS because it works in direct messages and the Discord server. Users have to type /TTS in the texting channel to use the voice function in voice channels.

How To Set Up Text-to-speech Notifications On Discord

You can target text-to-speech to certain messages that you send or receive using the method above. Text-to-speech, which doesn’t require the /TTS command or any additional steps to hear messages, can also be turned on. 

You will hear the message read to you when someone posts it on a channel.

There are three text-to-speech notification options on the platform. Here are the things they are.

For All Channels 

Text-to-speech is used for all messages in the channels you’re a part of. It’s a good idea to leave this off to make sure you don’t get junk mail. Leave channels you don’t use to avoid a swarm of notifications if you have trouble reading messages.

For The Currently Selected Channel

You’re currently browsing the text channel, and you’re interested in text-to-speech. This setting doesn’t require the /TTS command, and it works for a specific channel.


Text-to-speech is disabled across the channels and the server. Even if someone uses the /TTS command, text-to-speech will be disabled by this.

It’s difficult to avoid all text-to-speech notifications, but harassment is still against community guidelines. We are having trouble with text-to-speech notifications, you need to read our guide on how to report someone on Discord.

The text-to-speech options live in a different area than these notification settings. The way to find them is here.

  • The settings icon can be found in the Discord app. The gear icon in the lower-left corner of the window is next to your avatar.
  • The Notifications tab can be found under the App settings tab.
  • Under Text-to-Speech Notifications, you can choose the type of notifications you’d like.

Text-to-speech is a great feature in Discord, but you will probably need to experiment with notifications to get it working how you want. Many text-to-speech options are only a few clicks away.

What Is Discord Text To Speech And How To Use It?

Text-to-Speech on Discord is a functionality using which you can convert Text to Audio Format and share that with your friends on the same Discord server. You can also listen to your audio note, but for listening to your audio note, people have to enable the Text-to-Speech feature on their account too.

How To Turn Off Text To Speech Discord In Playback?

How To Turn Off Text To Speech Discord

We show you how to turn off text to speech discord, then we show you how to enable TTS on the discord. We are following the steps, you can turn off tts discord.

  1. Clicking on the user settings will take you to the settings page.
  2. Under app settings, you can click on the Text and Images section.
  3. There is a Text-to-speech section.
  4. Allow the use of the discord command to be disabled.
  5. With the /tts command you can’t run or get messages. 


This was all in our article about How To Turn Off Text To Speech Discord. You can turn off text to speech in the server by learning how to turn it off in discord. All of the covers have great detail. We hope that this article helped you gain all the information you needed to know for “How To Turn Off Text To Speech Discord“.

If you’re having trouble following any of the steps, or if you still have questions about TTS in Discord, be sure to let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this guide with your friends and fellow Discordians—knowledge is power, after all!

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