Mp3 Streams Kodi Add On

How To Install Mp3 Streams Kodi Add On In 2022 – Quick Guide

Mp3 Streams Kodi Add On

Do you wanna know how to install Mp3 Streams Kodi Add On? You are in the right place. Read on.

A fan of music? Get your hands on the best and the oldest MP3 Streams Kodi Add on for a lot of music of various genres. It includes songs from all the oldest to latest bands, songs by artists all around the globe, exclusive albums, compilations, Billboard charts, and whatnot. The add-on has been split into various sections and categories, this makes it easier for the user to find their favorite music.

The MP3 Stream Kodi Add-on is a third-party add-on that you can install from the official repository of Kodi on its website. Though this add-on has not been updated, it works smoothly with all the versions of Kodi TV including the Kodi 19 “Matrix”. The Kodi application can be downloaded on any of your desired devices like Android TVs and mobiles, Windows PC, Mac OS, iOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Fire Stick, and Fire Cube.

In this article, I will demonstrate to you the process of installing the MP3 Stream Add-on on your desired device. So let’s begin.

Installation Of Mp3 Kodi Add-on

Installing the Slam Repository

You can install the MP3 Stream Kodi Add-on from the Slam Repository available on the official repository of Kodi. Follow the simple steps below to learn how to install the Slam Repository on your device-

STEP 1: Open the Kodi TV application.

STEP 2: Go to the Settings ⇒ System

STEP 3: Within the System reach out to Add-ons, and enable the Unknown Source*

STEP 4: Head back to the Settings and press the File Manager tab.

STEP 5: Within the File Manager. Find and select Add Source ⇒ <None>

STEP 6: After this, a window will appear with a space provided to enter a URL-, and press OK.

STEP 7: Once you enter the URL you will have to name the media source you are installing. In the box provided below, type a name- “Slam Repo” and press OK (You can enter any desirable name for your source file.)

STEP 8: Head back to the Main Screen and click open the Add-ons tab.

STEP 9: Add-ons ⇒ Add-on Browser ⇒ “Install from ZIP file” ⇒ YES

#You will receive a warning as soon as you’ll click on “Install from ZIP file”, you are required to click on Yes to proceed further and finish the installation process.

STEP 10: Now go back and open your source file- “Slam Repo”

STEP 11: Within the Slam Repo you will find the file named “”

STEP 12: Click on this file and wait for your repository to download successfully on your device.

Warning: The device sends an alert message as you enable the Unknown Source because it unveils all your data stored on the device to the hackers and phishers online. You are bound to enable it to install your repository and add-ons. This feature can be disabled once the add-on is installed.

Mp3 Streams Kodi Add On

Installing the MP3 Streams Kodi Add on

Begin installing your favorite music add-on from the repository now. Just read the steps below-

STEP 1: Launch your Kodi application.

STEP 2: Settings ⇒ Add-ons

STEP 3: Within Add-ons click open the Browser and select the “Install from repository” tab from the right side of the screen.

STEP 4: Click on the repository that has to be used to install the add-on, here Slam Repo

STEP 5: Inside this repository, you will find your MP3 Streams Kodi add on

STEP 6: Select it and click on the Install tab given below.

STEP 7: When you will click on the Install button, a dialogue box will appear showcasing all the linked files. These linked files are commonly known as Dependencies.*

STEP 8: Click on the Yes button to continue the process of installation.

STEP 9: Hurray! Your MP3 Streams Kodi Add on has been successfully downloaded on your device.

Enjoy and stream all your favorite music.

*Dependencies are the supporting files that have to be installed with the add-on to make it function properly and smoothly. Remember you can never delete these files until you plan on uninstalling the complete add-on.

Linking your Kodi to a Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is a service that enciphers your identity, location, and internet browsing history from the people online and your Internet Service Provider or ISP. It helps you access the inaccessible data available on the third-party add-ons by tricking their servers.

As you already know that your device is left unprotected when you enable the Unknown Sources, so you can use the VPN service to ensure its security. There are many VPN service providers available in the market. You can distinguish between them by their price tags, speed, servers, terms & conditions, security, etc.

Some very popular VPN service providers in the market are-

  • Nord VPN
  • Express VPN
  • Ivacy VPN
  • IPVanish
  • CyberGhost
  • Surf Shark

You may pick any of these according to your choices.

Warning: There are certain limitations to using a VPN. The first one is it gives you access to all the geo-restricted and rights reserved content, this may lead you to break the law and punishable offenses. The other issue can be the depravity of your privacy as you are connected to public WiFi when you are using a VPN service. It is very easy for a hacker or a phisher to dive into your data and misuse it. Think twice before investing your hard-earned money into anything like this. You may be able to overcome the second issue by purchasing a better VPN service that helps you secure all your data.


To summarize the article, I can say that the MP3 Streams Kodi Add on is one of its kind. It is the best source for you if you are a music lover as you can get your hands on all kinds of music around the world. Make sure to follow all the steps correctly and read all instructions thoroughly to avoid any hindrance while installing the MP3 streams Kodi add on.

Enjoy your favorite music without any fear of losing your data. Share your views and comments and help us progress. Thanks for reading!

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