You Can Now Reserve A Scheduled Visit to an EV Charger in Japan

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Japanese innovator of EV solutions Plugo is launching an online reservation service for EV charging stations. Through the mobile app, electric vehicle drivers can easily book an appointment and location to access a growing number of highly discreet electric vehicle charging stations across the country on time.

Introduction to Plugo and its vision

Plugo, as a company structure, is virtually unknown in the West. It’s actually still a fairly new startup in Japan, having only been founded three years ago, in 2018. The company’s main mission, at least according to its development team, is to offer innovations based on green energy. More specifically, it aims to develop infrastructure improvements that can potentially make electric vehicles completely green.

Plugo provided information on the status of the project and how it was being implemented. It is designed so that people who need help can do it. The work of the Hungarian Presidency is being done by the Commission and the Council, and it is being done with the utmost care, There are no signs of a breakthrough in the fight against terrorism.

Espoteric explanations aside, much of the company’s success can be attributed to its electric car charging stations, designed by designer Seitaro Yamazaki. Первый – это бар Plugo. It will be launched in July 2020. It’s a very stylish and affordable charging station, with a design similar to Tesla’s Supercharger. The next step is the Plugo block, which will not be commissioned until January 2021. It is essentially a parking restriction that can also act as an EV charger.

Both should be very unobtrusive objects that do their job ecologically and bear little resemblance to their antique cement counterparts. The goal is to promote the expected standardization of electric vehicles in Japan in the coming decades. It’s also another demonstration of the potential versatility of EV chargers, which can be installed almost anywhere without the need for specific stops or stations.

Extraordinary use of something that cannot be seen

This week’s official Plugo press release did not include all the details. However, a common explanation is that the mobile app requires registration with their network, as well as future dates, times and frequency of service use. There do not appear to be any particular restrictions on the type of e-vehicles that can use the service, as long as they can occupy the parking space properly.

So in the future, when electric cars become more popular, electric car drivers in Japan will no longer have to search randomly for a gas station to fill up, as we are used to from conventional gas stations. A regular customer can just come by on a certain date and time, park the vehicle and use it again when he is done with his work. You don’t have to worry about the loading speed. You don’t have to worry about whether you have enough juice for your next destination. And you don’t even have to think about the electric car itself.

The Japanese, who are very zealous believers in time and timing (even down to the second), would also have no problem with a similar execution. For the average wage earner and office worker with an electric vehicle, it’s an added convenience they can add to their ever-growing list of livelihood automation options.

Scheduled transit services in both directions

Plugo also points to some inherent or natural advantages that such a registration and redundancy system would have, even for a theoretical EV charging network. Basically, we’re looking at this:

Institutional services

  • To determine with absolute precision the users, their schedules and the duration of use of a given station. (for statistical and analytical purposes)
  • (Better) Controlled Local Traffic
  • Become a central hub for all early adopters of a new electric vehicle concept.
  • Enables controlled planning (and thus user predictions) in the future

User benefit:

  • More efficient travel planning when using electric vehicles (elimination of charging problems even with older models).
  • No risk and no worries about missing chargers when you arrive at your destination.
  • Allows for controlled planning (and therefore forecasting of the site) into the future

Finally, the incentive to use electric vehicles will depend less and less on government subsidies in the future, as more and more plug-in charging stations fill up every parking space in Japan. Affordability (practicality) and the possibility of reserving a share for exclusive use may be enough to convince more and more people to give up petrol cars and use electric vehicles instead.

Wait, doesn’t Tesla already have something like this?

You’d think Tesla’s Supercharger network would have figured out something similar already, since Tesla’s EVs also have their own app. Unfortunately, while some features are similar to Plugo Stand or Block’s backup options, this is not quite the case. In fact, the Tesla app only provides charging status or information about whether a particular Supercharger station is being used or not.

Perhaps Papa Musk’s Tesla development team will implement something similar in the future. Getting people to stick perfectly to a reservation schedule, however, is another problem that has nothing to do with the technical barriers to electric vehicles.

As for Plugo and their projections for the near future, given that Japan is currently aiming for a complete transition of 100% electric vehicles by 2050, we have to conclude that they are at least on the right track, no pun intended.


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