What Are the Popular Baby Boy Names That Start With A?

If you have just welcomed a baby into your family, you should look for a unique and popular baby name.

Well, we propose to keep the name with the letter A, because that is the first letter of the alphabet and it stands for leadership, courage and ambition. This is also a start. History shows us that many famous people have names that begin with the letter A.

Who can forget legends like Alexander the Great and Abraham Lincoln?

We assume you have plenty of reasons to give your baby names that start with an A.

Names of all favorite boys starting with A.

Here are some of the most popular boy names that start with an A and are perfect for your little boy:

Those who like normal names can probably go with Andrew. It is of Greek origin and means man. He was already loved by many parents. He was number one in 2003, and nearly 22,154 boys were named Andrew that year.

According to the latest SSA list, Andrew ranks 46th in popularity.

Want to see more names like this? You can read our list or visit CocoFinder.

For popular names with the letter A, there’s no better place than the CocoFinder name lists. Here are some of the most popular baby names. We recommend this one because it strictly follows the SSA list.


Anthony is another very popular name for a baby that starts with A. The name is of Latin origin and means priceless. No wonder it’s a popular choice. If the SSA rankings are to be believed, it was in the top 10 from 2003 to 2008. In 2019, he was ranked 38th.

If you want a complicated name, you can use Asher. The name refers to Hebrew culture and means happiness or bliss. He was number 43 on SSA’s 2019 baby names list.

Abraham is a fairly popular boys name that starts with the letter A. It has made a big jump in popularity since the great Abraham Lincoln.

Aiden means small fire, and his roots go back to Irish mythology. It is also a very popular name in the United States and related areas.

As of 2019, according to the SSA, there are 9326 children named Aiden. It was the most popular girls name in 2011, when 15503 babies were named Aiden.

If there is a boy’s name with the letter A that has lost none of its luster since the beginning of time until today, it is Adam. According to the Bible, this is the name of the very first man on earth. It is still a fad and many parents choose it for their favorite sons.

Alexander is an absolute favorite and a classic name. He’s a regular sniper on the SSA list. He was 13th in 2013 and 10th in 2010.

Names starting with A and becoming more popular.

According to the latest figures from the Social Security Administration, some new boy names are gaining popularity like never before.

For example, Amias is a newly introduced name, since it is already classified as 819.

Azel and Atreus have also seen positive changes in popularity. So if you want to give your child a unique and new name, these three options are a great way to go.

Exotic sounding names.

So you want to give your child an exotic sounding name. Then our recommendations are Arturo and August. These two are very popular.

Biblical Names

If you are very religious and want to give your baby a biblical name, we can help you with that too:

The name means high mountain and must be derived from Hebrew. According to the Old Testament, Aaron is the name of Moses’ older brother. Moses had been chosen by God to represent his brother.

If you are looking for an unusual name, nothing beats Abagta. It is a rare biblical name that means chosen. Of course, your child is the chosen one, and this name suits him perfectly.

Of Hebrew origin, Adonis means the god himself. To the believer in God, no name is better than Adonis.

In Latin, Adriel means disciple of God. This is also a good choice.

Things to consider when choosing a name for a boy

Here are some things to consider when choosing baby names:

  • Be careful not to pick a name that sounds funny after a while.
  • Avoid names that are too difficult to pronounce or spell. Let’s take the example of Jaxen or Diesel. Such names are always confusing.
  • Think about the tradition your family follows. If you have a tradition of adding a second name and choosing a name that goes well with the second name. The syllables of the two names should blend and complement each other.
  • If you want to stick to family traditions and carry on the family legacy, take a look at the family tree and you will surely find a name you like.
  • Never give your child a name without knowing what it means. This is the biggest mistake parents can make when choosing a name for their child. Always look for the meaning and recognize it.
  • Say it first. This way you can see if the name sounds good or not.

Now that you know the best and most famous boy names with the letter A and the mistakes you shouldn’t make when naming your baby, name your little angel today if you haven’t already.

The child’s name will stay with him/her indefinitely. So be a little careful. As mentioned earlier, CocoFinder is the best place to choose a name for your baby. Referring to it means that there is no tension or problem in naming it.

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