Three Best Football (Soccer), Kodi Addons: How to Watch Live Football On Kodi

There are many soccer leagues across Europe, including the Champions & Europa League. They’re getting more popular by the day. You might be traveling abroad or not having a TV subscription so you can watch your favourite games. This Kodi guide will help you.

Kodi is the most popular interface to stream soccer games. This guide will show you how to use the most popular Kodi Addons to stream football matches quickly and efficiently. You’ll learn how to set them up and prepare for next week!

It is important to unlock all streams

However, there have been serious crackdowns over the past few months regarding illegal streaming of football (soccer). Some streaming services have been banned, particularly in the UK Premier League. You can still watch your games for free thanks to Kodi or VPN services.

Although some addons are blocked by the browser, you can still unlock them using a reliable VPN. A VPN can make your traffic anonymous and circumvent any geographic restrictions. It will also allow you to enjoy the content wherever you may be.

A VPN can not only help you avoid content blocking but also protect your privacy which is an important concern for Kodi when streaming live soccer (soccer) on Kodi.

A VPN secure connection will protect you from copyright infringement notices or DMCA from your ISP. This means that you need to carefully choose your VPN. Before you choose a VPN, here are some things to consider:

  • Zero log policy;
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Hoch Speeds
  • Top-tier security;
  • Good server availability;

VPN: What I recommend

IPVanish is a VPN that offers all of these features.

We recommend this VPN for streaming Kodi football.

You can be certain of your privacy and security once you have connected to IPVanish

You will, too.

Get the fastest speeds

You can stream HD content.

IPVanish is compatible with all Kodi Addons we’ve listed, provides all benefits that a VPN offers, and allows streaming to be safe, secure, and private no matter where it takes you.

Some IPVanish Features:

  • High Speed: Live Streaming Guarantees Smooth Experience
  • Large Server Network: For a stable and fast connection, you can connect to another server.
  • Unlimited Devices: You can connect multiple devices simultaneously!
  • Unblock Everything: Secure access to blocked apps, websites, and torrent sites.
  • Cloud Storage: 50GB SugarSync Cloud Storage
  • Great Privacy: Your activities will only be known by you.
  • High-quality Security: The VPN offers multiple protocols and security features like a kill switch, DNS and IPv6 protection.
  • 100-day money back guarantee If you are not satisfied with the service you can cancel your order within 30 days.

Because price is important

IPVanish offers the highest price/quality ratio in the industry.

1-year Offer


30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Get 65% off IPVanish

Top Football Kodi Addons

The most difficult part about using Kodi is finding the right Kodi addons for streaming football/soccer. We will provide you with a selection of carefully selected Kodi Addons that will simplify your process.

These addons work well when IPVanish is running in the background.

We picked the top Kodi addons to stream soccer (football) on

1. TvTap

TvTap is one of the best Kodi addons to Watch Live TV football and other Sports

The TvTap Kodi extension is an adaption of the popular Android app. This addon specializes in Live TV and provides access to hundreds more channels.

The TV channels are divided into the following categories: Entertainment, Film, Television, Food, Kids and Movies. It allows you to access most popular channels from Europe and the USA. You can also use it to view Football matches, such as Boxing, WWE and NHL.

For instructions on how to install TvTap Addon for Kodi, click here

2. Rising Tide

Rising Tides is one of the best sports Kodi addon to watch Football

Rising Tides Kodi Addon is a great addition to your Kodi account that allows you to view all kinds of sports content, including tennis, golf and football. It’s actually one of the best Kodi addons for watching live football on Kodi.

There are a handful of streams that can be categorized as Sport Channels, Live Football and Live PPV Events. You’ll find links to each event within the category. These are usually available five minutes before the event starts. This makes it easy to locate the sport that you want, since it is associated with the name of the event and the start time.

Watch Live Football.

For instructions on how to install Rising Tides Kodi Addon, click here

3. Sportowa TV

Sportowa TV is a sports specialized Kodi addon which you can use to watch Football

Sportowa TV, like Rising Tides is an addon for Kodi that specializes in sports programming, can be used with Kodi. This addon is a must for anyone who wants to view sports from the US, UK, Germany and other European countries. You can access all Live Football matches through Crickfree and LiveLooker.

This addon shows streams that are similar to Rising Tide. However, it signals when a link has been established.

For instructions on how to install Sportowa TV Kodi Addon, click here

These Kodi Addons were tested and found to work in July 2022.


The Best Football Kodi addons will allow you to access unlimited football content on your Kodi.

In the UK, ISPs have joined forces with Premier League in order to prevent live streaming of football. Your streaming internet may be throttled by other ISPs. Before you start Kodi, you need IPVanish installed on your computer. You can then safely watch your favourite football matches on Kodi.

This article about the Best Football (Soccer), Kodi Addons will help you to watch major European soccer leagues such as the Premier League, Bundesliga and La Liga. Please share the article with friends. They will be very grateful!

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