These 10 Best Kodi Movie Adons are Still Available in July 2022

Kodi is a popular add-on that has existed for many years. However, most third party addons tend to disappear quickly. The constant release of new addons is what attracts people to Kodi, while at the same, older addons disappear for some reason. This is why I have updated the list of Kodi addons. I’ll be listing the 10 most current Kodi addons in this post.

What makes a good Kodi Addons List?

You don’t have to use dozens of addons simultaneously. When it comes to niche-specific addons, most community addons are similar. If you are looking for the top Kodi movies addons, there should be no more than five. However, this article will include more. It is important to have quality content, and stable streaming links.

Safety, privacy and restrictions are all important. Safe streaming is now a worldwide phenomenon thanks to new laws that allow ISPs to track users’ browsing habits and activities.

Best VPN for Kodi in 2022

Third-party Kodi addons can be dangerous in streaming or servers. They also have access to play media files. These public-domain servers are vulnerable. Most countries have ISPs that are legally permitted to track your internet activities and sell your information to advertising agencies. It’s absurd to allow someone else to do this. These laws were something I didn’t appreciate, so I never launched Kodi without running the VPN.

Some add-ons allow you to watch movies and access restricted content. Over the years, I have used many VPNs and continue to evaluate their effectiveness. IPVanish will be the most popular VPN in 2022, and this is for many good reasons.

IPVanish works with many devices and operating system, including Android, iOS and Windows. You can use the VPN subscription on multiple devices, including PCs, Fire TV and Android TV Box.

The IPVanish uses high-end encryption to provide end-to-end security from your device up to the server. It can bypass local restrictions and unblock content anywhere on the planet. The servers also don’t store your browsing history. IPVanish hides your true IP address so the ISP cannot track you online. Hackers find it nearly impossible to hack into your device that is connected to public WiFi.

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These 10 Kodi Movie Addons Still Work in July 2022The Obath

1. The Oath (Kodi18 Leia, and Kodi19 Matrix).

The Oath Kodi Addon Logo

The Oath Kodi Addon, which is still available, shows you what an addon should look like. It allows you to view movies as well as TV Shows. The ease and simplicity of its organization, as well as the number of streams that are frequently available for each category, is what makes it stand out. You can search for specific movies by using the Search section.

Check out the The Oath installation guide.

2. EnterTain Me (Kodi18 Leia and Kodi19 Matrix).

EnterTain Me is an excellent Addon to watch Movies and TV Shows on Kodi

Third-party Kodi addons have a simple interface that lacks graphics. EnterTain me is different. You will find a beautifully designed interface that you are used to in apps, and not addons. It perfectly fits the theme’s purpose and functions. The home page contains the most recent movies and TV shows. There are also buttons to access TV Shows or Movies category pages, and the search function. The links to the streams work perfectly.

You must have EnterTain Me!

3. The Crew (Kodi19 Matrix).

The Crew is an all-in-one Kodi addon for high quality streaming

The Crew is almost as well-known an addon for Kodi to view Movies and TV Shows . The addon allows you to watch TV and has special categories for kids, sports, stand-up comedy, etc. These links only work for streaming high quality streams. You should use the real-debrid service to get these great videos. To ensure that you don’t lose any episodes or seasons of your favourite Series, can be paired with a Trakt account .

Check out the guide to installing The Crew Kodi Addon

4. Tempest (Kodi 18 Leia)

Tempest is an all-in-one Movie Kodi Addon still working in 2020

Tempest provides significant Movie titles and TV shows. The addon works with Kodi 18 versions. The best part is that allows you to play the latest Movies and TV shows. The Tempest Kodi Addon is a great option for streaming older titles. This Guide will help you get started with Tempest.

Tempest is very similar to Covenant addon. Perfect link fetching speed for the Kodi Addon. It also has Trakt-compatible titles and Real-Debrid compatible titles.

5. Nightwing (Kodi18 Leia).

Nightwing is a Kodi addons to watch Movies and TV Shows

Although not compatible with version 19 Matrix of Kodi Nightwing is an addon that was released recently. passed all the testing we did in Kodi 18 Leia. There is no problem with the quality of streams. The only issue is choosing from the many categories. You’ll actually find many subcategories within the main movie category, “Movies,” such as “Marvel Movies,” DC Movies,” Based On A True Story,” James Bond Collection,” and “Superheros”; you can also visit the Nightwing Installation guide on Kodi.

6. Magic Dragon (Kodi18 Leia, and Kodi19 Matrix).

Magic Dragon is an all-in-one Kodi Addon to watch Movies, TV Shows, and live streaming events such as sport events

Since , has been an extremely popular Kodi addon. The Kodi 19 matrix has made it possible for the addon to adapt. It is fully compatible and can be used with all versions of Kodi. The links, which are also distributed with other categories, are well-known for their large collection of Movies streams. There are many categories to choose from, including the more common ones such as “People watching”, or “New releases”, but you will also find the unique ones such as “3D Movies”, 4K Movies”, Kid Movies, Horror Movies, and others.

Visit the Magic Dragon Installation Guide!

7. ReleaseBB (Kodi18 Leia, and Kodi19 Matrix).

ReleaseBB is a Kodi Addon of quality

ReleaseBB, a less well-known addon for Movies and TV Shows is . ReleaseBB has been a great tool for me over the past few weeks. The streaming quality is excellent thanks to Premiumize compatibility and Real-Debrid. ReleaseBB currently offers free streaming links. Learn how to install ReleaseBB.

8. Black Lightning (Kodi18 Leia, and Kodi19 Matrix).

Black lightning is an excellent addon to watch Movies and TV Shows on Kodi

Black Lightning offers a variety of TV shows and movies. The add-on is very useful and provides links to streaming sites that are often updated. However, external services such as Real-Debrid may be required for the addon . There are four categories: Movies, TV shows, RD History and RD Torrents. The One Click category is worth a mention because you have access to sub-categories such as 4K TV and Movies. TV Shows, Movies in 1080p, Movies in 1080p, Movies in HD, Movies in 3D, Movies In 3D, Movies In 3D, Movies in 3D, Movies in 3D, Movies in 1080p, Movies in TV, Movies and TV Shows. Stand Up and others You can also access Search and Search History. Last played, Resume, and Setting. This is how to install the Black Lightning Kodi addon.

9. Shadow (Kodi18 Leia, and Kodi19 Matrix).

Shadow is a Movies and TV Shows Kodi Addon

Shadow, another addon that allows you to view Movies and TV Shows via Kodi. This addon was originally made for Kodi 18. It now works with Kodi 19. Matrix. It will show you categories such as Movie World and TV World. The stream links are regularly updated and high quality. However, you will need an external service such as Real-Debrid to access other features, like Trakt and Search. My RD history. To install Shadow Kodi Addon, please visit the Guide.

10. Asgard (Kodi18 Leia, and Kodi19 Matrix).

Asgard is an all-in-one Kodi Addon of quality and of the Best Kodi Movie Addons still Working in 2020

Although Asgard may not be an all-in-one addon, it is still one of the most popular Kodi Movie addons in 2022. The highly-respected addon provides links to quality streams and can be used with Trakt. The main reason for the addon’s success is its sports section, which offers replays from various sporting events such as UFC or WWE .

It is easy to navigate the addon. While many sections give direct access to 4K HD Debrid streams, there’s also a section for non-debrid content. The IPTV section provides access to numerous generalistic and sports channels, making Asgard an essential tool. Check out the Asgard installation guide.


It’s difficult to predict when these Movie Kodi addons will still work in 2022. Please let us know by commenting below if you have any issues.

Make sure you have an IPVanish VPN installed before installing any addons. This will ensure that your streaming experience is secure and anonymous, which can help avoid DMCA warnings.

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