The Top 20 Most Working Kodi addons for July 2022. Addons List organized by category

Extensions make Kodi a great streaming app. Kodi would be nothing without them. There are thousands of add-ons available, so it can be difficult to find the best. The guide contains a list of all the most popular Kodi addons for 2022 .

Kodi’s addons world is complicated. Some addons are taken down or removed by copyright agencies and authorities, others remain undeveloped by developers. Some addons come back, while others are abandoned.

We decided that you should keep your eyes open for updates and created a list with the Top Working Kodi Addons in 2022.

These addons are updated regularly by us. If you find one that doesn’t work, please let us know via the comments section. Before we get started, let’s take a look at Kodi addons.

Different types of Kodi addons

Kodi Addons can be described as plugins which extend the functionality and usability of Kodi. These addons can be used to extend the functionality of Kodi.

  • Official AddonsOfficial Kodi Addons were developed by and are supported by the XBMC Foundation. These addons respect the copyrights of other laws and are therefore called “Official.” They mainly allow you to access official streaming services. You can access subscription and pay-per view services within Kodi as soon as you download the app. However, you also have the option to use third-party addons.
  • Addons from Third Parties

    Third-party Addons are developed by the very active Kodi community. They can access all streams and remove any restrictions to allow you to get almost any content. They are like master keys that unlock closed doors and don’t require permission. They are frequently removed. These addons are what drive Kodi, so you can still use them for virtually any purpose.

The first thing you should do is to protect your privacy and security

Third-party Kodi addons are often used to facilitate pirated content access. This is why there’s always a fight against them. This content can be harmful and could lead to legal problems. Many Kodi viewers have been sent DMCA notices by their ISPs. Some have also faced legal action.

Be careful when you use unofficial Kodi plugins . Using a private, reliable and secure VPN is the only way to achieve this.

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Best Working Kodi Addons 2022

We know there are many Kodi addons available and that different streaming requirements can be met by different users. To make it easier for you to find what you need faster, we have grouped the Best Kodi Addons 2222 into categories.

The Best Kodi Addons that Work for Movies & Series

Everyone loves to watch the latest blockbusters and episodes. These are the top Kodi addons that work for TV shows and movies. Most of them allow you to integrate Real-Debrid or other premium sources like Premiumize. These will give you high-quality links with no buffering.

1. Exodus Redux (Kodi 18 Leia)

Exodus Redux is a Kodi addon for Movies and Series streaming

This highly-anticipated reboot responds to thousands of Kodi users’ reaction to Exodus Kodi Addon’s exit. Although Exodus Redux has received some improvements, the popularity of Exodus Redux is up.

Although both addons look identical, Exodus Redux supports Lambda scrapers which makes it quite useful. This addon will be a big hit in 2022, as it provides access to countless high-quality streaming options for TV and movies. Here are the instructions for installing Exodus Redux. Also, you can check the Exodus original (now Exodus 8).

Repo: IAC-Repo


2. Magic Dragon (Kodi18 Leia, and Kodi19 Matrix).

Magic Dragon is an all-in-one Kodi Addon to watch Movies, TV Shows, and live streaming events such as sport events

As we continue to see more Kodi addons removed and replaced with upgrades and/or alternatives under a different name, it is becoming more common. Magic Dragon, however, is as functional and up-to-date as ever.

Although the addon can be used as an all-in one addon, it’s most well-known among movie geeks. The addon is very focused on movies and this makes it popular. Our detailed guide will help you set up Magic Dragon fast and easy.

Repo : Diamond Builder


3. Covenant (Kodi 18 Leia)

Covenant is Kodi Addon to watch Movies and Series

Covenant is a well-known addon, and it’s also one of its most beloved. The addon was initially removed in 2017. It has since been resurrected and is one of the most popular Kodi movies and TV show addons.

It still has a great interface, and offers many series and films with multiple scrappers. You can use the IPTV section to watch live TV. Covenant can now be accessed from its own repo. Here’s the installation guide.

Repo: Covenant Repo


4. Tempest (Kodi 18 Leia)

Tempest is an all-in-one Kodi Addon

Tempest, an addon that is based on Exodus or Covenant Kodi addons and listed as a Jen Template-based Addon with lots of high-quality content.

This addon is our favorite because it pulls many streams from the Internet, providing a wide variety of high-quality streams. This addon offers many series and movie content. It is well-organized. Tempest installation guide.



5. TAZ (Kodi 18 Leia)

TAZ is one of the best modern Addons to install on Kodi

TAZ, a promising new addon that allows you to access a wide range of movies and TV shows.

You can stream at 720p or 1080p. The addon allows you to connect it to a RealDebrid account if buffer-free streaming is desired. It is similar to Exodus’ user interface. Follow our step-by-step guide to install TAZ.

Repository HTML3_ : Octopus Repository


6. Seren (Kodi18 Leia, and Kodi19 Matrix).

Seren is an excellent Kodi Addon

Seren can be installed if you already have an account on Real-Debrid. This addon serves as the single menu for all real-debrid TV and movie content. The addon offers a unified menu system for movies and TV programs. It is divided into several categories, such as most popular, latest, genres, actors, years, etc.

Seren is a source that offers seamless video streaming so you don’t need to worry about buffering or quality. You can stream any content only with a premiumize or real-debrid account. To install Seren on your Kodi device, please refer to the installation instructions. You will also find instructions for setting up premium sources.

Repo : Nuxgates Repo


The Best Kodi Sports Addons

If you’re a sports fan, don’t miss major sporting events. This Kodi addon lists live sports for 2022.

Notable: Most of the Live TV Kodi addons that we listed can be used to view live sports as they offer sports channels. TV Tap and TV One have a section that only offers sports channels. The section does not include add-ons for sports.

1. SportHD (Kodi18 Leia und Kodi19 Matrix).

Sport HD is a Sports Kodi Addon

SportHD is an add-on for Kodi that offers the best sports Kodi. This addon provides live streams free of charge from many sources. The streams are then divided into Best Leagues, Live Events and Sports.

The live section contains all current and upcoming sporting events. These sections are primarily focused on football, although you will also find information about other sports events. This guide will show you how to set up SportHD on Kodi.

Repos: Bugatsinho Reso


2. Rising Tides (Kodi18 Leia und Kodi19 Matrix).

Rising Tides is a sports dedicated Kodi Addon

Rising Tides can be added to your Kodi library as another great sports Kodi addon. This addon makes it simple to find both on-demand and live content. There are five categories available: Football Highlights and Sports Channels.

The addon focuses on football but you can also use it for other sports. You can watch fighting games in the PPV and other sports like NBA or others in the Extra Live Content sections. Here’s how to install it.

Repo Rising Tides


3. Sportowa TV (Kodi18 Leia, and Kodi19 Matrix).

Sportowa TV is a sports dedicated Kodi addon with direct links to the live events

Sportowa TV was reinvented over time and is now an original sports addon. This addon is unique in its ability to provide multiple scrappers and not just live streams of events. There are 10 options for scrappers available on the main menu, which includes LiveOnScore and VipLeague as well as and Strims World.

Each source has their own style. Some offer live events while others are sports channels. Here’s a complete list of events you can stream. How to install Sportowa TV in Kodi

Repo: Mbebe Repo


4. Fight Club (Kodi18 Leia and Kodi19 Matrix).

Fight Club is an addon to watch live and on-demand fight sport events

Fight Club, as its name implies, is an addon that focuses on all forms of fighting. This addon offers live action from UFC and MMA wrestling events. It can be used to view fighting shows like Total Divas or the Ultimate Fighter Series.

It is easy to navigate and find what you need. This addon is essential for UFC and WWE fans. This is the guide to installing this add-on.

Repos: Stream Army


The Best Kodi Addons to Live TV

The Live TV Kodi add-ons make it possible to reduce the cost of your subscription and cut down on the monthly bill. Enjoy almost every popular channel from your region and all of them in HD for free. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite channels.

1. TvTap (Kodi18 Leia, and Kodi19 Matrix).

TvTap is a kodi addon to watch live TV Channels for free

TVTap, a Kodi version of popular live TV apps that is the same as TVTap, can be downloaded here. This addon allows you to stream virtually any content live, and it offers hundreds of channels. The addon organizes content in Documentaries, Entertainment and Food as well as Movies, TV, Music, News, Sport, and USA channels.

These categories offer a wide range of international channels, but the Sports section has the largest selection. TVTap is the first option. Here’s how to add it.

Repo : Diamond Build Repository


2. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is an official addon to watch the BBC on Kodi

BBC iPlayer, an official Kodi extension that provides original content from BBC TV stations, is available as an addon to Kodi. This addon is available to users who have access to BBC News and BBC One/Two/Four. The addon is directly available from Kodi. It can also be downloaded in the Kodi Addons Repository. However, you’ll need to connect to an IPVanish server in the UK.

3. Xumo

Xumo is an official Live TV Kodi Addon

Xumo, another official Kodi addon is available for free. It can be downloaded from the Kodi repo. This addon is very popular because it offers a lot of content free from major broadcasters and allows you to view live TV free.

This addon initially worked only in the US. However, it is now available in a number of other countries. You will still need to use a VPN to access the addon for most users.

Repos: Stream Army


The Best Kodi Addons For Anime.

The following Kodi addons are worth looking into if you love anime videos or have children at home.

1. FANime

FANime is an excellent animes Kodi Addon

FANime, an addon for anime is very user-friendly and works well. You can find a lot of content in the addon, organized by categories such as Recent Releases (A-Z), Genres (Ongoing), Movies (Recently Added), and Popular.

You can navigate to the episode you are looking for and even search using the search button. After selecting a video you will be able to choose up to seven streaming links. Most of these are in HD. FANime’s installation guide is available here.

Repos: Stream Army


2. FunimationNow

Funimation Kodi Addon

FunimationNow started out as a third-party Kodi extension. However, it is now an official Kodi addition. You can easily install this addon by visiting the official Kodi repository.

FunimationNow is a popular program due to its amazing functionality and large variety of content. The addon allows you to access the most recent anime series straight from Japan. It also supports English subtitles. Although the service costs a fee, you can also register for free. To use the service, you’ll need to have a VPN. Your app can be connected to any server located in Australia, Canada, the U.K. or Ireland.

Notice: In 2020, most Anime add-ons were removed by the developers. You can still watch the Movie & TV Show addons that we have listed. Many of these addons have an Anime section, which contains many TV and movie shows.

The Best Kodi Addons For Adults

Kodi offers adult content. You can use a VPN to conceal your ISP activity. Use IPVanish for streaming.

1. XXXO-DUS (Kodi18 Leia, and Kodi19 Matrix).

xxxodus is an erotic/pornographic addon for Kodi

The adult Exodus addon XXXXO-DUS, which is also known as Movies and TV Shows Kodi. This addon is one of the most popular ways to view adult content. It pulls in content from many free websites and puts it together into one convenient package. You can organize the content into different categories such as Scenes and Movies, Videos, Hentai or Pictures.

You can stream all types of adult content in HD and free with XX-O_DUS. Follow our XXXXO-DUS Installation instructions to get started.

Repo:Stream Army Repo


2. Ultimate Whitecream (Kodi18 Leia, and Kodi19 Matrix).

Ultimate White Cream is an Adult Kodi Addon

Ultimate White Cream is a great Kodi addon. This addon is very well-received due to its versatility and reliability. Ultimate Whitecream organizes the content in Scenes and Movies as well as Hentai, Tubes and Webcams. Easy to use, the content can be further organized on the sites from which it was pulled. Check out the Addon installation guide.

RepoTVADDONS.CO Adult 18+ Addon or The Crew


3. FapZone (Kodi18 Leia, and Kodi19 Matrix).

FapZone is a porn Kodi Addon

FapZone, one of Kodi’s addons, features an app-like interface. This is something that has yet to gain popularity in the Kodi world. To make finding what you need easy, the main page of FapZone organizes its content into 20+ categories.

Once you have selected one, you will be presented with a list of all the most recent videos. You can view each video from 240p up to 1080p. You can also use the search button to quickly access the video you want.

RepositoryTVADDONS.CO Adult 18+


The Best All-in-One Kodi Addons

We all like things easy. An all-in-one Kodi Addon is a great way to have everything at your fingertips. The majority of all-one-one Kodi addons are poor quality and difficult to maintain. However, the following two are exceptional.

1. Asgard (Kodi18 Leia, and Kodi19 Matrix).

Asgard is an excellent Kodi Addon

The Asgard Kodi Addon has been rightly named. It is the most comprehensive Kodi addon we’ve ever seen. You can use the addon to view movies, TV programs, games, IPTV, documentary, stand-ups and anime.

Although most sections can be used independently, the IPTV section makes use of other addons and scrappers to create content. The section includes TVOne, for example. The addon works well overall and is maintained regularly. This guide will help you install Asgard.

Repo: Magnet Repo


2. Apex

Apex is an all-in-one kodi addon

Apex, another all-in-one Kodi extension that works well is Apex. Although the addon doesn’t offer as many content as Asgard it can be used to view Movies, TV Shows and Anime as well as sports and documentaries. To simplify the interface, the Anime and Movie sections are divided into multiple categories.

You can also watch live or on-demand sporting events in the sports section. Check out our installation guide to learn more about the addon.

Do you need help?

This list does not include all the best Kodi addons for 2022. You may have some issues installing some or even using them. These tips will help you to overcome these difficulties.

Installation of Kodi Repos and Addons

Are you unsure how to install the Repo and the Addon? You can refer to the Addon Installation Guide (where applicable) or our Complete Kodi Setup Guide.

Fixing errors

Most errors that you get are due to slow internet speeds from your ISP, or Repo/addons blocking. You can try turning off your VPN to get rid of errors if you’re still receiving them. If you don’t yet have a VPN, you should subscribe to IPVanish. It’s the best VPN for Kodi.

Dependency errors

You may be experiencing dependency errors while installing Best Working Kodi addons from this list, or other Addons. Please refer to our Fix Failed to Install Dependency Error guide.

For more details, see the log

You may get the “Check the log to find out more” error when installing Addons. For more details, please refer to our article How to Fix the Log.


Please use the search box for more details.

Final Conclusion

You can stream any with Kodi. This guide will show you how to get the best out of Kodi’s streaming software. We’ll show you how to install each addon using the repository links we provide below. If you don’t know how to install Kodi addons , you can refer to our regularly updated Kodi installation guides. You only need the URL we have provided for each addon. However…

Before streaming any content, make sure you have an IPVanish VPN turned on.

You can keep your activity private and avoid being questioned by the authorities. This will allow you to bypass some geo-restrictions and prevent any ISP throttle.

This article about the Top Working Kodi addons was helpful, we hope!

Enjoy your streaming!

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