The Top 10 Most Popular Addons For Kodi 19 in July 2022: New and Upgraded

Kodi 19 Matrix has been released and brings about many welcome improvements. The most important change is the fact that many existent Kodi Addons don’t work with Kodi 19. Because , the latest version of Kodi, uses Python 3 rather than Python 2 (now considered dead), upon which many addons are built.

The selection of Kodi Addons for Kodi19 is very limited . Only a handful of addons have been modified to be compatible with Kodi 19.. To make it easier for you, we installed Kodi 19 Matrix compatible Addons.

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Top 10 Most Popular Addons For Kodi 19

1. The Oath

The Oath is one of the best addons compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix

The Oath Kodi addon is new and one of the most popular in 2022. This addon works with the Exodus interface, but it has many sub-menus that present content well. There are subcategories in the movie section such as Decade, Box Office, In Theatres and Most Popular. There are sub-sections in the TV Shows section like Networks, Certificates (such TV-14), Airing Today and New Episodes.

The addon’s strengths lie in the way it presents content. The addon does not scrape the internet for content, but instead uses Uptobox to share files. Create a free account to get every title at 1080p. To get 4K links , you can configure RealDebrid.

How do I install the Oath Kodi Addon

2. Chains

Chains is one of the best addons compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix

The Chains, a Kodi 19 Matrix must-have addon. This Kodi addon offers a broad range of content and also includes several top addons. Marvel and DC Universe are two of the most popular addons. They aren’t compatible with Kodi 19. However, you can still use Chains to view any literary title from the Marvel or DC Universe.

Chains, and sub-addons to it, also use Uptobox for 1080p. You can use Real-Debrid to enhance your streaming experience and avoid having to verify every Uptobox title.

How to install Chains Kodi addon

3. The Boys

The Boys is one of the best Addons for Kodi 19 Matrix

The Boys, another great addon for Kodi 19, can be found in The Crew repo. This addon is for Movies and TV shows. does not use Uptobox, or scrape for many. Instead, the addon displays a single FHD hyperlink that allows you to stream or continue later (it also shows a percentage).

The main content is not the only thing that the addon contains. It also has The Boys category, which includes addons like Ghost, Mad Titan and Wasteland. These addons all work with their original methods.

How do you install the Boys Kodi addon?

4. DejaVu

DejaVu is an excellent Addon to install on Kodi 19 Matrix

DejaVu, another great addon for Kodi 19,. Multiple scrappers allow you to access almost any content , including 4K movies and Live TV. Other categories include Debrid Movies, Classic British Cinema and TV Shows One Click.

DejaVu also offers Cloud 9 Sports as an add-on to the sports section.

How do I install DejaVu Kodi?

5. Cloud 9 Sports

Cloud 9 is a sports addon compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix

Cloud 9 Sports has been voted the most popular sports addon on Kodi 19. It’s an essential addition for any sports lover. There are two categories to the addon: Live Sports Lists, and WWE/ AEW/ UFC Replays.

You will find a lot of content in the Live Sports section. Some categories include Live Footy/ Soccer, Live EPL. You can watch any of the major league football games live, and they are free. You can also find live events for Boxing, Boxing and UFC as well as other sports like Tennis, Boxing, WWE, UFC and UFC. You can also search for specific channels by going to the World Channels section. It contains more than 50 sports channels.

How do I install Cloud 9 Sports Kodi?

6. Asgard

Asgard is one of the best addons for Kodi 19 Matrix

Asgard is one of the most popular all-in-one Kodi Kodi addons. It was already updated to be compatible with Kodi 19. The addon has been redesigned and is now even better. You can stream movies and television shows using the Debrid section. Most of the Debrid section contains single-click titles, 4K movies, and TV shows.

Asgard is a Kodi addon that allows you to watch children’s content, live games, replays of sports, documentaries and stand-ups as well as music,, and many other things.

How do I install Asgard Kodi?

7. No cost

Free Kodi Addon

This addon is free and doesn’t require you to have Real-Debrid or Uptobox accounts. is a true addon. It provides no links and all are HD .

This addon provides one-click titles. It immediately starts playing without the need to combine links . The addon provides TV shows, comedy and WWE/AEW/ UFC replays . Although you may not be able to find the most recent titles, that is not the point of this addon.

How to install a free Kodi addon

8. Revolution

Revolution is a new addon for the new Kodi 19 Matrix

Revolution addon specializes in TV and movies. This section contains many categories such as year, Box Office and Oscar Winners. Other sections include Today, and more .

Revolution offers a scrapper which presents lots of content. However, it is best used with Real-Debrid.

How to install Revolution Kodi addon

9. Nemesis AIO

Nemsis Kodi Addon

Nemesis AIO is a Kodi addon that has been around since long. This addon was updated for Kodi 19. The developers also modified how it operates. While the Movies and TV Shows section of Kodi 19 is very clean, it still offers many movies. Most of the movies can only be streamed with Real-Debrid.

The addon offers Live TV & Movies, Music & Radio and Documentaries. It also has Video Music & Replays.

How to install Nemesis AIO Kodi addon

10. Serenity

Seren is an excellent Kodi Addon

Seren is a Kodi addon that doesn’t use Uptobox and doesn’t crawl for links. It , rather, is a streaming interface for real-debrid users. You will need to use Premiumize or Real-Debrid in order to make it work.

This addon has a lot of content and organizes it in an easy to use way. Movies and TV shows have more than 10 subcategories.

How do I install Seren Kodi?

Do I need to update my Kodi 19 Matrix account?

Kodi 19 matrix hasn’t made any changes to how Kodi appears. Most of the modifications have been limited to addons. The best change is the way Kodi displays content. Many people are questioning whether updating to Kodi 19 is worth it, as many Kodi 18 add-ons won’t work with Kodi 19.

There is no clear answer. You will lose some of your favourite Kodi addons if you upgrade to Kodi 19. Many addons work already. You can also upgrade to the most recent version of Kodi if you don’t feel the addons above are enough. You don’t have to lose your favourite addon so you can stay with Kodi 18.9 for the short-term.

Take a bow

Upgrading Kodi 18.9 Leia or Kodi 19. Matrix will result in a restricted selection of Kodi Addons. There are enough addons available that will work with Kodi 19.9 Leia.

This guide lists the 10 most popular addons that Kodi 19 should have. However…

When you use Kodi addons, remember to protect your privacy. IPVanish can help you do that. It will stream your streams without you having to look over your shoulder.


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