The 15 best apps for jailbroken firesticks in July 2022

Are you fed up with paying high subscription fees and limited access to a handful of titles? This guide will show you how to get rid of expensive subscriptions and limit your choices.

Firestick has been a popular device over the years because it provides streaming content via apps from its own app store. This content, however, is much less than third-party apps stores. The jailbroken Firestick allows you unlimited access in addition to the apps store.

While some of us may be familiar with jailbroken Firesticks, others might not. Before diving into the top apps to jailbroken Firestick , let’s first familiarize ourselves the jailbreaking term.

What’s a Jailbroken firestick?

Jailbreaking is , which bypasses any manufacturer or developer restrictions. You can then install third-party applications and have unlimited access to content not available in the device’s app store.

Firestick is different than other devices that require you to jailbreak or modify firmware. The term Jailbroken Firestick refers to an Amazon Fire TV device that allows sideloading.

This is because even if you download third-party applications, your device won’t be at risk and the warranty will still apply.

Jailbroken Firestick Apps: Why are you so important?

Many of the top streaming apps charge a monthly subscription fee. This can make it expensive. Sideloading third party applications can be a lifesaver in entertainment.

These apps allow you to stream Live TV, movies, TV shows and sports, documentaries and kids’ programs at no cost. Installing these apps on a jailbroken Firestick is much easier, as there are no restrictions regarding unauthorized software.

Be careful!

This list does not include apps that are available in the Firestick Store. Because many of these apps facilitate copyright infringement and provide links to pirated content. The files are not hosted by the apps, and you have to be responsible for them.

Some apps such as Stremio and Stremio use BitTorrent technology to provide streams. This means your ISP could throttle your connections and block streams.

You can stream anonymously via a VPN to avoid any legal liability or content block. To protect your online privacy, the VPN will encryption your activities and change your IP . You will need to choose your VPN with care.

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Best Apps for Jailbroken Firestick

Here is a list of top apps to jailbreak your Firestick.

1. HD Cinema

Cinema HD is one of the best apps for jailbroken firestick

Our list begins with Cinema HD which is a very popular Firestick app. It has an friendly interface and allows you to search for favorite streams. The interface consists of TV/Shows, Movies and other categories. The interface allows you to sort the content further by using filters such as Trending, Comedy and Drama.

It also offers great features such as favorites section for your top picks, downloading and history. Cinema HD is a great choice for jailbroken Firesticks.

Install Cinema HD on Firestick

2. Stremio

Stremio is an excellent streaming application for your jailbroken firestick

Stremio allows you to stream all of your favorite videos. It organizes its content in well-organized categories such as Top Movies and Movies by Rating, Top Series, Series by Rating, and Series by Rating.

You can also find a section for your library to keep all of your favourite picks together. You can choose the language you want for your app’s interface. Addons are also available within the app. Subtitles can be turned on for TV and movies. Stremio for jailbroken Firesticks is essential!

The app streams torrents. Make sure that you have your IPVanish turned on before installing or opening it.

Installing Stremio with Firestick

3. Live NetTV

Live NetTV is a streaming application for Live TV watching good to install on your jailbroken Firestick

Live NetTV, another great app for jailbroken Firesticks. You can access 700+ HDTV channels, all for free. You’ll find all of your TV viewing needs covered, just like the name implies. You can choose channels from all over the world, including countries like India, Pakistan and the United States of America .

Live NetTV has many great features, including a section for live events, reporting on a channel not functioning well and the option to play content using your preferred media player. For a seamless experience, the app is regularly updated.

Installing Live NetTV on Firestick

4. Kodi

Kodi is an excellent app to install and use on your jailbroken firestick

Kodi another great app to use with your jailbroken Firestick. It is one of the most popular apps to stream everything, from documentaries to live sports and even kids’ content. It is however not an APK like the other apps in this article . There are no streaming features built into the app.

Third-party addons make it possible to stream via Kodi. These allow you to view TV shows, movies, kids’ shows and more. You can find our Kodi guide to help you install these addons. They come from various developers and have different quality.

Installing Kodi 19 on Firestick

5. Bee TV

BeeTV is an excellent streaming app for your jailbroken firestick

Be TV, another great APK to stream movies and television shows from your Firestick jailbroken device. Its amazing streaming abilities and content scrappers have made Bee TV a popular app over the years. Bee TV’s user interface is simple to use, while the content are constantly being updated. This is evident in the categorised content, which are based upon years and the most recent.

You can stream most of Bee TV’s content in HD. If you do not see something you are looking for, you have an exceptional feature called special request. This allows you to place a request and it will add the content. You can stream hundreds of titles from the app and integrate it with for a complete list.

Installing Bee TV on Firestick

6. Syncler

Sycnler Streaming App

Synchron is another app that can be added to your Firestick jailbroken. The app is excellent and is very similar to Rokkr and Stremio. It doesn’t have any built-in link scrapers. However, the app displays a lot of content, well grouped in categories like Popular in Action & Adventures, Popular in Animations, Popular in Comedy and, among others.

There are so many great features in the app that you’ll love, including neatly organizing your videos. You can view all information about a title from its synopsis, trailers, and ratings by opening it. You will however need to embed a package which scrapes links , and, at your discretion, Real-Debrid.

Setup Syncler for Firestick

7. CyberFlix TV

Cyberflix TV is a good streaming app

CyberFlixTV is another option that can be used with Firesticks. It was created to ease the pain of Terrarium TV’s closing, and is one of the most popular Terrarium clones. The app has a good interface, and it is regularly updated with the most recent content.

CyberFlix TV has a wide selection of TV and Movie shows in HD quality. Any movie or TV show can be viewed easily because it is categorised into Premiers, Top Rated TV Shows, Book Based, and You also have a Favorites section to save your favorite titles.

Install CyberFlix TV with Firestick

8. Rokkr

Rokkr Streaming App

Rokkr, another amazing app, can enhance your Firestick streaming experience. is a free app that doesn’t contain any content. You can configure the app by simply adding a link. You’ll have access to thousands upon thousands of TV titles. The search feature, which includes suggestions and recommendations, allows you to find more content. It’s well worth looking into this one!

Setup and install Rokkr with Firestick

9. TeaTV

TeaTV is a popular streaming apk

TeaTVis another great successor to Terrarium TV and a wonderful choice for Jailbroken Firestick. This app ranks among the top streaming APKs in 2022 and is frequently updated. It has an enormous collection of TV and Movies, categorized by popular, currently airing, and highest-rated. Many links in the library are as high as 1080p.

Tea TV offers many unique and amazing features. You can stream your favorite media with subtitles and use it as your media player. This also supports Trakt integration and Real-Debrid.

Tea TV Installation on Firestick

10. Swift Streamz

swift streamz is a streaming application to watch Live TV Channels for free

Swift Streamz, another streaming app worth checking out is Swift Streamz. Swift Streamz is another streaming app you should check out.

In addition to the built-in player, there are many other players that can be used with this app. The app also supports Chromecast which is a popular option for movie streaming. This APK also supports Chromecast, which has become a popular area of interest in movie streaming. It offers multiple links (both SD and HD) as well as the ability to request or report a channel.

Install Swift Streamz on Firestick

11. Movie Box Plus 2

MovieBox Plus 2 is an excellent streaming app

Are you familiar with HD Movie Box The app allows you to stream high-quality video in up to 4K . The Movie Box Plus 2 is now available. Movie Box Plus 2 is one of our recommended apps for jailbroken Firesticks. This app stands out becauseunlike other apps that require you to connect Movie Box Plus 2 tracks what you’re watching without the need for user input.

Installing Movie Box Plus 2 on Firestick

12. FilmPlus

FilmPlus is one of the best streaming apps you can have installed on your jailbroken Firestick

FilmPlus, another fork from the famed TerraniumTV. Although the app is still relatively new, it’s one of the most popular streaming APKs for Movies and TV Shows. FilmPlus offers a wide selection of content, including Family, Kids and Comedy.

It has an easy-to-use interface that is accessible to all users and it’s ad free. You can also download the app.

Install FilmPlus on Firestick

13. RedBox TV

RedBox TV APK to watch Live TV on your Jailbroken Firestick

RedBox TV is a fantastic streaming TV app. RedBox TV is an extremely popular app with over 1000 channels available in HD and SD quality. This app allows you to stream content from all over the world, such as Canada, Australia, USA and Italy.

There is entertainment for everyone, including kids and adults. The Favorite section allows you to add your favorite channels, saving you from having to go through thousands of channels in order to find the best. RedBox TV is well-organized. You can request a missing channel.

RedBox TV Installation on Firestick

14. UnlockMyTTV

UnlockmyTTV is an excellent streaming app

UnlockMyTTV are among the most popular APKs to use with your jailbroken Firestick. This app, which is an updated version of UnlockMyTV, is one of the most popular Terrarium TV clones. The app provides movies and TV shows that can be filtered by many categories such as Trending, Most Watched and Most Popular. High-quality videos are available and there is no ad.

UnlockMyTTV also has a Downloads category and a Favorites one. This app supports Chromecast so you can cast your content to other devices.

UnlockMyTTV for Firestick

15. Typhoon TV

TyphoonTV is our final recommendation in our list of best Firestick apps. Typhoon TV can be used to watch movies and TV programs. You can also integrate Real Debrid which allows you access better streaming links. It is Titanium TV Clone but offers more streams and is free of ads.

Typhoon TV organizes its channels into Top Rated, Most Viewed, Trending and New Shows.

Install Typhoon TV with Firestick

Take a bow

These apps are our top picks for the jailbroken Firestick and offer excellent entertainment at no cost. The guide is available to download, you can choose a few and then let us know your thoughts in the comments section. However…

All the apps above cannot be purchased on the official website as they could contain copyright content. Before using any app, ensure you have IPVanish turned on.


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