Stackfield Test & Our experience after over a year of daily use

Stackfield Test & Our experience after over a year of daily use

Stackfield Test & Our experience after over a year of daily use

Are you looking for Stackfield Test? Read know more. Some of the updates that Stackfield made certainly influenced what we wanted as well, so we adjusted them.


€ 29

9.5 DATA SECURITY (GDPR)10.0 / 10




PRICE 9.0 / 10


  • German service, German server sites, 100% GDPR compliant
  • End-to-end encryption ensures the highest level of data security.
  • A service at a very reasonable price and quickly available
  • Collaborating with guests or external partners via Stackfield is easy and hassle-free.
  • Use it free for 14 days

Stapelfeld – Test report

Online collaboration is possible in every organization with the right tools. But which tools are also secured by DSVGO, protect company data, and have sufficient functionality to support internal processes?

Perfect online collaboration, project management and work from home companion

In the EU, it is difficult to find good online tools for collaboration or project management. Most tools like Slack, Trello, and others do not meet security standards and more importantly GDPR. However, we predict a great future for Stackfield, as this German online collaboration service is really easy to use and at the same time contains so many features that it can be quickly integrated into any business. This means that the home offices can cooperate better with each other and that the overview of all business processes becomes much more transparent and secure.

We have been using Stackfield ourselves for over two years!

We also like this tool because we have been using it in our company, which currently has 35 employees, for over a year. All departments and staff are always enthusiastic about it. Some of the updates that Stackfield made certainly influenced what we wanted as well, so we adjusted them where it made sense, or adjusted them for us where we thought it would be better. Our company has benefited from this from day one, and new employees have been able to access the data they need more quickly. A year later, Stackfield is hard to imagine without her. That’s why all VPNTESTER team members use Stackfield every day.

Stackfield experiment

Germany’s cooperative solution is a model for global competition. Although Slack and other tools already have hundreds of millions of users, they are still far from being protected by data-protection laws and keep businesses trapped in their own microcosm. This also means that the data entered into the systems can hardly be exported or stored in a clear form. Not to mention access by US authorities.

Stackfield, from Berlin, has created an excellent local solution that does not have to hide behind the big competitors on the world market.

Stackfield, a platform without privacy concerns.

Project management – Collaboration – Task management

The service offers cross-departmental teams and functions for even faster and easier process management. The structure is based on modern and common administrative structures, but can easily be adapted to almost any business process.

Improved communication

Stackfield replaces tedious e-mail communication and enables you to display various approval procedures in a simple and clear manner. You can also link time registration to projects and thus always have an overview for further accounting.

Review and project management

There are thousands of project management tools on the market, but Stackfield chooses the integration route and connects communication and many other processes across the organization, departments, and tasks. This enables companies to quickly provide their employees with all the necessary functions, even in the home office, while at the same time allowing them to assign access rights and record access to files.

Cooperation with other and new colleagues

When working with homeworkers, it is important that processes are always traceable, so that unnecessary questions can be reduced and the daily work of teams in different locations can be optimized.

Invite and enable external partners to participate

Stackfield offers several ways to collaborate with guests or partners who can either participate directly with guest access or benefit as an external partner via email. This means that cooperation is possible in all its forms and that it is always comprehensible and transparent.

Preliminary video – Stacking functions

Stackfield Test

Share and manage tasks

Stackfield tasks

Audio and video communication

Integrated into the communication between people in a company, chat rooms can be used or group chats organized. It is also possible to call other people directly with or without video transmission.

Stackfield audio and video calls

Overview of all tasks

You can organize tasks for yourself or assign them to others, always keep an eye on what you still need to do, or, depending on the assignment of rights, you can also control or take over the tasks of other colleagues.

Stackfield task organization

Stackfield can also be used to plan collaborative tasks or projects and manage the associated tasks.

Stackfield’s project management is quite simple, but in practice, it probably meets 99.% of all requirements, while other project management programs usually contain too many features and therefore appear confusing.

Benefits of Stackfield

End-to-end encryption

Server location

Use after
with EU-BIP

ISO Certified Data Centers

Why an online collaboration solution?

Everything in one central place

Stackfield bridges the gap between collaboration,
project management and communication and provides all the
functionality a team needs to work together productively.

More data protection issues

Your data will be processed and stored in Germany.
With end-to-end customer encryption,
‘s sensitive data is protected from unauthorized access.

See / check

Individual plant ratings can be seen in the views below. They are identical for all types of clients. (In the web browser, Windows/macOS client, Android, Apple iOS).

  • of the Stackfield team
  • The Stackfield connection
  • Stacking process
  • Stacking filter
  • Stacking of tasks in the field
  • Evaluation of Stackfield
  • Stacking tasks in the field (detail)
  • Discussions about Stackfield
  • Batch files
  • Stackfield Records Management Collaboration
  • Stackfield Papers

Stackfield Award

There are basically three different ways to use Stackfield. As a hosting option, you don’t have to worry about anything.

1. Stacking the field for teams (received)

The solution runs on Stackfield servers and is managed and maintained directly by Stackfield. You pay for the number of users and time of use.

Stackfield Award

2. Stackfield Company

Or in an enterprise version, where Stackfield runs directly on the customer’s system and can be integrated and connected to virtually any existing system. There are no restrictions on integration, and all Microsoft domain rights are respected or enforced.

3. Stackfield at location

An option where you run your own Stackfield server (Microsoft server) and manage Stackfield on it yourself, which is especially useful if you have 50 or more users or if it is necessary for privacy reasons. It can then be expanded to several hundred users.

Field of application and stack

For mobile use, Stackfield offers an app for Android and Apple iOS. But you can’t just use it in the browser, you can also use the Stackfield app for Windows or macOS.

Stackfield Windows App

The application for Windows and MacOS computer systems is essentially the same as the browser version, but runs in a separate window. Data encryption is also implemented directly in this application, and using them is a bit more convenient. In a browser, the application can take up a relatively large amount of memory after prolonged use, so refreshing the window already helps. In the Windows application, click Restart to reload all data. We therefore recommend that you use these applications and only use the browser versions in exceptional cases.

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