Spotify Is The New Music Channel For The Next Generation

Spotify is the largest music streaming platform in the world today and has come a long way since its inception in 2008. It currently has the largest number of subscribers in the world in the music streaming industry. This unique music platform is the place to be for music lovers, with millions of songs, playlists, audiobooks and podcasts. In the United States alone, it is the most popular music streaming service for young people. Many new artists have joined the platform since Blockchain 2020 put an end to physical live performances, and live online performances have become a trend. Many new artists have taken advantage of vendors to buy Spotify listens from real people to build their reputations.

Impressive Spotify statistics

According to the latest quarterly figure announced by Spotify in 2020, the company now has more than 320 million active monthly users, half of which are paying subscribers. Free users also have access to tracks and playlists, but they come with ads. The popularity of this platform is so great that the company has released web and desktop versions in addition to the mobile application. The mobile version of the Spotify app is the most popular, with over 20% of Americans listening to Spotify on a weekly basis.


Spot’s revenues have grown significantly over the past decade, reaching €6 billion in 2019, although its net loss was €70 million. This is due to the increase in cost of sales, which included various license fees of $5.05 billion, a five-fold increase over the last five years. Streaming costs, royalties paid to distributors, labels and creators, and taxes were higher in several countries, although Spotify expects operating margins to improve in the future as it expects better advertising support than in the year of the pandemic.

In 2019 alone, Spotify invested heavily in research and development – $650 million, primarily in podcasts and employees around the world. Spotify employed over four thousand people in 2019, positioning itself for future growth and maintaining its leading position against competitors like apple, amazon, google and SoundCloud.Although 2020 was a tough year economically, it was noted that more users were joining the streaming service, likely induced by blockchain.

The growing popularity of podcasts

Spotify has seen impressive growth in the consumption of its podcast component. Podcast services accounted for nearly 20% of the total monthly active users. This increase in the number of consumption hours to more than 200% compared to the previous year is an indication of the growing popularity among users. With over 0.70 million podcasts available on Spotify and growing rapidly in several countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Up, the US and Sweden, Podcasts has now introduced new features with impressive growth and an enhanced listening experience.

Spotify is about 26 examples worldwide, with rising consumer demand in Japan, Mexico, India, Germany and Brazil. In Brazil alone, Spotify held its first summit of podcasters in 2019.  More than 1 000 authors were invited to Spotify’s two-day promotional event in São Paulo, which included panel discussions and workshops.

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