How To Install The Rogue One Kodi Add On

How To Install The Rogue One Kodi Add On

How To Install The Rogue One Kodi Add On

Do you wanna the steps to install Rogue One Kodi Add On?. Read more.

Rogue One Kodi Add-on is a mind-blowing and comprehensive add-on with a wide range of content all under one roof. It is a third-party add-on available on the Kodi TV application. It has got all TV shows, movies, documentaries, stand-up comedy, wrestling sports shows like UFA, MMA, and many more. Rogue One brings you a lot of 1-Click realms. You can scoop out a lot of videos using torrent technologies.

As it is a premium add-on with extravagant quality of video content, you will require a premium and exquisite service like Real Debrid to enjoy your streaming without any hustle-bustle. You will learn more about Real Debrid services, further in the article.

To give you a little insight on Kodi. The Kodi application is open-source and free software that allows you to stream your downloaded media or content available on the third-party add-ons. You can download this application on any of your desired devices like Android devices, Windows PC, Mac OS, iOS, Raspberry Pi, and Linux.

To use the third-party add-ons without bringing any harm to your device, you will need a VPN service. You will have to link your Kodi TV application with the VPN service you just signed up for. Read further to know more.

Installation Of The Rogue Kodi Add on

Installing the Narcacist Wizard Repository

The Narcissist Repo is available on the official repository of the Kodi application. All you have to install from the right source and we can begin now. Follow the steps mentioned below to install the Narcacist Wizard Repository– 

STEP 1: Open the Kodi application

STEP 2: Click open the Settings ⇒ System

STEP 3: From the left-hand side menu list, click on the Add-on.

STEP 4: On the right side of the screen, switch the tab on in front of Unknown Source*

STEP 5: Head back to the System page and open the File Manager tab.

STEP 6: Click on the Add Source ⇒ None.

STEP 7: A screen will appear with a provided space to fill in a URL- and press Done

STEP 8: The next step is to name your source- Narcissist and press the OK tab given below.

STEP 9: Return to the main page and from the menu list, click on the Addons.

STEP 10: Addon ⇒ Addon Browser ⇒ “Install from ZIP file”

STEP 11: Within the Narcacist file, you will find-

STEP 12: After a few minutes, you will see a floating notification stating the successful installation of your repository.

STEP 13: You will soon receive the message that the repository has been successfully installed.

*Enabling the Unknown Source is important because we need to install the Repository from an external source. This also leads to the threats like hacking, phishing, viruses, etc. Such threats can be overcome by setting up a VPN service with your Kodi TV application.

Installing The Rogue One Kodi Add on

Once you have installed your Repository, you need to find and install the Rogue One Kodi add-on from there. Let’s begin with the simple process by following the steps given below-

STEP 1: Launch the Kodi application.

STEP 2: Addon ⇒ Addon Browser ⇒ Install from Repository

STEP 3: You will find the Narcacist Wizard Repository, click it open.

STEP 4: Select Add-on ⇒ Video Add-ons

STEP 5: Within the Video Add-ons select the Rogue One tab and click on install.

STEP 6: A dialogue box will appear showcasing all the affiliated files known as Dependencies.* Click OK to continue the installation.

STEP 7: Once you will accept the affiliated files, the installation process will begin. It will take a few minutes until you receive the message of a successful installation.

STEP 8: Head back to the HomeScreen, there you will find the floating icon of your addon.

*Dependencies are the files that help the Kodi Add-on to work with 100% efficiency. Never delete these files unless you want to risk the performance of your add-on.

Linking The Real Debrid Service With Your Rogue One Kodi Add on

For those who are unaware of Real Debrid, it is a premium service used to stream the premium quality content available on the Rogue One Kodi Add-on. It helps you to stream the highest quality content without any buffering.

All you have to do is sign up and buy a subscription for your Real Debrid service. Now follow the steps given below to learn how to link your Real Debrid and Rogue One Kodi Add-on –

STEP 1: Open the Kodi Application

STEP 2: Click on My Accounts under the Video Add-ons screen

STEP 3: Click on Authorize mentioned below Real Debrid

STEP 4: As soon as, you will press the Authorize tab. You will receive an authorization code, copy the code for the further step.

STEP 5: Open a web browser now, enter the following URL to visit the official website of Real Debrid 

STEP 6: Fill in all your details to sign-up 

STEP 7: Enter the authorization code you received formerly, after logging into your account.

STEP 8: Voila! Real Debrid and Fen Kodi Add-on are now connected. You can name your device accordingly.

Protect Your Device! | Rogue One Kodi Add On |

Streaming videos using third-party Kodi add-ons is not safe. There are always threats like viruses, hacking, phishing, etc., that tag along. It is highly recommended to use a VPN service that will not only encipher your identity and internet browsing but also secure your device.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network service is available worldwide with various price tags. You can pick any of these services depending on the price, servers, speed, and security. A VPN protects your identity and private data saved on your device from hackers online and gives you access to the geo-restricted content by changing your real location.

The most popularly used VPN services in the market are-

  • Nord VPN
  • Express VPN
  • Ivacy VPN
  • Cyber Ghost
  • IPVanish

*Do not use a local VPN service because the VPN service accesses the internet through public WiFi, which means your device is open to all kinds of threats and risks. So, always prefer a standard VPN service with a better security system.


The Rogue One Kodi Add-on is a detailed video add-on that you can download from the Narcacist Wizard Repository. You require a Real Debrid service to view the content in high definition. You can enjoy streaming the content once you are connected to a convenient VPN service.

As you are already aware that streaming into the geo-restricted data is illegal and a punishable offense. The VPN service does not guarantee 100% protection. So. think twice before you invest your money into any VPN service.

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