Opera GX vs Firefox – Which is better in 2021?

As web browsers go, the Opera browser is one of the most undetectable of them all. That is, since its introduction, it has been able to reproduce the exact same performance as other browsers such as Internet Explorer and Chrome. Of course, it would not be a browser review without some sort of competition; and this is exactly what we have in the form of the Firefox browser. As one of the oldest browsers, it has since become a household name, and even the most clueless people know that this browser is Firefox. (Section IV-B)

In 2021, Opera GX is a recognized leader in the mobile browser market, having overtaken it for a number of reasons. First, they have a well-designed product, with a big logo and a big, bright, easy-to-see user interface that is easy to use. Second, they have a broad range of functions, and make sure that they’re easy to reach. Third, they have kept up with the times, and have recently exceeded 1 million downloads.

Opera GX is on par with Firefox in terms of RAM management. However, GX Control’s integrated resource management offers an advantage over Firefox.

GX Control consists of several tools, including CPU, RAM and Network Limiter. Once enabled, you can set a limit on the browser’s RAM, CPU and network usage.

Hot Tab Killer allows you to destroy tabs that steal your resources.

While both browsers offer excellent performance and efficient use of system resources, Opera GX offers advanced users more options for prioritizing resources based on the task at hand.


Firefox has an extensive library of add-ons. It’s not as big as the Chrome Web Store, but you can find all the basic extensions you need.

The browser also has a number of useful built-in features, such as. B. A tool for capturing screens. Right-click on a web page and select Take Screenshot.

You can capture the entire screen, select a specific area, or save the entire web page. The images can be copied or downloaded to a computer.

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Other useful features include a read mode that removes unnecessary content from a web page and Pocket integration for saving web pages.

Opera has its own add-on library, but it’s not as powerful as Firefox’s. However, this Chromium browser offers full support for extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

In our test, all Chrome extensions worked without a hitch.

Like Firfox, Opera GX offers a number of handy built-in tools, including a screenshot tool. You can take screenshots, add text, emoji and annotations, and share them on social media.

In addition, it offers an intuitive dark mode function. Right-click on a web page and select Force Dark Mode. Opera GX displays the Web page in dark mode.

In addition, as a gaming browser, the GX has built-in streaming applications and social media integration.

The sidebar gives you access to popular streaming and social media apps like Twitch, Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Discord, and more, right from your browser.

Security and privacy

Firefox offers excellent privacy features. You can choose which items to block and which to allow in the settings. The fact that the company is non-profit means that it is much more reliable when it comes to user data.

In the settings, users can block trackers, cookies, crypto-currency miners and fingerprints. Enhanced Tracking Protection blocks over 2,000 trackers, including those from companies like Facebook, Twitter and others.

The Firefox Monitor feature can automatically warn you when your password has been compromised.

Opera GX offers the same privacy and security features as Firefox, plus a free VPN and ad blocker.

The built-in ad blocker blocks suspicious and annoying ads on websites. VPNs can give you secure access to restricted content.

Both browsers warn you about suspicious sites by comparing the active site with their database of phishing and malicious sites.

Firefox and Opera GX offer excellent security features, including blocking third-party cookies. However, Opera GX has the advantage of having a built-in ad blocker, which is not a standard feature of all browsers, including Firefox.

⇒ Get Opera GX

⇒ Get Firefox

Which one are you going to choose?

Mozilla Firefox is an excellent browser in terms of performance, design, security and functionality. For gamers and power users, however, Opera GX offers more.

In addition to the GX’s unique management feature that lets you limit CPU, memory and network usage per browser, it also has built-in social networking and streaming applications.

For those who want to switch from Firefox to a Chromium-based browser, Opera GX is a good alternative. It offers more features, better security and more control over your browser.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best browser 2021?

The browser in your phone may have gotten you hooked on the internet, but how do you know which one to choose for desktop use? The fact is, there are a number of excellent choices out there. The one you go with, however, is highly personal—it’s what works for you and your lifestyle. Some people prefer to use a different browser for work than they do for play. Others stick with one browser for everything. The important thing is to choose one that best fits your needs. The browser war is one of the most controversial topics in the tech world. Which one is better? Which is more secure? Which one is fastest? Which one is the best? There is a new player in the browser game, though: the new Opera browser, codenamed “Odarion”, is a browser that aims to be “the fastest browser in the world” , and it is being developed in parallel with the standard Opera browser. Although the new browser doesn’t show any real innovative features, it does show plenty of potential and might end up being the best browser in 2021. (Opera’s old browser has been discontinued, but if you want a slightly different view on the new browser, check out this article .)

Which is better Firefox or Opera GX?

Given the popularity of both browsers, there’s a lot of conflicting information about which one is “better”. Because of the way browsers work, it’s basically impossible to objectively compare them on every metric (for example, one could be faster while another is more compatible with certain sites). Instead, the best comparison is usually based on the way users want to use their browser. Firefox and Opera are alike in many ways, but they do have some distinctions. Both are free downloads and, although they are available for most operating systems, they do have some differences depending on which OS you use. One of the most notable differences between Firefox and Opera is that Firefox is open source and Opera is not. That means that anyone can access Firefox’s source code to see exactly how it works, while Opera’s code is hidden from prying eyes. Firefox also includes a built-in pop up blocker, which Opera does not.

Is Opera as good as Firefox?

Opera is a web browser that uses a lot of Java, and allows you to change your appearance into a crab. It is also a web browser that has a lot of features not found in other browsers, such as being able to play four pieces of music at the same time, or being able to translate this sentence into Latin. The most significant feature, though, is that it is not Firefox. While Firefox claims to be free because it is open source, and Opera claims to be free because it is not Firefox, both browsers are free in the sense that they are much more expensive than other browsers. Opera is one of the most common web browsers out there, especially in Europe, where it’s the most popular. It’s also a very capable browser, and while it’s not as popular as Firefox worldwide, it could be argued it’s just as good. Opera is a browser that offers a lot of customization options, allowing you to change the look, and even make it function like a different browser. So, if you’re tired of Firefox, you may want to try Opera.

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