Coming off their second place win at Dreamhack Summer Championship 2017, GFE is thrilled to announce the addition of Pierre "Turbopolsa" Silfver to finalize our Rocket League roster! Last season Turbo took first place in the Season 3 RLCS World Championship with Northern Gaming and we are excited to see what he can accomplish with teammates Alexandre "Kaydop" Courant and Jos "ViolentPanda" van Meurs in the upcoming season of Rocket League.

Team Captain ViolentPanda says, “Announcing Turbo to our team was expected for a lot of people but now it has finally happened. The world champion sub is finally on our team and I am hyped about it. Kaydop, Turbo, and I have great chemistry as a team and I know we can put up a fight in the Rocket League scene.”

We are extremely excited to welcome Turbopolsa to the GFE family and are looking forward to seeing what he is able to conquer on the EU and international stage with ViolentPanda and Kaydop. With his performance in the past and at Dreamhack Summer Championship, I believe that he is the last piece to fit into the puzzle and know that he will dedicate himself to success with the rest of the team. After a short trial period, Turbopolsa is a step in the direction we are looking forward to going in the 4th season of RLCS. - Director of Player Personnel and Management Mellina “Mel” Kong

Regarding his decision to join GFE’s Rocket League team, Turbo says, “I choose to play with GFE because I see the teamplay and the potential we have as a team. I can see ourselves standing with the trophy in our hands in the upcoming season of RLCS.”

We are pleased to welcome the world champion Turbopolsa to the GFE Family and cannot wait to see what he can accomplish here!

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