Hello, my name is Michael Udall. I play flex for Gale Force eSports. I was runner up in Heroes of the Dorm in 2015 and won Heroes of the Dorm with ASU in 2016. I am currently Grandmaster #144 this season and the hero I have won the most with in hero league and team league is Nazeebo. I currently have a 72.5% win rate with Nazeebo in hero league. At the highest level this hero can absolutely dominate and carry a game. This guide will teach you when to pick Nazeebo and how to play him.



  • Highest lvl 20 DPS power spike in the game (Vile Infection)
  • Highly durable backline damage with Ice Block and Superstition
  • Increased health pool with his trait
  • Good CC with Zombie Wall and zoning potential with Gargantuan


  • Damage is very reliant on the player’s ability to land skillshots, if you miss your Q (Corpse Spiders) you lose basically all of your damage output
  • Needs to scale early pre lvl 10
  • Needs to focus on stacking his trait so that he can get 150 stacks before lvl 20
  • Mana issues early game

Build: http://www.heroesnexus.com/talent-calculator/4-nazeebo#3cvcuPkCzc0c2cEAAA

Level 1: Widowmakers This is the choice here because it directly increases your raw DPS and burst by making each of your spiders do 30% more attack damage once the quest is complete. A big upside of this talent is that the quest is pretty easy to complete - all you have to do is Q the enemy heroes. I normally try and finish the quest by the time I reach lvl 7 or 8.

Level 4: Big Voodoo/Hexed Crawlers These two talents are both good, play around and see which one fits your style best. I go Hexed Crawlers on maps like Warhead Junction, Battlefield of Eternity, and Cursed Hollow because I don't find myself clearing waves and getting a lot of trait stacks so Big Voodoo’s value diminishes. If you find yourself not getting around 150-200 trait stacks by the end of the game, go Hexed Crawlers since it will give you more value.

Level 7: Spirit of Arachyr This talent combos really well with Widowmakers at lvl 1 since it gives you 2 extra spiders with the 30% more attack damage. Once you reach lvl 7 you should look to start playing Nazeebo differently. Once I have this talent and my lvl 1 quest finished, I look to only use my spiders on backline heroes if possible. The main reason for this is because if you hit a solo Q on a backline hero you will take away about 50% of their health.

Level 10: Gargantuan I go this ult every game because it's a lot safer and gives more consistent damage than Ravenous Spirit. Upon reaching lvl 10, Nazeebo gets his big burst combo which consists of zombie walling someone in with Gargantuan. If you perform the combo correctly, you should be able to kill most heroes from 100% health. Make sure and reactivate your Garg by pressing R so that he slams the ground.

Here's a link to me 2v1ing as Nazeebo on my Twitch stream. I do the Zombie Wall/Gargantuan combo and kill Stitches from 90% of his health to 0 through Dampen Magic.

Level 13: Superstition/Ice Block Superstition is a really powerful talent if taken in the correct situation. If you are facing a heavy magic damage team, you can become a raid boss/unkillable Nazeebo GOD. But take this talent with caution - if you take it in the wrong situation, you can die really fast to heroes like Zeratul and Valla. A prime situation that I would take Superstition would be against something like Ragnaros, Li-Ming, E.T.C., Malfurion, or Falstad. The majority of their damage comes from magic damage so you should be okay. If you are ever in doubt or still learning Nazeebo, Ice Block is my go-to since it is a reliable ability to mitigate damage.

Level 16: Spider Colony Level 16 is a pretty large damage spike for Nazeebo since almost all of your burst comes from your Q. Having the opportunity to have that ability up 50% more often is HUGE. Once you get this talent you should look to always keep your health above 50% so that you get the 50% CDR. If that means you have to message the Malfurion on your team to heal you extra then do it - this is a really big talent for increasing your overall damage.

Level 20: Vile Infection/Humongoid Congratulations! If you have made it to lvl 20 with 150 trait stacks on Nazeebo you have now won the game. If you are properly stacked and are able to go Vile Infection you are now the hyper carry, the mega god of DPS, the top DPS hero in the game. Playstyle wise I would say play a little more passive. As long as you don't die, your team is going to outsustain the other team. If you don't have stacks, don’t worry. Nazeebo is still a really strong hero late game without Vile Infection. Humongoid allows you to cast Gargantuan every team fight and sometimes even twice a teamfight so don't be stingy with it. If you ever want to do a boss really fast or just feel like not being alone in the minion wave, drop your best buddy and he will be back up in about 20 seconds.

Builds all figured out? GOOD! Now how do you actually play this weird witch doctor? Easy - throw toads and spiders and prosper. I am going to go over how to play Nazeebo in the early, mid, and late game.

Early Game (1-7): Nazeebo is a decent solo laner, especially if you are up against melee heroes in the solo since you have pretty decent sustain with getting hp and mana out of your trait. If you are faced up against a melee, it allows you to get easy stacks on your lvl 1 talent Widowmakers. If you are in the 4-man or in the solo you normally want to focus on stacking your trait as much as possible since you want to have 150 by lvl 20.

Mid Game (8-15): This is normally the phase of the game that fights are starting to happen a lot more often since people are contesting objectives. Nazeebo can fight and has the ability to poke objectives on maps like Warhead Junction or Cursed Hollow pretty well. Nazeebo is also good at taking mercenaries. Just use your zombie wall to tank and make sure and only hit 1 of the mercs with your spiders so you get all 5 spiders from your lvl 7 talent. You should still be looking to clear waves and get trait stacks for your lvl 20 power spike.

Late Game(16-30): OOOOOHHHHH baby, as I said earlier mega god Nazeebo is out to play. Now it's time for you to have a lot of fun! You have a lot of damage and can really destroy anyone so looking for fights is a good idea. Also, your push power has increased a bunch so throwing spiders at a tower or fort will do a significant amount of damage. Make sure to utilize your pushing power after getting a kill. Nazeebo has really fast boss damage pretty much all game so try and test your limits to see how fast you can burn one with your team. Make some risky calls and catch the enemy team off-guard.

Nazeebo really shines in the late game. The best times to pick him are when you have a team that can help get you through the early to mid game so that you can put them all on your back late game. Make sure and not pick Nazeebo into an enemy team with a lot of auto attackers or heroes that push their early game advantage really hard like Sylvanas, Illidan or Zeratul.

If you are looking to improve your Nazeebo skills, hop in a pro’s stream and ask for tips or watch HGC. I have a couple of links to Nazeebo being played at a professionally level all around the world:

L5 vs Tempest (top tier Korean teams)

Misfits vs Fnatic (top tier European teams)

Gale Force vs Team Freedom (top tier North American teams)

This is my first guide so any tips or things you think i could improve on are much appreciated. Tweet me your responses at @Michael_Udall on Twitter or come into my Twitch stream and let me know what you think about it. I hope it helps and hope to see everyone using Nazeebo to climb the ranks!

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