HGC Update July 27, 2017

Very short post this week. Week 5 saw the Western Clash finally set while no surprises affected the Eastern Clash. In addition to HGC Week 5, North America saw some additional games in the Bloodlust pro team qualifiers. I will have an article next week focused on the Clashes.

World Elo Ratings

Teams tagged [WC] are attending the Western Clash. Teams tagged [EC] are attending the Eastern Clash.



Minor Region Clash Participants

Australia/New Zealand - Nomia - Nomia is coming off a strong showing at the Mid Season Brawl. While they finished 7th/8th place, they managed to take a 2-0 off Super Perfect Team who was playing without leader Misaka and had a non-professional player as a sub. They also took single maps wins off Roll20 and Southeast Asia’s Deadly Kittens. The team has continued to improve and will be looking to upset Gale Force ESports in their opening matchup.

Latin America - Red Canids - Red Canids return to international play at the Mid Season Brawl. However, as a region, Latin America hasn’t won a single map since Blizzcon last year when they went 2-0 against the ANZ representative Reborn. They open with a match against Fnatic. They will play the winner or loser of Tempo Storm vs. Team Liquid depending on how their first match goes.

Taiwan - Team Face Check - Team Face Check returns to the clash as Taiwan’s representative after losing out to Soul Torturers for the Mid Season Brawl seat. Team Face Check struggled at the first Eastern Clash, seeing a quick exit after losing 0-2 to Estar Gaming then Super Perfect Team. If they hope to stick around longer, they will need to beat either Super Perfect Team or the loser of L5 and Estar Gaming.

Southeast Asia - DeadlyKittens - Deadly Kittens return to International Play after a less than overwhelming showing at the MSB. They failed to win a single set but did take a map off ANZ’s Nomia and Super Perfect Team (sans Misaka). Deadly Kittens gets no respite this time around as they must immediately face MVP Black. If they cannot upset MVP Black, they will be stuck facing either ce or Tempest, both very tough outs.

Clash predictions will be next week.


Bloodlust features 6 HGC North American teams and 2 amateur teams that have been doing particularly well in the Open Division. The tournament is double elimination. The opening match-ups are:

  • Team Freedom vs. Donkeys “R” Us
  • Roll 20 vs. No Tomorrow
  • Gale Force Esports vs. Hold it Down
  • Tempo Storm vs. Superstars

The spiciest match has to be Gale Force Esports vs. Hold it Down as GFE will face former player Khroen’s team. When Twitch chat disrespectfully spams “Khroen was the problem”, will it be with Kappas or LULs? I’m just kidding - we all know it’s all about monkaS these days. Still, it will be very interesting to see this game as a way to gauge Hold It Down’s abilities to compete with the Top of NA as they are well on their way to the Crucible to fight for a spot in HGC.

The big storyline will have to be just how much we see from Gale Force Esports, Tempo Storm, and Team Freedom. All three teams are headed for the Western Clash and likely will want to hold some strategies if they hope to upset the European teams. Will they take risks this tournament or play overly vanilla? If so, does that open up chances for major upsets? We’ll find out tomorrow.

Watch for my Clash preview articles next week and my Phase 2 Preview articles two weeks later, where the focus switches to Blizzcon and the dreaded Crucible.

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