With the rising esports scene on Hearthstone, and as a response to bring on a manager to help guide our players, we at Gale Force eSports are excited to introduce Dominic "Silverddrgn" Nguyen as the new Hearthstone Team Manager.

Silverddragn has been playing Hearthstone since open beta, played in Tespa's Collegiate Hearthstone League reaching top 16 and have since moved onto managing UCR's Hearthstone Team at Highlander Gaming. He has created a lot of tournaments for Hearthstone at the Collegiate Level like Collegiate Colloseum which had 165 HS players and HighlanderCon which had 300 attendees. He has also done contract work for Hearthstone's Winter Championships and just got contracted to work on the Hearthstone Global Games.

β€œI see a lot of potential in Gale Force esports and I'm excited to be given the chance to grow the Hearthstone Team! Terrence and Pizza are both hard workers that are open to constructive criticism so I know we'll make a good team together.” - Dominic "Silverddrgn" Nguyen

In response to bringing on a new Hearthstone Team Manager, our current player Terrence "TerrenceM" Miller says, β€œIn the short time Dominic has been Gfe's HS manager our meetings have been productive and helpful looking forward to continue working with him.”

With that being said, GFE's Director of Blizzard Games Mellina "Mel" Kong states, "I am very excited to work with Dominic and I would like to welcome him to our Gale Force eSports family as our Hearthstone Team Manager. I believe that he will flourish and succeed as an extremely essential key in working with our players to conduct the success of our Hearthstone team going forward. Welcome to the family, Dominic!"

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