Gale Force eSports is proud to unveil its new competitive Overwatch team. Joining Austin “Muma” Wilmot and coach Wolfgang “wgb” Braun are Chris “Bani” Benell, Daniel “Boink” Pence, Matt “clockwork” Dias, and Canaan “Shrugger” Carman. We at GFE are incredibly excited about this new roster and look forward to cheering them on throughout the tournament season.

When asked about the new lineup Muma answered, “As someone who’s been working with GFE for half a year, I'm glad we've finally reached a point where everybody is happy with the roster we've decided on and can now look forward to our improvement and eventually climb during the rest of 2017.”

“Bringing on Bani, Boink, clockwork, and Shrugger is something I am personally super excited about,” says Wolfgang. “All of these players have incredible work ethic and take all steps necessary to improve as a team. These new players fill gaps in team chemistry that we previously had as most of them have played on teams in previous games before Overwatch and all have common goals. Look for the new GFE Overwatch team in the future as our new roster grows together.”

GFE’s COO Freddie “Mavnis” Crespo Jr. had this to say, “I am very excited to finally have a stable roster locked down that has the same mindset, attitude, and can create great environment for one another to improve. I look forward to these next few months while I get to watch them grow into the monsters I see them for. Muma and wgb have put in a lot of hard work getting this roster together and they deserve a lot of credit for sticking by me and GFE as well.”

Presenting the new GFE Overwatch Roster:

  • Chris “Bani” Benell: Support/Flex
  • Daniel “Boink” Pence: Flex
  • Matt “clockwork” Dias: DPS
  • Austin “Muma” Wilmot: Tank
  • Canaan “Shrugger” Carman: DPS/Flex
  • Wolfgang “wgb” Braun: Coach & Support

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