In the few short months Dominic “Silverddragn” Nguyen has been with GFE, he has provided outstanding support for our Hearthstone team. Under his guidance, our players both placed highly at Dreamhack Austin as well as securing a soon to be announced new addition to our roster. Today we are announcing that Dominic is leaving GFE to join Blizzard Entertainment as the new Hearthstone Esports Coordinator! Everyone at GFE is incredibly thankful for Dominic’s time with us and we wish him all the best in his new position!

"Dom was a really valuable asset in his time here. Whether it was with streaming or tournament prep, he always tried to do as much as possible to help everyone succeed. He'll be missed but I know he'll do extremely well at his new position in Blizzard." - Andrew “Pizza” Denniser

In wishing Dominic farewell, GFE’s Director of Player Personnel and Management Mellina “Mel” Kong would like to say, “Dominic has been a very hardworking and passionate team manager. When I brought him on board to the team, I knew he would do very well. He is very dedicated to his job and was always on top of his game. I am very sad to see Dominic leave; however I am very excited that he will be moving forward to work at Blizzard! Well deserved and congrats Dominic!”

“Dom has only been with GFE for a short time but he was so helpful and supportive. I will miss him. Gonna need to qualify for some HCT events so that we can hang out.” - Terrence “TerrenceM” Miller

Dom would like to say the following to all of our fans and followers:

It’s only been about 3 months since I started working for Gale Force eSports and in that time, I’ve loved every person I’ve come into contact with. Working with Pizza, Terrence, and our soon to be announced 3rd Hearthstone member has been great and I expect them to really level up their gameplay and presence in the near future. Thank you to Mel especially for always checking up on me and I’ll see everyone at any events that coincide with a Hearthstone Major.

I'll miss working with everyone and good luck in all your future endeavors! I’m sorry to be leaving so soon but I’ll be keeping up with you all from inside Blizzard HQ.

FUN FACT: With this position, I’ve been a collegiate player, collegiate admin and collegiate manager, pro admin, pro manager, and now Blizzard Esports (all within Hearthstone). I really only never got to play pro with a team but I really do prefer the admin side of things.

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Thank you for everything Dom!

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