As we move into Phase 2 of the HGC season, we are incredibly excited to reveal two new additions to our Heroes of the Storm roster. Please join us as we welcome John Paul “KingCaffeine” Lopez and Keiwan “k1pro” Itakura to GFE! As 2015 Blizzcon champions and 2016 Blizzcon competitors, we are confident that both players have the drive and ambition to take over the number one spot in North America.

KingCaffeine, widely known as being the best Muradin and Leoric in the region, will join the team in his established role as main tank/warrior. k1pro will be returning to the ranged flex position where he has shined on heroes such as Jaina, Kael’Thas, Tyrande, and Medivh. Stefan “akaface” Anderson will continue as the team’s main support player and meme lord. Fan “Fan” Yang will be the roster’s ranged flex player and primary drafter. Team captain Michael “MichaelUdall” Udall will be rounding out the team in the melee flex position as well as reprising his role as main shotcaller. The team will continue to be managed by GFE’s Director of Blizzard Games Mellina “Mel” Kong.

Regarding his addition to the GFE roster, King Caffeine had the following to say. “I am very excited to accept a spot at GFE! I look forward to playing with a team with such strong mentalities and work ethics where I can strive to improve. I believe this team definitely has top tier potential and it is my ultimate goal to compete at Blizzcon with them. Look for us bringing it hard this season in the Nexus!”

“I'm very excited to be joining GFE,” says k1pro. “Fan, akaface, and MichaelUdall are all very strong players who know how to practice and improve as a team. It's been a pleasure working with them so far. They all have great attitudes and a burning desire to improve, which has motivated myself more than ever. I can't wait to go to Blizzcon with this roster so we can all kill Bakery and Snitch together.”

When asked about playing with his former teammates again Fan comments, “I am excited to be working with KingCaffeine and k1pro in this upcoming season. I’ve played with both players previously on C9 and we have achieved great success in the past. I look forward to replicating that success in the future. I have a lot of faith in the mechanical ability of both players and think that their skill and teamfight ability will synergize very well with our macro understanding to create a much stronger overall team with higher game knowledge across the board. With their addition, we will also have solidified roles and a dedicated tank main which should help us improve our consistency as a team.”

The COO of GFE Freddie “MaVNiS” Crespo Jr. would like our fans to know that "I have made a commitment and promise to bring North American HoTS the best roster possible to represent us in international play. k1pro and King Caffeine have proven they are world class competitors. I am extremely excited to have them here and have them be the beginning of the dynasty we have been waiting for!"

The entire GFE organization is looking forward to where this team will take us, our sights set on the Phase 2 HGC Playoffs and ultimately Blizzcon. We’re ready to climb to the top and become the best team in North America! We’ll see you in the Nexus!

GFE’s HotS Roster - HGC Phase 2:

  • Support - akaface
  • Warrior - KingCaffeine
  • Melee/Flex - MichaelUdall
  • Ranged/Flex - Fan
  • Ranged/Flex - k1pro

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