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Building a Composition

One of the most intimidating things for new players to Heroes of the Storm is understanding compositions and roles within compositions. Who is good against whom, what do you pick when, who should be doing what. Every week we will build a composition from the free rotation heroes, so everyone will have access to them, complete with talent builds for each hero, and play tips.

Free Rotation June 13th to June 19th


We are going to go with something very simple but timing critical for this week’s composition: a burst pick composition. We’ll focus on building a strong 4-man that can secure picks but first we need someone to be a general utility hero for the rest of the map. Sonya will be our solo laner, taker of camps, split soaker, and general utility hero. For the 4-man, we’ll start with Muradin, who is arguably the best pick tank in the game if you can always hit Stormbolt because his engage range is longer than anyone but Anub’Arak and it bypasses terrain. This will be paired with Uther for a follow up stun and Jaina for burst. Because Blizzard is our best wave clear but also our most critical cooldown for picks, we need another hero in the 4-man who can help with wave clear and potentially solo clear lanes on 3-lane maps, because our combo of Jaina/Uther/Muradin is going to spend a lot of time roaming together. Cassia is a good pick here.

The combination is simple. Muradin hangs out in bushes, over walls, etc., while Uther and Jaina may or may not themselves be visible. Anytime Blizzard is up, look for someone to pick off. Muradin jumps on them, Qs them for the stun, Uther should be mounted and ride in for the follow up stun while Jaina drops her full combo on the target. If you cannot find a vulnerable target in your lane, use Blizzard as wave clear and rotate to a different lane. Wait until Blizzard is available again and repeat.

So we have our composition: Uther, Muradin, Jaina, Sonya, Cassia.

Jaina: Talent Build

Jaina has a real problem with no hard CC and a lack of mobility, she doesn’t operate well independently unless the enemy team has zero dive. She is a strong follow up hero to CC chains, so she should always be with her CC, paying attention to their positioning and planning her cooldown usage around what they are doing. This specific Jaina build, and believe me when I say she has many viable builds, is allow about that idea of blowing someone up on a CC chain. When Uther uses Divine Hurricane, you can Blizzard and Cone of Cold to root them while casting Ring of Frost. This guarantees not only that Ring hits, but that Ring gets the damage bonus as opposed to one of your lower damage spells. If you are fast enough you don’t strictly need the root from Numbing Blast at 16 and can instead go Northern Exposure at 16.

Pro Advice: “It's really important to save your blizzard for the best opportunity in teamfights. it has a really long cooldown and isn't worth being used for small trades in most situations. make sure you get value from blizzard by following up on crowd control or using it to peel enemy hero dives.” GFE k1pro

Uther: Talent Build

With long cooldowns for high impact heals, you want to do your best to compromise between sustain and instantly healing focus targets to give them the benefit of armor. This is a tricky balance to maintain. You always need to be aware of Muradin’s positioning so you can follow up his stun, but don’t be afraid to use your stun as peel when needed. While you don’t want to go YOLO in your positioning, remember that you are the best possible person to die in a team fight once you have used your cooldowns. It is not at all unusual for an Uther to die but his team gets a wipe off the death healing. You are not a backliner, despite your low mobility.

Muradin: Talent Build

Muradin is very difficult to play well. His ability to interrupt rotations, ward for his team, get picks, and absorb damage post-13 in team fights is enormous. But all of those things done well involve good cooldown usage, positioning, and awareness of where your allies are. You are the start of every pick and every fight your team should engage in.

Pro Advice: "As Muradin you should make sure to be a solid frontline presence for your team. Try to land your stormbolts on targets in range of your team to set up a good trade, then jump into the enemy backline to pressure the squishy targets to soak a lot of the damage with your Avatar and Stoneform. Try to keep as many targets as possible in your Thunderclap range to maximize your self healing in teamfights." - GFE KingCaffeine

Cassia: Talent Build

Cassia is the major sustained damage dealer for this composition. Her job is to poke as safely as possible while keeping her trait active at all times. Do not use Fend for anything but wave clear or follow up on a CC chain in most circumstances. Valkyrie is to be used as a backup plan to people dodging late game pick attempts, try and think about terrain and limited escape options to guarantee the hit.

Sonya: Talent Build

Sonya is going to be the solo laner, capper of mercenary camps, and in general independent entity in the early and mid game. If someone has to split off to deal with soaking a lane, it will be Sonya. It is very important to have one hero who can do these things in every composition. Make sure the team always waits for Sonya to catch up before engaging in all out team fights.

Pro Advice: " A few key things you should focus on when playing Sonya are to first use Whirlwind when enemy CC is down and/or when an enemy hero is in range to be able to be hit thus giving you the extra healing. My second thing is using Wrath of the Berserker at a time where you can keep it up for the whole team fight/managing your rage and Spear cooldown to keep Wrath of the Berserker up. My third thing to focus on for Sonya is soaking up damage for your team ... THIS IS NOT A GREEN LIGHT TO FEED. Generally, if the enemy team is focusing you and throwing all their damage into Sonya your team will outtrade them since you are very tanky and can heal up the damage dealt. The proper way to do this is to posture in the frontline trading with the enemy tanks/carries. Don't do this if your healer is not in range though because no one likes a feeder." - GFE MichaelUdall

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