Gale Force Esports is bidding a fond farewell to Nina "KidKerrigan" Nikolic as she leaves our stream team and on towards other projects. We will miss her incredible wit and style and we wish her the very best in the future.

Stream Team manager Jeff "Konshu" Lockerman would like to say,

"KidKerrigan has been an outstanding role model as a streamer, community member and friend in esports. Her talent is showcased in her presentation of her streams, her social media content, and in her brand that continues to grow. We will miss her contribution to GFE and wish her the best in her future endeavors."

Regarding her departure, Nina "KidKerrigan" Nikolic comments,

"I'm grateful to have been taken under the wing of GFE, and the opportunity to represent their brand. It's been a pleasure to see the team transform and grow. Though my path on Twitch takes me a different route, I'll always be keeping my eyes on the team and cheering them on! I've made friendships on Gale Force that will last a lifetime and that's something truly special."

We'll miss you KidKerrigan!