Level 1 Talents

Hyper Shift - This is the go-to level 1 talent. You can't really go wrong with Hyper Shift. Especially on bigger maps, having your Z timer reduced is really important due to its long cooldown. Being able to Peekaboo and get multiple Phase Shields in a team fight is really important too.

Unfurling Spray - You can take this talent if Cleanse is needed. I feel like it's a pretty underrated talent.

Dream Shot - I only consider going this talent when the other team has a Sgt. Hammer on a small map. Being able to spam Qs on a sieged Sgt. Hammer is valuable.

Level 4 Talents

Arcane Barrage - I pick this talent for a couple of reasons - either to pair it with Dream Shot vs Sgt. Hammer or on a tribute map (Cursed Hollow/Towers of Doom) when the enemy team does not have a Zeratul.

Unstable Anomaly - I usually go this talent with the standard Z build. It helps with finishing off kills and it helps a small amount with waveclear.

Peekaboo! - I usually pair this talent with Hyper Shift vs stealth heroes. It also pairs relatively well in Sgt Hammer compositions to give her vision.

Level 7 Talents

Mistified - I've tried to make this talent work but overall it's just trash. The only situation I could see it being picked is if you go Dream Shot and Arcane Barrage vs a Sgt. Hammer on a smaller map and the other team has legitimately no crowd control abilities.

Phase Shield - One of the few Brightwing talents that actually does something. It's another tool to save people and despite it being nerfed patch after patch, it's still a great talent. You should only pick this when you have Hyper Shift.

Cleanse - Pretty standard talent choice. You can pick this talent with Z build or Q build and I usually pick it when the other team has a lot of CC.

Lvel 10 Talents

Blink Heal - Despite this talent also getting nerfed over and over again by having a 3 second cooldown between blinks and a short range, it's still the best talent in most cases.

Emerald Wind - Go this talent if you're feeling hipster.

Level 13 Talents

Shield Dust - This talent is good and it's one of the three talents you have that actually does something. Pick it vs bursty ability damage like Li-Ming, Zeratul, Ragnaros, etc.

Ice Block - Go this talent if they don't have much ability damage or if you're just going to get CC'ed down every fight.

Level 16 Talents

Greater Polymorph - Take this talent if you don't have a lot of burst and won't get much value from Critterize.

Critterize - This is the third talent that actually does something. Nothing is more beautiful in a team fight than getting a Blink Heal into a Polymorph and having a Zeratul and Li-Ming follow up on the damage and watching that target get deleted.

Level 20 Talents

Double Wyrmhole - This talent takes a lot of time to get really good with but it's great in certain scenarios where the other team doesn't have a lot of burst. It helps line up risky Polymorphs that you couldn't normally get. I typically go this talent with either a Zeratul or Tracer.

Storm Shield - Another standard talent choice. Shields are always good and it's another tool to help save your teammates.

Revitalizing Mist - I rarely take this talent but it gets decent value if you went Unfurling Spray and Emerald Wind.

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