With the rising adventures in the Hearthstone esports scene, Gale Force eSports (GFE) is proud to announce our newest addition to our Hearthstone team! We would like to welcome Alexander "NaviOOT" Ridley to the GFE family!

NaviOOT is an Australian student who currently is studying Commerce and majoring in Business Law. He enjoys sports, excercise and anime. Navi started his esports career by playing Yu-Gi-Oh at a semi-competitive level from 2005-2011. A few years later, he was introduced to Hearthstone by one of his friends who had played with him, and was instantly hooked to the game. 2016 was a banner year for Navi, taking a top 4 finish in the APAC Winter event and qualifying for the APAC Last Call. He also finished Top 6 in the Malaysia Hearthstone Major.

With our new addition of NaviOOT to the current lineup, Terrence "TerrenceM" Miller and Andrew "PizzaHS" Denniser, we believe that we will have a solid-strong roster for the upcoming 2017 Hearthstone year. We believe that NaviOOT will fit extremely well into the GFE culture as a hard-working player, and will do amazing with the rest of the team.

NaviOOT says,

"My goals for 2017 are to consolidate these performances, but also to grow my stream and brand as a player here at Gale Force eSports. I am looking forward to doing this with GFE, and I am so stoked that I now have the opportunity to join a team with Pizza who I know very well."

Current team member Terrence "TerrenceM" Miller adds,

"Navi is great player, streamer, and a good christian boy. Happy to have him on the team and I look forward to working with him."

In response to bringing on a new Hearthstone player, former team manager, Dominic "Silverddragn" Nguyen says,

"I'm very excited to pick up another player for Gale Force Esports! Known for having the sexiest legs in Hearthstone, Navi has been entertaining the Hearthstone scene with his charming personality and antics on and off stream for some time now. Navi already frequests Pizza and Terrence's streams but now they'll get to work together offline to place even higher on ladder and take tournaments by storm! Welcome Navi00T to Gale Force Esports!"


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