GFE is thrilled to announce the acquisition of our new H1Z1: King of the Kill team. The team will consist of Logan “Basic” Burton, Brody “Broderick” Coxen, Ali “Brother2g” Khakwani, Richard “Duke” Crawford III, and Robert “MisterFrostiee” Berman. As always, GFE is excited to bring new family into the fold and we are thrilled to support our new H1Z1 team throughout this season!

GFE’s COO Freddie “Mavnis” Crespo Jr. was elated with the most recent addition:

“With the growing popularity of survival games and our dedication to recruit teams to compete at the most prestigious of cons like Dreamhack, I am very excited to be adding our new division: GFE H1Z1. We have been waiting for the right fit to align with our philosophy and dedication to what we are doing here and we are so excited to have found that with this team.”

Richard “Duke” Crawford III expresses his thoughts on joining GFE:

“Having the opportunity to join Gale Force eSports is an awesome feeling. My team is ready to take on new challenges when coming to Gale Force. We have worked extremely hard these past couple months on improving as a team, being more consistent in our placements and becoming better players. The main reason I wanted to join Gale Force is because I see it as a big stepping stone in my career. It gives me more experience as well. I'm very thankful to have this opportunity, thanks Gale Force and those who have supported me. I look forward to our upcoming matches and what the future holds. I hope the Gale Force fans will support my H1Z1 Team.”

Logan “Basic” Burton is happy to join the GFE family:

“I chose to sign with GFE because I could tell right off the bat that they made you feel like family. In my experience in esports it's these orgs and this kind of leadership that make sure you're taken care of and successful. I hope to grow alongside this org and follow my dreams of being a competitor and streamer.”

Ali “Brother2g” Khakwani has high hopes for their H1Z1 team in the future:

“As a team, we are very excited to be playing under a great organization and thank them for signing us. Our goals are to win the qualifiers at DH ATL, and then win the tournament. I hope to represent GFE in future H1Z1 events.”

GFE looks forward to seeing how far this team will go during their season, hoping to see them win the qualifiers at DreamHack ATL this upcoming weekend and beyond!

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