Installation Guide for Smokin Kodi Builder: A Step-by-Step Install Guide

This guide will show you how to install Smokin’ Kodi. This Kodi 19 matrix build can be downloaded on Firestick as well as all other Kodi devices.

The best Kodi build currently available is Smokin. It has a great theme and an extensive content library, as well as a user-friendly experience. It is compact, which makes it ideal for streaming devices like Firestick or Android TV. We also include it in our top Kodi builds to use for Live TV.

The Smokin build blends simplicity and ease-of-use. It has a very simple menu. However, scrolling down to the middle of the screen will reveal titles that make navigation easier. You can scroll side-to-side to access the following categories: Movies/Shows (TV/Sports), Music and Apps.

You can access these sections with various addons. You can access the content using these addons: Homelander; The Crew; Ghost; TVTap; SportHD and The Loop.

Use a VPN to protect yourself!

Smokin Kodi builds provide thousands of TV shows and movies for no cost. Some of the content offered by Smokin build might be stolen. This could easily lead to problems as ISPs constantly monitor your internet activity.

You should ensure you always use a reliable VPN when streaming to Kodi. You can be sure that your actions are secure and third parties cannot see them.

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How to install Smokin Kodi

Kodi builds often reside on other sources so enable Kodi installation from unknown sources.

  1. Open Options on the Kodi main .Select Settings button on Kodi page.
  2. On the system page, select System.

    Select to access Kodi system
  3. Click on Addons to enable Unknown sources.

    Activate Unknown sources on Kodi

Third-party addons or builds can be installed now. This step is optional for future installation.

Adding Doomzday Repo Source

To avoid ISP blocking, you should first turn on IPVanish before you enter the URL.

  1. You can then go to Settings, and choose File manager.

    Select File manager to access sources on Kodi
  2. Double-click “Add-Source” and type the URL into the window that opens. The textbox below will automatically contain “Doomzday”. Select ” OK”

    Doomzday repo source

Doomzday Repo Installation

We can now install Doomzday Repo.

  1. Return to Kodi’s home screen, and then click on ” add-ons“.

    Select Add-ons from the left menu on Kodi homepage
  2. Click the open box icon at the top of the screen.

    Select the package installer button on Kodi
  3. Choose to “Install From Zip File.”

    Select install from zip file on Kodi
  4. This will warn you; click “Yes”

    Kodi 19 zip file warning
  5. Select Repos and then click ” Doomzday.
  6. Select (where x stands for the latest version).

    install Doomzday Zip file
  7. A notification will be sent to you when the repo is installed successfully.

    Doomzday repo installed

Install Doomzday 19 Wizard

We now need to install Smokin Kodi’s wizard.

  1. While you are still on the page, click ” Download from repository”

    Select install from repository on Kodi
  2. Choose ” Doomzday Repo“.

    Doomzday repo on Kodi
  3. Choose ” Add-ons”

    Program Addons Chef Matrix
  4. Click on the ” Doomzday 18 Wizard.”

    Doomzday 19 Wizard
  5. Now you will see the ” Installation” option. Click it.

    installation option for Doomzday wizard
  6. A popup will appear listing all dependencies to be installed with the wizard. Click OK. You’ll receive a notification and the wizard will begin to install.

    Doomzday wizard installed

Smokin Kodi Builder

  1. You can launch the wizard automatically, or ignore it and open the program from your home screen.

    Doomzday wizard on Kodi homepage
  2. Select Doomzday Buildings from the pop-up window.

    Doomzday builds option
  3. Scroll down and you’ll see Smokin Builder. You can click on it.

    Smokin build option
  4. Click Next.

    install Smokin Kodi build
  5. To confirm that you want to install Smokin Kodi, click the Yes button in the popup.

    install Smokin Kodi build
  6. Now, the build can be downloaded.

    Downloading Smokin Kodi build
  7. Once the download has been completed, the installation is done automatically.

    installing Smokin Kodi build
  8. Kodi will ask you force-close the program. To do this, click OK.

    Click Ok

You can then start Kodi. After the program loads all of Smokin’s build properties, you can start exploring Kodi.

Take a bow

Smokin Kodi is an excellent Kodi build that you can use to stream movies, TV programs, live TV and even live sports. It is small enough to be compatible with almost every device. However,

Keep in mind that Kodi can sometimes provide illegal content access, so make sure you always have an IPVanish VPN running.


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