How To Install Torque Lite Kodi Addon

How To Install Torque Lite Kodi Addon 2022

How To Install Torque Lite Kodi Addon

Are you looking for the best Install Torque Lite Kodi Addon?. You are right place.

Everyone loves motor racing games and we all have spent our childhood playing these games on our laptop or desktop. Whenever we used to get time after completing our studies we used to open our laptop and play games.

Well, I can not be sure about others but I used to play these games and watch these games a lot. Watching and learning and even enjoying new techniques for playing these motor racing games is also fun. This same fun is provided to the users by the Torque Lite Kodi addon. 

About Torque Lite Kodi Addon

With the help of the Torque Lite Kodi addon, the users can see live motor racing replays and events. It has video content for Formula 1, V8 Supercars, NASCAR, Superbikes, MotoGP and so much more championships of motorsport.  Supercars, superbikes, race archives, live races, and TV are included in the sections. 

Privacy Details

Everyone should protect their online privacy. You should know that streaming copyrighted content is illegal no matter where you are watching it. These days protecting your privacy has become a really important part of online as well as offline work. So how to protect your online privacy is given in this article. To protect your privacy while streaming the content online you will need a VPN.

Using a VPN will make you see legal content. A VPN will help you in encrypting your traffic activity and stop the other authorities and providers from noticing what you are surfing on the internet. If you do not use VPN then if you see illegal content then the Government and companies can track your IP address by ISP tracker which is of course not a good thing. 

By using a VPN provider you can not only protect your surfing and privacy but also you can change the IP address which is public and then you can use the service and stream the content which is not even available in your country. 

Which Vpn Should You Use

There are various VPNs that can be used but I will suggest CyberGhost to you. This VPN service has the highest security standards. It also has a fast downloading speed for streaming.

CyberGhost is located in more than 90 countries with 7200 servers and it has the most value for your money. You can use up to 7 devices with the help of CyberGhost. Not only this it also offers dedicated apps for Windows, IOS, Amazon Fire TV and so many various platforms. 

Installing Torque Lite Kodi Addon

  • On your Kodi home page click the system settings icon at the top left click
  • Navigate your mouse at the icon of File Manager
  • On the leftward side of your screen click on the icon of Add source
  • You will see an option of none, click on that with your mouse 
  • An empty box will appear on your screen where you have to type the URL and that too correctly, because if you write the URL wrong then the process will not proceed further. The URL is You have to type this URL under the heading which says “Enter the paths or browse the media location” 
  • Now a new heading will appear which says “Enter a name for this media source”, there you have to type narcissist
  • Now simply click ok 
  • Before proceeding further once cross-check that everything you have written is correct or not, please do especially check the typed URL, because if you write the wrong URL then it will not proceed further. So double-check it and correct if something is wrongly written. 
  • Click ok
  • Move back to the main menu page and click on Add-ons on the left side of your screen page 
  • Now again on the top left corner of your screen click on the Add-on package installer icon
  • From all the options shown there on your screen click on the Install from zip file
  • A box will appear on your screen with some options, one of them will be narcacist, click on that
  • Now click on the 
  • Now here you have to stay on your screen for a bit because the repository is being installed and then pop-up at the top right and say repo installed
  • Some options will pop appear on your screen, click on Install from repository from all those 
  • In the next step, click on Narcacist Wizard Repository
  • Navigate your mouse to the icon of Video add-ons and click on that
  • Click on Torque Lite
  • Now click on Install
  • Again a box will appear on your screen which will show all the dependencies and add-ons which will be installed and the click on ok

This Was All About Installing The Torque Lite Kodi Addon And Using The Vpn To Protect Your Privacy And The Benefits Of This Kodi Addon. Now Enjoy Your Streaming. 

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