How To Watch Uk Tv Abroad Free Online In 2021

How To Watch Uk Tv Abroad Free Online In 2022

How To Watch Uk Tv Abroad Free Online In 2021

Are you excited to know about How To Watch Uk Tv Abroad Free Online? Read on to know more.

Activities like going for vacations or even moving to a different state or country would impact your streaming content at an enormous rate because most of the content or tv shows are only broadcast in a specific region or country. 

Also, there could be a reason that many people, who are ex-pats, are living in abroad but belong to the UK, thus these people are fond of the TV shows broadcasted in the UK but couldn’t bale to watch it due to the broadcasting policies, and they end up forgetting about it and never look for a solution that is best for them.

Therefore, it is not worth forgetting your tv shows because you are in a different region. Let’s take an example of UK tv, people still don’t know how to watch UK tv from abroad, even for free or with a subscription. 

There are several streaming platforms to watch UK tv but they can only be accessed by people living in the UK, which means their location on the server is located in the United Kingdom. 

So, you are thinking then how can I able to watch UK tv from abroad for free, don’t worry we have a solution for you but first we need to discuss the other things so that you can get a broad perspective about the ways which we going to talk about.

Why Can’t We Watch UK TV From Abroad?

Well, the reason for you not being able to watch UK tv from abroad is the copyright policy and broadcasting policies. 

There are several paid platforms where you can watch UK tv because the owners or producers of the content will get paid but on the free streaming platforms like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, etc., the user just needs to sign up and watch the shows for free if they are located in the UK. 

The owners also want to generate a good amount of money out of their content like TV shows, movies, etc., so they put licensing terms and conditions and policies to restrict their content only to a specific region i.e. United Kingdom. That is why the content is restricted for broadcasting in other countries. 

What Are The Other Ways To Watch UK TV?

There are several ways by which you can get a solution. The answer to your problem is VPNs(Virtually Private Networks). VPNs are highly specialized in this work and it assigns you a specified virtual IP address of your desired location, from which you can access the content you are looking for. 

Some VPNs are highly secured and privacy-oriented and it makes your work easy to a great extent. Remember satellite dishes can also be a medium to watch UK tv from abroad but the problem is that it will cost you more than using VPNs and also it is available to limited regions whereas VPNs can be used by anyone from anywhere across the world. 

Many people or say Binge-watchers are already using VPNs for the same use. Therefore, it is recommended that VPNs are the safest and best alternative to watch UK tv in abroad for free.


  • We are against Free VPNs because they never hide your original IP address and also there is a huge chance of malware attack. Never consider free VPNs, they might get you in trouble and also leak your data to third-party platforms.
  • You must enable your VPN before visiting the streaming platforms for UK tv shows from abroad or from any other location. It is necessary to hide your IP address because if you don’t, then your location will be exposed and you might not access the desired content.

So, it is necessary to use a trusted and secure VPN like Express VPN(which we will describe later in this article) to watch UK tv in abroad for free.

Steps To Watch Uk Tv In Abroad For Free

  1. Purchase a plan for Express VPN

The first thing you need to do is to get a subscription from a trusted and secured VPN, for example- Express VPN, Nord VPN, etc. The pricing structure is not too much, and if you are looking for a more than 1-year plan, then it will cost you less than 7$ per month(approx). 

  1. Download the VPN software on your device

After taking a subscription to the Express VPN, download the software which is compatible with your device and then run it on your device. 

The best thing about the recommended VPNs in this article is that they are supported on all devices and can run on more than 5 devices simultaneously. 

  1. Log in into your account and select location

After successful installation of the Express VPN on your device, open the software of the VPN and then log in with your subscribed account.

 After logging in, you get access to several features, then you have to do a simple thing. 

Go to the selected location and after clicking on it, select the “United Kingdom” as your preferred location and after that, the software will take care of everything by itself.

  1. Open the streaming platform and Enjoy

 After selecting your preferred location, The  Express VPN has provided you a specialized IP address for your preferred location i.e. “United Kingdom”. 

Then, browse the streaming platform’s website and sign up or take a subscription, if required. After signing up, you will get all the access to TV shows in the UK at the very moment. 

That’s how you can watch UK tv in Abroad for free by simply following the simple steps given above.

Though we have given you the steps to follow to watch UK tv in abroad, you can also consider different VPNs for the same.  

Below are the recommendations for you to have the option to choose your VPN. We will also talk about the descriptive features of each VPN and if you already have enough knowledge about these VPNs, then you can simply skip it to the FAQs sections.

  1. Express VPN

Express VPN is the most trusted and reliable VPN across the world. Express VPN offers 160+ locations on a server and you can browse unlimited content over websites that are blocked or even censored in different countries.

This VPN supports the anonymity of the user. Express VPN is suitable for every device and offers you to use five(5) devices all at once.

 To make your data protected and avoid leaking through various websites, no hard drive is used to write over data. 

The data is protected by high-quality encryption that is supported by experts. This VPN lets you download the content as much as you can without any traffic on the server.

 To make your server safe and secure, Express VPN offers encrypted and private DNS on each server. 

24/7 live support chat and help via emails are also established in Express VPN which makes it even more impressive.

  1. Nord VPN

Nord VPN focuses more on speed as compared to other VPN  providers. Nord VPN offers a great speed of more than 6000 Mbps and it is considered one of the fastest VPNs. 

Nord VPN is suitable for every device and offers you to use six(6) devices all at once. In terms of the privacy and safety of the user, it offers many features that will protect all your data and anonymity at once just like the Express VPN.

This VPN ensures the best anonymity of the user, and you will get a specific personalized IP that is available only for you to stream content all over the world. Nord VPN offers malware protection from unwanted websites.

This VPN lets you stream unlimited content without any interruption. 

It also offers the latest support of split tunneling which helps you to stream content in your region and at the same time, you can stream content from other regions or countries without even exposing your privacy. 

 Nord VPN also offers 24/7 chat support and real-time troubleshooting.

  1. Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN is a fast-growing VPN among all other VPNs and also it has a very loyal customer base that kept on increasing every year.

 It also offers the privacy of No log like the other VPNs in this list, which ensures that your data is not getting sold to other third-party apps or websites to track your online behavior.

This VPN offers an impressive feature that ensures that you should be in a private mode whenever you are using Ivacy VPN.

 It also offers the latest support of split tunneling like the above Nord VPN and also it brings you several protocols to provide a layer of encryption over your network.

 You can have access to ten(10) devices at once by having an Ivacy VPN subscription, which is probably the most offer by any VPN. Ivacy VPN offers an incredible speed while streaming content all over the world. 

Ivacy VPN has very foremost security, violation of security protocols is close to impossible. 

Ivacy VPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee offer, which means if you are not satisfied with your subscription, you can avail of the subscription amount within 30 days of subscription.

This VPN has the best pricing offers as compared to other VPN service providers and it can be considered as the cheapest VPN Provider which offers premium services at a lesser price. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

  • Where can I watch UK tv in abroad?

There are several streaming platforms where you can watch UK tv from anywhere. We have listed some of the free and paid platforms below, you can check each platform and watch UK tv in abroad or from anywhere.

Free streaming platforms

  • BBC iPlayer
  • My5
  • ITV Hub
  • TV Player
  • Channel 4, 5

Paid streaming platforms

  • SkyGo
  • BT Sport
  • Amazon Prime
  • Netflix

  • Can Vpn Only Be Used To Change The Location?

No, VPNs also work to serve you a privacy-oriented service that helps in encrypting your personalized data and never storing your data to be accessible by a malware attack or hacker on the web. It makes your original IP address i.e. your location hidden along the entire time of usage.

  • Is Vpn Is Considered Illegal?

No, VPN is entirely legal. Many businesses or organizations are using VPN for their needs. 

Well-trusted and secure VPNs are entirely legal and can be used by anyone. The usage of a Free VPN is entirely wrong and you should avoid it. You can also check out the consequences of Free VPN in the Warning section of this article.

  • Can I Watch UK Tv From Anywhere In The World?

Yes, you can. With the use of premium VPNs, you can have access to any of the online content on the web from anywhere but make sure to follow all the necessary steps before visiting any streaming platform.

Last Note

Now we are at the last section of this article, we are thankful to you for your patience and as we are proceeding towards the end of this article, we might think that it is helpful for you in most of the ways. 

By far, we have come across many sections like the problem of watching UK tv from abroad, the solution, the brief steps to follow for watching UK tv, a brief description about VPNs, and some FAQs for the help of every individual who is looking for the same.

Therefore, we guess that might be the easiest solution for watching UK tv abroad for free online. You better need a premium VPN that will provide all the necessary security and privacy to stream several contents on the web and never think of using a free VPN because they are not Free, they cost your privacy.

If you have any suggestions after reading this article, you can provide the given details below.

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