How to Use Stories to Engage Audience on Instagram [COVID-19]

  1. Share positive stories to buy ads on Instagram
  2. Make the best use of responses to questions and surveys.
  3. Daily reports in the context of the crisis
  4. Conclusion on using stories to engage the public
  5. How to use Stories to get viewers and buy followers on Instagram at COVID-19 FAQs.

How to use Stories to engage your audience and buy followers on Instagram on COVID-19. You can find this and more here. In the midst of the COVID-19 quarantine, closures, lockdowns and the impact of the deadly infection on human lives create difficult challenges for businesses to keep in touch with their customers in this hour of crisis. Research shows that consumers are open to brand messages when awareness is needed, and it makes sense to reach the audience through the right platform. That’s where Instagram comes in: it helps businesses connect with their followers and increase engagement through Stories.

Instagram Stories has been around for two years now and attracts more than 400 million daily active visitors.

According to an article published on, 500 million users post 1 billion Stories every day, and about 62% of those people indicate a strong interest in a brand or its products after seeing their content on Instagram Stories. So why not make the most of this tool? Here’s how:

Share positive stories to buy followers on Instagram

In light of the COVID 19 pandemic, the social media photo-sharing site advises brands to focus on sharing positive stories of caring, kindness, compassion, health, and support, rather than the blatant promotion of products or services.

People are now looking for credible information about the state’s crisis, security measures, and practices of social distancing. Therefore, you should only create posts highlighting this information after verifying the data with reliable sources. Otherwise, your message will have a negative impact on your brand. Your visual content should focus on how you can help your local community in a crisis. You can use tools like the Stay at Home sticker to reinforce important health messages.

Maximum use of questions and surveys

You can use surveys to find out how customers behave in the event of a pandemic. And ask them how your company can help them in these difficult times. Use this method to find out what products they need most and deliver them to their door in case of a crown crisis. You can take note of the survey responses and think about how you can make your customers’ lives easier in the event of a pandemic.

Before you decide what to ask in surveys, it’s important to note that all results will be shared with others, so make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re asking your followers.

Make sure the questions are related to COVID-19 so your followers can ask related questions, learn more about your products and company, and how you help customers in a crisis.

You can use the Swipe Meter tool to poll your followers to see what they think. They can use this tool to determine what essential products they need now, what foods and what types of masks they want to use in the fight against the pandemic. The research will help you drive engagement and buy followers on Instagram, especially if you show that you care.

Daily crisis news

They know that stories on Instagram don’t last more than a day, so they post content daily. You can also send messages on other days. And use yesterday’s COVID 19 post on every other social media page you have. When you post content daily, you create a pool of content that you can use later if something similar or relevant comes up. The purpose of a daily post is to offer fresh content to your subscribers.

Try categorizing and sharing Instagram stories using Stories Highlights. This is the best way to publish stories that you have already used and that follow a theme. For example, if you’ve ever talked about how to maintain a social distance when shopping in the event of a pandemic. You can more or less tell your story when you have to go to the doctor for a checkup.

The Stories you post will appear at the top of your Instagram account. And categorizing content makes it easier for your followers to access the content they want.

The Puracy brand, for example, makes the most of the new normal. Understanding the impact of the state’s crisis. It helps followers on Instagram see the importance of social distance. As well as advice on what to do and what to avoid, in a simple three-step process. For example, safe things to do carefully, and of course things to avoid in a crisis.

Conclusion – How to Use Stories to Engage Audience on Instagram

Given the growing popularity of Instagram stories during the pandemic, other social media sites are trying to surpass their news feed as the primary social sharing platform to stay in touch with their followers. Young viewers know the stories as they grow up. So it seems that in times of crisis, COVID-19 stories have really become the main way to connect with your audience on Instagram. Try these tips to get more engagement and followers.

You can also read this guide to learn how to get 1,000 Instagram followers for free.

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How to use Stories to engage viewers and buy followers on Instagram at COVID-19 FAQs

Is it legal to buy followers on Instagram?

Yes, it’s legal, but you can get banned if Instagram notices those followers.

How do I know if someone has bought followers?

It’s usually very easy to track down
1. A person has many subscribers for 1 day
2. Subscribers do not have photos on this account
3. Subscribers have weird streaks

How much does Instagram cost?

Usually between $5 and $10 each.

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