How To Unsend A Text Message On iPhone

How To Unsend A Text Message On iPhone In 2022 – Quick Guide

How To Unsend A Text Message On iPhone

There are a variety of reasons you might want to recall a text. This article will tell you how to unsend a text message on iPhone. Text messages can’t be recalled after they have left your device. 

Depending on how you send the text message, it may allow you to check when the recipient reads it, but only messages sent via certain apps have the capability of being unsent

Suppose you accidentally send a text message to your Ex, a junky fellow, a rude mate, or someone you don’t want to talk to. I sent a text message to my ex without thinking, and then she blew my head with her toxic torture.

An accidental “send” can ruin your day and bring anticipation and embarrassment to the table, creating an awkward situation. There is a way to change the subject of the message. There is a guide on how to unsend a text message on iPhone.

If you have already sent a message on your phone, we can give you a way to unsend it. Even if you are drunk, driving, doing some kind of chore, or sending something to someone you don’t want to send, you are going to use your phone under your best control, so get yourself a little more confident.

In this article, we will show you how to unsend a text message on iPhone and how to delete messages from your sent items folder. Keep reading for more tips on how to use iMessage!

How To Unsend A Text Message On iPhone?

How To Unsend A Text Message On iPhone

You need to be quick on your feet if you want to recall a text message from your phone. If the iMessage is on its way, it won’t take long for it to arrive at the address that which it was sent. 

The process only lasts a couple of seconds depending on your connection and internet speed. If you are trying to unsend an image or video, you have more time than if you are sending a text message. 

To stop the sending process, you need to go to the Control Centre and quickly enable Airplane mode by moving your finger down from the top right corner of the screen. If you get a not-delivered message with a red exclamation mark, it means it was a success. 

To unsend a message, tap and hold the message you want to unsend, and then hit the trash bin icon. Make sure your mobile phone doesn’t try to send the message when you turn it back on. 

When you send a message through the iMessage app, it takes a while to deliver depending on your internet speed. Sending images and voice messages is the most time-consuming. If you think you sent the wrong message, you can unsend it before it gets to the person. If you follow this guide, you can do it.

It is possible to send voice messages, pictures, and texts with iMessage. If the message is on its way, the recipient will receive it on their phone. You can take steps to prevent it from being delivered because there will be some processing involved. 

The controls on the control panel can be used to access quick settings. You may need to redeem or decrease depending on the model of your Apple device. If you find the Airplane mode on your phone, you will be able to switch it on right away. You will see more options when you hold the message for a few seconds.

You can remove the entire conversation when you click on the trash or bin icons. Selecting the trash icon will remove a single message while tapping “Delete all” will remove all your messages. 

If the wrong message has been recovered, you are free to go. The receiver will still receive the call even if you remove the conversation from your phone.

With the iMessage, you can send a voice message, a picture, or a text message to your phone, which is a popular method of sending messages. If you read the guide on “how to unsend a text message on iPhone“, you will be able to unsend a message on your phone.

Can You Delete An Already Sent Message On Your iPhone?

If you are sending a wrong, incomplete message to another person through the text messages app on your phone, you can’t remove it from the phone, even if you deleted it from your phone

It won’t affect the receiver’s phone as he will have the same conversation, but you can remove it from your phone. The facility to send a voice, picture, or text message to their phone is what most people prefer, and it’s available through the iMessage.

There is no way to get back at that once the message is delivered. Even though the app is on the internet, you cannot unsend a message on the iPhone before it is delivered. This guide will help you understand the solution so that you don’t have to send your message again after a while.

How To Unsend A Message On iPhone?

It is possible to observe that when you send a message through the iMessage app, it takes a while to get to you. Voice messages and images are more time-consuming than usual. If you feel like you sent the wrong message, you can un send it before it gets to the recipient. This is a complete process for doing that.

  • You can send a voice, picture, or text through the app.
  • If the message is on the way to the recipient, then watch it.
  • You can prevent it from being delivered by doing a little processing.
  • Swipe up the control panel to access the quick setting.
  • If you look for the Airplane mode, it might be a swap down or swap up.
  • When you send a picture or message, it will be marked red with a sign that is not delivered.

The entire conversation can be deleted by clicking on the trash or bin icon. The trash icon will only remove one message, while another option will remove all texts from the window. Your message has been recovered and you’re all good to go.

How To Unsend Messages On iPhone iOS 

How To Unsend A Text Message On iPhone

The privacy of Apple’s users is being improved. There is no function of deletion of text messages that you have sent and the receiver has not read them. 

There is a rumor that Apple will release a better solution in its next version. Users will be able to remove their messages from each other’s mobile even if they made it.

SMS Text Messages

An Apple device can send two types of text messages: an iMessage, which can only be sent to someone who is also using an Apple device, and an SMS text, which can be sent to any other type of mobile phone. There is nothing you can do to get the message back after you send it on the phone.

iMessage Text Messages

iMessages do not use the cell tower network at all, instead of hooking into your wi-fi or cellular data network and sending the message using your data instead. This will allow you to see if a message has been delivered and if it has been read. An option to unsend an iMessage has not yet been released by Apple.

Texting Via An App

There are other alternatives to using Apple’s built-in text-messaging system, such as secure messaging apps on the Apple app store. These apps allow you to send messages to other app users only, which are not only secure but also allow you to recall unread messages, wipe already read messages, and even send messages that will automatically delete themselves after a set amount of time.


Messages can only be undelivered if they have not yet been delivered. Hit us up if you have any questions, you have liked the information, or you want to suggest something through the comment section. 

So, if you’ve ever sent a text message that you immediately regretted, don’t worry – there is hope! Here are the steps on how to unsend a text message on iPhone. Follow these simple instructions and you can erase your mistake (and any evidence) in just a few taps.

We hope that this article helped you gain all the information you needed to know how to unsend a text message on iPhone.

Thanks for reading!

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