How To Turn On Airpods Pro Without Case In 2022 – Guide

How To Turn On Airpods Pro Without Case In 2022 – Guide

How To Turn On Airpods Pro Without Case In 2022 – Guide

Do you know how to turn on AirPods pro without case? If not, don’t worry, this guide will help you with it. Read the whole article and you’ll get the instruction to do it!

You might be concerned that you won’t be able to connect your AirPods without a case to the iPhone? It may seem like a very complicated scenario, which could cause panic. The process to connect AirPods without a case is relatively straightforward.

Most people don’t know that it is possible to connect the AirPods without the case. The case does not have anything to do with connecting AirPods to the device. It doesn’t have any role in keeping sure that the connection is maintained.

One of the most popular accessories for users is the Apple AirPods. It’s convenient to have a wireless connection to the iPad or the iPhone. That is the reason why users seek out ways to connect with their devices without a case.

If you’re looking for the same advice, you don’t need to worry, this article will help you find a way to connect AirPods without a case and that too in a few easy steps.

Can You Turn On Airpods Without The Case?

A case is needed for the initial connection from your Airpods to your device, however, if you have previously paired your Airpods to your device, the connection will still be present until unpaired, and thus will not need a case to pair to your device.

How To Turn On Airpods Pro Without Case

Connect Airpods Without The Case?

The case can’t prevent you from connecting the AirPods without it. When the AirPods run out of battery, the main function of the case is to charge them. You will not be able to charge them if they don’t have the case.

The case is the only thing you will need to connect the AirPods to the iPhone for the first time. It’s not necessary for the first step of the process. It’s possible to connect them to the same device without a case after that.

The case for the AirPods is responsible for keeping the Pods intact and offering protection. There aren’t any other functions for the case. The power bank for the AirPods is provided by the AirPods case.

How To Pair Or Connect Airpods To Iphone/Ipad/iPod Touch?

If you haven’t paired the AirPods to your iDevice yet, here is the method you can use:

  • The charging case should contain both the AirPods.
  • If the status light is amber, open the lid and look at it.
  • To set up, press and hold the setup button.
  • The status light will flash white after a few seconds because it is present on the back of the case.
  • Go to the home screen of the device you are using.
  • Hold your phone next to the case and open it with your AirPods.
  • A setup animation will appear on the screen and you have to tap on Done to do it.
  • There is nothing else to say. If you’re having trouble connecting the AirPods, you can try to forget them from the devices list.
How To Turn On Airpods Pro Without Case

Can You Connect Airpods To The Iphone When You Have Lost The Case?

If you misplace the case for the AirPods, you can easily connect them to the phone without it. When the battery of the AirPods runs out, you need to charge them, and you will need a case.

You can get a replacement for the case from the Apple Store if you don’t have it. It is possible to buy a case from eBay for less than $90. It is possible to set up and pair the AirPods with any case. Make sure that there is no difference between the two versions.

How You Can Reconnect Your Airpods Without A Case

Do you want to know how to turn on the wireless earbuds without a case? There is a simple trick that you can use if that’s the case. For that, you need to make sure that your AirPods were compatible with the phone. You don’t have to use the case to connect with the same device.

How To Turn On Airpods Pro Without Case

Follow the steps outlined here to find out how you can connect AirPods without case:

It’s possible to open the control center on your phone. If you are using an older version of the iPhone, you need to move your finger from the bottom of the screen to the top. 

You can use the top-right area of the screen for the later versions of the phone. Press and hold the Audio Card for a while. On the right side of the Control Center is where you’ll find it.

This will allow the Audio Card to be opened in full view mode. Press on the icon if you want to use AirPlay. Here, you can find the list of devices that are connected to your phone.

It is pretty easy to do. Ain’t that what it is? Even your granny can do it in just 4 steps. You can pair the AirPods with your iPad without a case by following these steps. It is now possible to use them without difficulty.

FAQs: How To Turn On Airpods Pro Without Case

Is It Possible To Connect Airpods If The Case Is Dead?

Yes, it is possible to connect AirPods if the case is dead. However, in that case, the AirPods need to be charged. Apart from that, the AirPods must be previously paired with your iPhone. 
In case you have a new device, you will need the case to establish the new connection. For that, you will have to charge the case and then connect the AirPods to the iPhone.

Is Connecting Airpods With A Different Case Possible?

You can connect with a different case for the AirPods. The process is fairly straightforward. You need to follow a few simple steps for this to happen. If you want to connect the AirPods to a different case, put them within the case hold.
The new connection needs to be made before it can be kept there. After that, you will need to sync the device with the AirPods again. It’s possible to purchase a different case from the official Apple Store.

Is Charging Airpods Possible Without Case Or Charger?

If you don’t have a case or charge, you can’t charge the AirPods. If you misplace the AirPods case, you can purchase a replacement case. If that is not possible, you will have to purchase a brand new set of AirPods.

Can I Charge Airpods Case Without Placing Airpods In It?

It is okay to charge your case without wireless headphones. Individual batteries can be found within both AirPods and Case. To completely charge both Case and AirPods to 100%, you need to place the AirPods into the case.

Can You Locate A Lost Airpods Case?

It is not possible to locate a lost AirPods Case. It’s because there is a need for a connection to use Find My AirPods. You can’t track it down in a native way if you lose the AirPods case.
You have to place your order separately for Tile, Apple AirTag, and other things. Attach any of these to your case and you will be able to pair them with your phone. You will be able to locate the tracker and find the case for the AirPods with this.

How To Turn On Airpods Pro Without Case


The main purpose of the case is to charge the wireless earbuds. It is also important to the initial pairing process. You don’t need a case to connect AirPods to the iPad or the iPhone. You mustn’t lose the case. You have to have it for charging. If you do lose it, the only other option left is to buy a new one. 

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