How to Sort Folders by Size in Windows 10

There are many times when we need to sort files by size, and we can do this very well in Windows File Explorer. But when it comes to working with folders, even after decades and many versions of Windows evolution, there’s still no way to sort folders by size. This simple task remains a myth for most Windows users, as they probably don’t even know it can’t be done in the standard Windows file explorer. In this quick guide, we’ll show you how to sort folders by folder size in Windows 10 using a simple file explorer.

Sort folders by size with Folder size

Since there is no default option in File Explorer to sort folders by size, we have to rely on third-party software called Folder Size by MindGems. This small program works in a similar way to the Windows file explorer, but offers the possibility to sort folders by size.

Download and use the free folder size. There is also a paid version that offers advanced features such as the ability to save or download projects, customizable filters, etc. If you only want to sort folders by size, the free version will do.

Follow these steps to sort folders by size in Windows 10 using folder size.

Step one: Download Folder Size from the official website.

You can download both versions, but we recommend the portable version so you can use it immediately without having to install it.

Step two: After downloading, unpack the zip file in the location of your choice. Run FolderSize.exe as administrator from the extracted files (right-click on it and select Run as administrator). If you are using a 64-bit version of Windows 10, run FolderSize64.exe instead. It is important that you run the program as administrator, otherwise some functions will not work if they require administrator rights.

Step three: Folder Size allows you to sort folders by size by first analyzing the size of the files in the folders you want to sort, and only then can you sort the selected folders by size based on the results of the analysis. The very first thing you need to do is analyze the folder from which you want to sort the folders.

  • You can scan the entire drive by selecting a drive (for example, C: drive) and then pressing the Scan Selected Drive button (green play button) to begin scanning all folders on the selected drive.

  • To scan only a specific folder or directory, click the Scan Folder button and navigate to the folder/folder you want to scan.

Step four: Once the scan is complete, you can navigate to a folder or directory from the scan results and sort the scanned folders or directories by size. To sort the folders by size, click the Size column. To switch from ascending to descending sorting or vice versa, click the Size column again.

Sorting files and folders by size in Windows 10

Optionally, you can choose to sort files only, folders only, or files and folders together by clicking the Files and Folders option and choosing the appropriate sorting option from the Post-Scan Folder Size toolbar.

Tip: You can also sort folders by the number of files or subfolders in each folder by clicking on the appropriate column.

Tip 2: You can also change the file size display unit between B (bytes), KB (kilobytes), MB (megabytes), GB (gigabytes), or Auto by clicking the desired file size unit on the toolbar.

Description to share: Can’t find a way to sort folders by size in Windows 10? Learn how to quickly sort folders or files and folders by size.

frequently asked questions

How do I sort folders by size?

Select This PC from the left pane to search for a computer. Type size: in the search field (top right) and select Gigantic from the drop-down list. On the View tab, choose Details. Click on the Size column to sort by largest or smallest size.

How to display folders by size in Windows?

Open the File Manager window and right-click on the Name field at the top. You’ll see some options – particularly options that let you choose what information about your folders you want to see. Select Size and the property will appear on the far right of the window.

How do I sort folders in Windows 10?

Our file uses the common elements model, which allows us to quickly sort it by name, modification date, type and size. Click or tap one of the options and the items are reorganized on that basis. Additional options can be displayed on the View tab of the File Manager. Under Current View, click or tap the Sort by button.

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