How To Sign Out Of Prime Video On TV

How To Sign Out Of Prime Video On TV In 2022 – Perfect Guide

How To Sign Out Of Prime Video On TV

Wanna know how to sign out of prime video on tv? Read further to know more.

Everyone knows about video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or HBO NOW. But do you know what Amazon Prime Video offers? This is a full-fledged service for streaming movies, series, and even live events. It comes with all the perks of having an Amazon Prime subscription while being on offer separately. You can enjoy a 30-day trial without paying a cent to get acquainted with this opportunity.

Sign in and sign out are necessary actions to access Amazon Prime Video via any means. Whether you want to use the web version or app on your smart TV, this action is required. You can manage these two options by following the simple instructions that we prepared for you.

In this article, we will give you the necessary information on how to sign out of Amazon Prime Video on tv.

What Is Prime Video?

How To Sign Out Of Prime Video On TV

As mentioned in the beginning, this is a streaming service that can be used by anyone who has an Amazon Prime subscription. The latter provides plenty of benefits such as free shipping and discounts on any purchase from Amazon. If you love shopping online, it’s definitely worth it to check out their offer!

But what can you watch? You have various movies and series depending on the genre you choose. There are also Indian, Korean, or Japanese video content- all thanks to popular licensing deals with international studios. 

But this doesn’t mean you will only find world-class titles here. They have original shows available for your entertainment too! For instance, “Sneaky Pete” or “Bosch” is among the most acclaimed productions that come from Amazon Prime.

How do you watch it? The best option is to use the Amazon Prime Video app available for all major platforms like Android, iOS, PC (Windows), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Apple TV, etc. You can also install it on your smart TV or stream videos via Chromecast.

If you do not have an active subscription yet but want to try it out first, they offer a 30-day trial. This way you can see if this service fits your taste without investing any money! What’s more- you don’t need to provide them with payment details. Just sign up and enjoy everything that has to offer during this period of time.

How To Sign Out Of Prime Video On A Smart TV?

How To Sign Out Of Prime Video On TV

Fortunately, there is no need to buy another device unless you have one with Chromecast support. The Fire Stick will do just fine thanks to its Alexa integration. Follow our step-by-step guide below:

1) Launch the skill menu by calling out “Alexa” followed by “Start Alexa Skills“.

2) Type in “Amazon Prime Video” and pick up the description from search results afterward.

3) Scroll down to the section designated as “Launch Your Videos” and click on the blue button with a gear icon.

4) In this menu, look for “Manage Prime Video Accounts” and enable it by clicking the slider next to it.

5) Select your account from the list provided or create a new one under “New Profile“. Make sure you have access to this email address after signing out of Amazon Prime Video on TV.

6) Now simply link any of your devices by typing in the email address and password associated with that device into respective fields. You can also choose “Link New Device” if you wish to do that instead.

7) All done. You may now begin using the Amazon Prime Video app on your smart TV without the need of signing in every time.

How To Sign Out Of Prime Video On Android?

How To Sign Out Of Prime Video On TV

To sign out from prime video on android follow these steps:

1) Open Settings on your Android device by tapping on the cogwheel next to the Home button.

2) Scroll down and pick “Accounts“.

3) Find Amazon account settings and tap on them to access them. If you don’t see this option, you may have to install the official app from Google Play.

4) Select “Sync Amazon Content” and unlink any of the devices associated with your Amazon account. That’s all, folks! You can now use the Prime Video app or web player without signing in for 30 days! Feel free to try out our solutions and share us with friends that might find them useful.

How To Sign-in On Prime Video?

How To Sign Out Of Prime Video On TV

If you want to Sign in to your account on prime video then follow these steps:

1) Open the Amazon Prime Video website and sign in with your Amazon account. If you do not have an account, you may create one by signing up for a 30-day trial. You will be required to provide a valid credit card number, but this action is affordable as the service only costs $99 per year (with all fees included).

2) now navigate to any of the featured videos that are available on the website. Simply click “Watch now” under that video and pick your preferred streaming device or the social network from a dropdown menu next to it.

3) Once you have clicked on the desired option, a new window will open up allowing you to watch the video without being interrupted by advertisements.

FAQs: How To Sign Out Of Prime Video On TV

How To Sign Out Of Amazon Account On Xbox One?

First, you need to pause the Fire TV stick. Next, go to the home screen on your navigation controller’s menu by pressing “Menu” or “View button.” Navigate to the search bar at the top and type in “Fire TV settings.” Then tap on it. 
Scroll down until you find up account & parental controls section. Press ‘change‘ next to the Amazon account option. Delete this account from your device by selecting that very option. You may now sign out of Amazon Prime Video without any problems.

How To Sign Out Of Amazon Account On Apple TV?

Navigate to profile management within the settings submenu where you can delete your current Amazon account from your Apple TV. Sign out of Amazon Prime Video now and enjoy a whole new world of entertainment without any interruptions!

How To Sign Out Of Amazon Account On Roku?

Go to the home screen on your Roku TV and select “Settings” from the list. Depress the “My Account” link on the left side, pick the “Amazon” option from a dropdown menu next to it and delete the current account with a simple tap on this option. Afterward, you may sign back into the Amazon Prime Video service without any errors whatsoever!

How To Sign Out Of Amazon Account On Fire Stick?

If you have an older version of Fire TV then navigate to the settings tab on your Amazon TV. Netflix account through the “My Account” option and delete your current Amazon account from your system without any difficulties.


Amazon Prime Video is one of the first streaming services to truly offer users a similar experience to cable TV. However, this service comes with strict limitations concerning how long you can enjoy unlimited access to movies and TV shows before having to sign in again. 

Due to that very reason, several smart TVs are now coming with preinstalled apps that are directly connected to your Amazon account. Hope this guide helped you to sign out your account of prime videos on tv. If you have any questions let us know in the comment section. Thanks For Reading!

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