How To Play Pool On iMessage In 2022 – Ultimate Guide

Do you want to play pool on your iPhone but don’t know how? In this blog post, we will teach you how to play pool on iMessage! It is a fun and easy way to pass the time. All you need is an iPhone and some friends who want to play!

A lot of people love playing 8 ball pool, it requires you to be accurate and precise along with a little bit of strategy to come out ahead of your opponent. There are a lot of games for you to play in the iMessage store, but nothing compares to the classics.

Ball Pool is a game in which 8 balls are divided into two groups, stripes, and solids. Whoever pockets the first ball has to stick with that group throughout the rest of the game and pocket all the balls before your opponent does.

If you hit your opponent’s ball directly with the cue ball it is considered a foul, and your opponent gets to place the ball on the board wherever they want. The first player to pocket all their balls is the winner of the game. So, without further ado, let us see how you can play 8 Ball Pool on iMessage.

How To Play 8 Ball On iMessage 

How To Play Pool On iMessage

There is a group of four dots at the bottom of the app drawer. Select it and you will be presented with a message with a triangular play icon on the screen. If you tap it, you will be able to start making moves.

You can shrink the screen by touching the V-shaped button in the top right of the screen. It should be sent the same way you would send a text message. This process will continue until the match is over because your friend replies the same way.

The basic rules of the 8-ball pool are easy to understand. There is an indicator on the screen that shows if you are striping or not. The player is responsible for hitting all of their balls in the corners using the white one as a base. It is a game that is easy to comprehend but difficult to master.

If the game goes on for a long time, you might forget which side you are on. Power isn’t everything so make a mental or physical note to make sure that doesn’t happen. You might be tempted to fill the power meter when you pull back to take the shot. The shots that are lighter have a better chance of getting into the pockets.

Don’t hit the white ball in the pocket or you’ll be punished for it, Practice is key to a game like this, so just keep playing, and don’t forget that GamePigeon has lots of other stuff to play as when you get bored of pool, try out some of those.

Don’t hit the white ball in the pocket or you’ll be punished for it, Practice is key to a game like this, so just keep playing, and don’t forget that GamePigeon has lots of other stuff to play as When you get bored of pool, try out some of those.

Download And Install 8 Ball Pool Using Imessage Store

How To Play Pool On iMessage

In order to download and install the 8 Ball Pool game, you will need to download the Game Pigeon app, which has a collection of games including the 8 Ball Pool.

The ‘Messages’ app can be launched from the home screen of your mobile device. If there is a conversation head present in your ‘Messages‘ app, then you should tap on it.

The grey-colored icon in the bottom section of the screen is called the App Store.

After that, tap on the blue-colored ‘App Store‘ icon present on the app bar to open the iMessage app store in a window.

Click on the icon in the top right corner if you want to search for something.

You can type game pigeon in the search box and then hit the search button on the bottom right corner of your keyboard.

Click on the button that appears on the tile to get to it. If you prefer, you can provide credentials for your Apple ID using your preferred method.

Start A Game Of 8 Ball Pool With Your Contacts

How To Play Pool On iMessage

Once you have downloaded the Game Pigeon app on your mobile device, it is time to start a game with someone you care about.

The ‘Messages’ app can be launched from the home screen of your device. If you want to play the game with someone else, tap on their conversation head.

The Compose button can be found at the top right corner of the ‘Messages‘ app.

The app bar can be found on the top of your keyboard, and you can scroll it sideways once you are in the conversation view.

You can reveal the list of games by tapping on the GamePigeon icon. You can choose the 8 Ball option from the grid presented on your screen.

If you want to play the game mode, you need to tap on one of the options under the section.

The 8 Ball option is the regular game mode, whereas the 8 Ball+ option simply doubles the number of balls in your game in order to provide a longer playtime.

Next, choose the difficulty level that you prefer. The ‘Normal‘ option will give you a projected path for the ball you try to hit, while the ‘hard’ difficulty level will not have aim assistance.

The ‘CUSTOMIZE’ tile is adjacent to the ‘GAME MODE‘ section and can be used to personalize your cue stick. Almost all of the options can only be unlocked by purchasing the app.

If you want to invite your contact for a game of 8 Ball Pool, you have to type a message and then tap on the Send button.

The other person will get to take the first turn since the invitation was sent by you.

You can take your turn if you tap on the “YOUR MOVE” tile after your opponent has completed their turn.

If you want to align your cue ball towards your target ball, you have to drag your finger across the screen.

On the right section of the pool board, there is a picture of the cue ball. You will be able to see the cue ball picture on your screen.

If you want to change the hitting position of the cue on the ball, you have to tap on it. You can have more control of your cue ball once you hit it with this.

If you want to dismiss, you have to tap on the screen.

These stick icons can be found on the left section of the pool board. If you want to take the shot, you need to adjust the power of the shot with your finger and then release the stick.

If any one of the players pockets a ball, the other players will have their group of balls to pocket.

Under your player icon, you’ll be able to see your group type. If you target the ball of the other team, you will see a cross mark.

If your opponent commits a foul by hitting your group of balls or pocketing the cue ball, you will get the ball in hand, so you can choose where you want to place the cue ball for your next turn.

If any player pockets the black ball even indirectly, they immediately lose the game and the other player wins it.

The player with the fastest time pocketing all their group balls wins the game.

Download And Install 8 Ball Pool Using Imessage Store

How To Play Pool On iMessage

If you don’t have earphones, the people around you will appreciate you turning down that sound coming out of your phone in a social setting.

From the 8 Ball Pool game screen, click on the gear icon on the bottom left corner to do it. The in-game music can be turned off if you tap on the ‘Music’ button.

The in-game sound effects should be turned off by tapping on the Sound button.

You can modify your character’s appearance, such as facial expressions, hairstyle, eyewear, and much more, using the customization options present right above the ‘Sound‘ and music controls.


Before playing a game, a player needs to read all the rules and instructions in the guide and game. All of the games that you play on other devices are not accepted by the iPhone platform. 

There are more realistic graphic features in iPhone games that don’t let your eyes get tired from playing. Now you know how to play pool on the different versions of the phone after reading this full topic. 

You don’t need anything else except an 8-pool game and iMessage. We hope that this article helped you gain all the information you needed to know for how to play pool on iMessage.

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