How To Organize An Successful Online Event [2021]: 8 Tips

Here you will find extensive information on what an online event is, what to consider before hosting a virtual conference, and how to host an online event.

Some companies and organizations are slowly moving towards hosting events online instead of face-to-face meetings. The use of networking events increased exceptionally as a result of the sudden increase in the pandemic. Every business or organization needs to stay in touch with their employees to ensure everything happens on time. Virtual meetings are also commonplace in families, where we meet and spend our free time with family members and friends on the Internet. If you are interested in this kind of thing, here are some tips for beginners, and then methods for successfully organizing an online event.

What is an online event?

That’s okay. This is an online conference, similar to a group video conference, but with hundreds of people who can be connected on a set schedule. There are different categories depending on the purpose of the event. Business meetings may be called virtual meetings, while online training conferences may be called webinars or online courses. In short, bringing people together online for a specific purpose, using various tools, is called an online event.

The internet connection is really a blessing for us. I have nothing against personal encounters, they are always good and preferable. It is also necessary to adapt to the current situation. If you are still skeptical about online meetings, here is a list of the benefits of virtual meetings.

Benefits of an online event or virtual summit

  • More attendees – More people are likely to attend the event because there are no travel costs.
  • No cost – physical meetings usually require space and food. None of this is necessary for an online event.
  • Content – Content can be easily managed from old meetings. Family gatherings don’t need a slide show either.
  • Leads – This is limited to events. Chances are they’ll make great webinar presenters.
  • All you need is a good internet connection (which we usually already have) and some time to attend the event.
  • More networking opportunities for individuals.

I hope you’re convinced. I have attended several webinars myself and they have had a huge impact on my professional career. All of the above benefits apply to both corporate and private events.

8 things to consider when organising a virtual event

What if you were to organize an event? Whatever the event, you may be asked to host an event online. Choosing a software tool like Zoom is not everything. Before choosing the software, you should evaluate the purpose of the event and other similar elements. Here are some of the factors you should consider before hosting an online event. Remember that the meeting must be interesting, at least most of the time, or it must be productive.

1. Resolve the virtual event type and let thecommand

First, determine the exact purpose and format of the online event. The purpose of the event may be educational, promotional, lead generation or otherwise. Think about how you choose the format for the online event. Each objective can take a different form. Some of them are,

Webinars :

They are mostly used for educational purposes, where you as a content creator can explain a product to the public and also promote other things, etc. Online courses can fall into this category, which also attracts the most time.

Virtual Happy Hour:

There are regular reunions, i.e. family or friends meeting online. Mostly it’s just random encounters. They do it from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the number of people.


Games and meetings were banned during the pandemic, and online meetings seem to be the best option for most businesses to stay in touch with customers.

In short, there are different names for each target. However, in simple terms, they can be considered as online events. Consider the above information as a reference and decide on the type of event first.

When it’s individual, you have to take care of everything. If you are working in a team, put together your members and divide the work according to their skills, i.e. you can easily do the technical work, or someone can write the inviting sentences, and so on.

2. resolving hearing

The audience plays an important role in online events. Interaction is always important in online communication. Ask yourself these basic questions.

  • Do you have a date with your friends?
  • Family reunion?
  • Business meeting?
  • Launch the product for your friends?
  • Another formal meeting with your staff?
  • Webinar for your followers.
  • Just a random session in real time to check the activity on your social media profiles.

Just ask these questions and get a clear picture of your audience. This is an important step for the success of an event. Without a targeted audience, an online meeting can be a waste of everyone’s time. So count your audience first. If the meeting is intended for a limited number of members, invitations may be sent personally after the decision on the instrument has been taken.

3. Consideration of power-up options

Participating in online discussions is always fruitful. But without a set of rules, it can also be boring. We can’t have everyone talking at once, right? It can be a big mess. It is therefore necessary to tailor it to your event.

  • Ask questions regularly
  • Hold surveys to find out what they think.
  • Enable the limited chat options.
  • Be open to questions.
  • Give me some puzzles.
  • Rewards if you have a limited budget.

With this tactic, we can make the meeting last as long as it needs to.

4. Identification and collection of stakeholders

Singles and families may need a team of speakers each time. Managing content and being a full-time speaker can be challenging for training and professional events. It is therefore proposed to set up a group of stakeholders who are willing to give their views on issues that concern them.

This will relieve one person and the results will be more efficient. Identify the people around you, which might be a little easier, at least in most cases. People with good experience with online events can easily take on all the roles.

5. Preparing the content of your meeting

This step does not apply to all random events. If you are planning a webinar or something similar, prepare well. You can reuse content from sources available on Google. Learn to leave links in the chat, preferably to avoid audience doubts.

It can be as simple as a doctor’s appointment. It all depends on the type of event. Google Slides is my personal choice when it comes to presenting content to an audience because its interface is cleaner and simpler.

6. Control your technology and budget

Most tools have free versions and are sufficient for simple meetings. They may not offer many options. However, they are good enough for occasional online events. But for business meetings with up to 100 people, premium versions are required. Note that even the free versions have a limit of subscribers.

Choose an instrument with which you are more familiar. If it’s your first time, use simple user interface tools like Google Meet and Zoom. The budget depends entirely on the number of participants and the type of event. So, with your limited technical knowledge and budget, be prepared to jump in when needed.

Check the microphone and screen sharing settings before you take to the air. If possible, use a screening test for a limited number of family members. Don’t panic on the day of the presentation.

7. Advertisement or invitation to an event

Decide how you want the event to go. Without an audience, the event would be boring. When it comes to a product launch or a big event, publicity is a must or at least sharing on social media with a good number of followers. Reach as many people as possible before the event date.

If you have enough details like email or whatsapp numbers, invite them with the right invitation. E-mail offers more possibilities. Prefer email for business events.

8. Always a second Have a plan and stick to it

Anyone can go or not go after the procedure. So there’s always a second plan. Check the basic facilities such as internet connection, power supply for your laptop or phone, etc.

Always have a second plan or options in case of failure. Never leave your audience disappointed. Monitor events before they start, i.e. how many people are interested in participating, is the content ready? How many people can attend this event? Keeping track of these elements will help you run a successful event.

Once you have a clear picture of things, let’s move on to the methods of organizing an online event, i.e. the tools to manage the event. Choose one of the following options suitable for your meeting.

Methods of organising an online event

There are a number of tools or software programs available for conducting online meetings. However, I will list the most common ones here with brief information.


Zoom is a well-known cloud-based video conferencing app that has been popular since 2020 during the pandemic. It helps you to communicate with others online during meetings and conferences. It is a tool for all companies, large and small. However, depending on the number of participants, a premium version may be required. Year-over-year increase of 227% in 2019 and 2020.

Here are some of the key features,

  • The free plan is sufficient for an unlimited number of private meetings.
  • Screen sharing is available
  • All events can be recorded.
  • Control over the participants
  • Cats and research
  • I’ll send you the rest.
  • Group videoconferencing. The number of slots and duration depends on your plan. So choose wisely at the time of settlement.

Scaling is available for all devices, including Android and iOS. It can also be used on a smart TV.

2.commands Microsoft

Microsoft Teams is a work-related tool in Microsoft 365 Office. The homework and learning features for staff and students have proved popular with teams with over 44 million downloads. In March, during the pandemic, 2020 users logged over 900 million minutes for their own meetings or events.

The teams are primarily intended for collaboration on projects. Conversations are visible by default to all members of this team. Personal message options should be ignored for private discussions. You can switch from chat to video or audio calls directly in the navigation.

Integration with Microsoft 365 applications is a big advantage. It even supports fun generators like smileys, stickers and more. Like Zoom, it also supports all platforms, including the web. A freemium option to support up to 300 people at a time is available. Check the prices on the official website before buying. After downloading the commands, you need to create a command to get started. Mainly used for professional events.

3.meeting Google

Previously, Google offered Duo for video calling, which is a good thing and hits the nail on the head, especially for plan users in the early days. However, due to the rapid growth of online meeting tools and software, Google has decided to offer Google Meet for free to anyone with a Gmail account. This may continue for a limited period until there are enough subscribers.

The best thing about Google Meet is that you can start with a video call, charter or video meeting of your choice. Some of the customizable features of the meeting,

  • Live broadcast and recording of the meeting
  • Talk to the entire audience at the same time via video conference.
  • Signatures can be used.
  • Mute or remove other participants from the meeting.
  • Different screen layout options.

As a large and well-known company, Meet is integrated with all the important tools you need, such as. B. a Google calendar for scheduling meetings. Most mobile phones come with a Google calendar and Google ecosystem that makes it easy to choose who you want to hang out with.


No doubt there are a number of similar tools for the same purpose. In general, I prefer privacy and choose the most popular software with good companies behind it. So choose the tool according to your budget and technical knowledge. Keep in mind that most tools have similar options and settings. Please comment better if you use other tools. They can never replace the feeling of a face-to-face meeting, but they are discreet and sometimes cannot be ignored.

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