How To Leave A Group On Facebook Messenger

How To Leave A Group On Facebook Messenger In 2022 – Guide!

How To Leave A Group On Facebook Messenger

This article will tell you how to leave a group on Facebook messenger. You can stay in touch with your friends with the Messenger app on Facebook. There are many functions in the app like games, filters, etc. The group chat is one of those functions. 

Everyone can add you to a group without your consent, which is a downside of the group chat function. In this article, we will discuss how to leave a group chat on Facebook Messenger, and what happens when you do.

You can use the Facebook Messenger app to chat with your friends on Facebook. It’s possible to have one-on-one conversations or chat with a group. When the conversation is over, there may be a time when it’s over. 

While you can’t leave a one-on-one conversation, you can leave a group conversation. Instead of just letting the message thread run its course and die off on its own, or muting it for eternity, 

Facebook for iPhone and iPad gives you the option to just leave the conversation, and it’s not as difficult as you think it is. There is a way to get rid of that annoying Facebook conversation and all of the notifications that come along with it.

What Is Group Chat In Messenger?

You can use the Messenger app to communicate with people on your Facebook friends list. The Messenger app became its own entity in 2011; it was originally part of the same app

Messenger has a feature called a group chat that allows you to chat with a group of people at the same time. There is a limit on the number of people allowed to be in a group chat.

A number of features are included in the group chat in Messenger. Right within the group, you can make voice and video group calls. You can use Facebook stickers to communicate, as well as send media.

How To Leave A Group Chat In Messenger

Group chats can get tiring if there is a large number of people online. There is a way to leave the group chat in Messenger. You can always remove yourself from a group even if you were accidentally added.

Android app

We have wanted to leave a group chat, use the Messenger app on your phone to locate the group. In the top right corner, you can find the ‘i’. Go to the next menu, scroll down and select the group you want to leave. You will have to confirm it once more.


There is a way to leave a group from the Messenger web app. You can log in with your credentials if you visit the Messenger website. 

You will be able to see your conversations in the left panel with any groups. Click on the three dots that appear when you hover the mouse over the group that you want to leave. Go to the following window and select the group you want to leave.


Follow these steps if you want to leave a Messenger group chat.

  • Launch the Messenger app.
  • Select the group chat you want to exit.
  • Press the group’s name at the top.
  • Tap “Leave Chat”.
  • Tap “Leave” to confirm.

A notification will be sent to other members when you leave the group chat. If you want to stop getting notifications without leaving the group, you can always change your mind. In that case, no one will be made aware of it.

  • Open the Messenger app.
  • Find the group you want to mute, press, and hold it.
  • Press “Mute” and select how long you want the mute period to last.

You can ignore it if you keep getting re-added to the same groups, but you want to avoid explaining why you left. The ignored chat will move to your junk folder, which means you can forget about it. When you decide to retrieve it, just send a message, and it will move back to your inbox.

This is how to ignore a group chat on an iPad

  • Open the Messenger app.
  • Find the group you want to ignore, select and hold it.
  • Select “Ignore group.”
  • Press “Ignore.”
How To Leave A Group On Facebook Messenger

What Happens When You Leave A Group Chat In Messenger?

When you leave a group chat in Messenger, you’ll notice that the chat disappears from your list of conversations. An update to the app prevents you from reading old messages on the group even after you’ve left. 

You can’t view messages from that group after you leave a group. You can’t even search for the group in your conversation. You won’t be receiving notifications from the group anymore. It’s not possible for you to rejoin the group other than being added back.

Do The Participants Get Notified When You Leave A Group Chat On Messenger?

Yes, that’s correct. A notification appears in a group chat when you leave, notifying everyone that you have left the chat. They only know if they open the 

Messenger app because it is not a push notification. There is no way to leave a group chat on Messenger without notifying everyone.

Can You Still View Messages When You Leave A Group Chat On Messenger?

No. Once you leave a group chat, you can no longer view messages on that chat. In fact, you cannot find the group anymore. The group chat is removed from your conversation list. You will no longer get notifications from the group chat.

Previously you could still view the older chat messages when you left the group chat. However, an update to the app now gets rid of the group completely.

Can Others View Your Messages If You Leave A Group Chat?

How To Leave A Group On Facebook Messenger

Yes, I agree with it. Even if you leave the group, all the messages are still in the group. The group chat allows anyone in it to view the messages. If someone responds to your message, you won’t be receiving notifications. 

Before you leave a group, there is no way to remove all of your messages. Unlike Secret conversations, you can’t remove messages from everyone in the group. The message only disappears from your side of the conversation if you deleted it.

Can Others View Your Shared Media If You Leave A Group Chat?

When you leave the group chat, your media stays the same as before. If you share something on the group chat, it will be accessible to the remaining members even after you leave the chat. If someone is upset with the media, you won’t be notified.

What Happens If You Are Re-added To The Same Group Chat?

All of the previous messages on the group can be seen if you are added back to the same group that you left. You can read what was sent to you while you left. If someone is added back to the group, they will be able to read it all, so be careful with what you type. 

You can look at the media that was shared while you were in the group. It is not possible to add yourself to a group chat on Messenger. One of the other members of the group must add you.

How To Silence Notifications From A Group Chat On Messenger?

Without notifying everyone in the group, there is no way to leave a group. If you are annoyed with the constant notifications, you can fix it without leaving the group or notifying anyone. 

You can locate the group by opening the Messenger app on your phone. In the top right corner, you can find the ‘i’. Scroll down and select ‘Ignore’ Group’.

When you ignore a group, the group chat is moved to your junk folder. notifications will no longer be sent to you when people message on the group All you have to do is send a message in the Ignored group chat to get it to return to your chats page. 

You can find the Spam folder by tapping on your profile picture in the top left corner and then going to message requests.

Additional FAQs: How To Leave A Group On Facebook Messenger

Are Other Members Notified When You Leave a Group?

You are notified by other members when you leave a group chat. Whenever the participants open the app, they will be able to see who left. It is not possible to leave a group without notifying the other members. 

Muting the chat is what you can do to prevent this. You need to remember that other members can see what messages you have opened, even though they aren’t notified about it. 

They will notice that you aren’t active if there aren’t many other people in the group. To ignore the group is one of the options. If you keep getting added to large groups, then we recommend doing this.


It is possible to have an online huddle where you bring a group of people together into a conversation. Group chats, including Skype, are now supported by every major chat service. With its group icon and quick clicking to add members, Skype may be the easiest of the bunch.

We are using the above methods, you will be able to remove any contact from your Messenger. The process used to be easier in the earlier versions of Messenger, as there was a visible remove option for any contact in the contacts list. 

We don’t know why Facebook decided to stop using this feature. In the present application, it is better to block a contact or unfriend them to stop getting messages. We hope that this article helped you gain all the information you needed to know how to leave a group on Facebook messenger, thanks for reading!

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