How to Jailbreak Chromecast with Google TV [August 2021]

How To Jailbreak Chromecast With Google Tv [2022]

How to Jailbreak Chromecast with Google TV [August 2021]

Wanna know how to jailbreak chromecast with google tv? Read furthermore to know more.

The Chromecast is a streaming device that connects to your TV via WiFi or Ethernet. It allows you to stream web content from a range of supported services such as YouTube and Netflix. It is also compatible with a range of online services, giving you access to content from other companies such as Spotify or Netflix.

As a fan of Chromecast, I was very excited to hear Google’s announcement that it was launching the Chromecast 2.0. The new model has a faster processor, a higher resolution screen, and a more powerful processor, but the most exciting part of the announcement is the fact that it will now be compatible with Google’s Assistant.

Jailbreaking the Chromecast is when you run the software, often by running it on a PC, on a device to achieve a result that otherwise would not be possible. This is often done for features or options that the device manufacturer has not yet made a move to implement, so let’s see what an old cat like me can do to jailbreak our Google TV device. Read more about google chromecast and let us know what you think.

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How to Jailbreak Chromecast with Google TV is shown in this step-by-step tutorial.

You can get free movies, TV programs, live TV, games, and more by “jailbreaking” a Chromecast with Google TV.

Because both ways involve allowing applications from unknown sources under the developer settings, this procedure is quite similar to our famous Jailbreak Firestick guide.

The new Chromecast with Google TV is a powerful streaming gadget that will be released in late 2020.

Google announced at their next virtual tech event in Fall 2020.

This upgraded Chromecast has a controller, a new “Google TV” operating system, and the ability to put applications directly on the device for all-around streaming.

Many people have already likened this gadget to Amazon’s famous Firestick 4K.

Both allow for side-loading of 3rd party Streaming Apps and have comparable specifications and pricing points. It’s a question of personal taste.

Both gadgets are included in our most recent list of the Best Streaming Devices.

In our Chromecast with Google TV review, we go over all of these capabilities and more, so you’ll know all there is to know about this new gadget.

Complete Google TV and Chromecast Review

What does “jailbreaking a Chromecast with Google TV” entail?

It is the process of eliminating manufacturer (Google) limitations to enable the installation of third-party apps.

Because we aren’t installing changed firmware, we aren’t technically jailbreaking the smartphone.

However, this is how novice cord-cutters look for information on the subject, which is how we came up with the title for this lesson. We’re delighted to have you here!

Most gadgets, such as phones and tablets, need us to install customized firmware when we jailbreak them.

Firmware may be thought of as the device’s operating system. We don’t have to do that with a Chromecast, thankfully!

We can side-load apps that we wouldn’t usually be able to obtain via the Google Play Store after we’ve jailbroken the Chromecast with Google TV.

Thousands of free movies, TV programs, live channels, PPV, games, sports, and more will be available on your device as a result.

Note: If you’re a first-time Chromecast user, be sure to check out our step-by-step Chromecast with Google TV Setup Guide, which will walk you through getting started with your device.

How to Use Google TV with Chromecast

Details On How To Jailbreak Your Chromecast

The Google Play Store is included with the Chromecast with Google TV, allowing us to quickly install apps on our streaming device.

Because the Chromecast with Google TV is based on the Android operating system, people who jailbreak the device have a plethora of options.

With over a billion users, Android is the most popular operating system in the world.

For more information about Android TV Boxes and all, they have to offer, check out our Android TV Box Resource Guide.

Because of its widespread usage, there are millions of Android apps that can be loaded on a jailbroken Chromecast with Google TV.

These Android apps, known as APKs, offer users a wealth of free material.

TROYPONT has compiled a list of the Best APKs for streaming Movies, TV Shows, and more, which is updated regularly.

TROYPOINT TIP: Use the TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer to install these top streaming applications on your Chromecast as quickly as possible.

Instead of installing your favorite streaming applications and tools one by one, you’ll be able to do it in a matter of minutes.

TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer is available for free.

In Minutes, Install the Best Streaming Apps

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Cinema HD, Kodi, Stremio, MX Player, Peacock TV, ES File Explorer, Smart YouTube TV, and others are among the most popular applications.

Legal Copyright Disclaimer: TROYPOINT does not check whether applications, services, or websites provide material that is properly licensed. Any streaming site, service, app, or addon that we own, run, or resell is not owned, operated, or resold by us. Each individual is entirely responsible for the media they access, which should only include works that are not copyright protected. TROYPOINT does not host or manage any of the apps, addons, services, or streaming sites mentioned.

How To Use Google Tv To Jailbreak Chromecast 

Video instruction and a screenshot guide showing how to jailbreak a Chromecast with Google TV can be found below.

I recommend viewing the video instruction first since I go over key aspects that the screenshot guide does not cover.

Video Instructions

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Guide To Taking Screenshots

The screenshot guide that follows will walk you through the easy process of jailbreaking a Chromecast with Google TV.

The first step is to download the Downloader App and turn on Developer Options. Take the actions outlined below.

Note: If you ever need to Reset your Chromecast with Google TV, bookmark this page and come back to it.

1. From the main menu, choose Apps.

2. Go to the bottom of the page and choose Search for applications.

3. In the search box, type “Downloader” and press the search button.

4. Go to Apps and look for Downloader by AFTVnews.

5. Press the Install button.

6. Return to your Chromecast’s home screen once the Downloader has finished installing.

7. Go to the Settings tab.

8. Go to the System tab.

9. Go to the About page.

10. Click Android TV OS build around 7 times till you get a notification stating that Developer Options are enabled.

11. After you’ve enabled developer options, you’ll get a notification that says “you’re now a developer!”

12. Return to the main menu and choose the Apps option.

13. Click Security & Restrictions

14. Choose the Unknown sources option.

How To Jailbreak Chromecast With Google Tv

15. For the Downloader app, enable unknown sources.

That concludes our discussion. We’ve successfully jailbroken our Chromecast with Google TV, enabling us to install apps that aren’t accessible in the Google Play Store.

Most instructions end there, but we’ll teach you how to install an alternative app store that has thousands of applications that aren’t available on Google Play.

We also recommend which applications to install on your jailbroken Chromecast with Google TV so you can watch free movies, TV programs, and live TV, among other things.


Your identifying IP address is made public, and it may be traced back to you through your Internet Service Provider.

IPVanish VPN will encrypt your connection and hide your IP address, making you completely anonymous.


Money-back guarantee for 30 days

The IPVanish VPN Firestick/Android Box Tutorial may be found here.

Install the Alternative App Store on a Chromecast that has been jailbroken.

Following the installation of the Downloader software, we will now install Aptoide TV, an alternative app store.

Thousands of apps not accessible in the Google Play Shop may be found in this third-party app store!

Aptoide is comparable to Aurora Shop, another famous alternative app store.

To install this Alternative App Store on your Chromecast with Google TV, follow the instructions below.

1. Open the Downloader application.

2. Click the URL bar and enter into the address bar, then click the Go button.

  • Important: TROYPOINT does not host this APK download. This link will take you to the installation file.

Note: The linked link is the app/official addon’s URL. TROYPOINT is unaffiliated with any developer and does not own or run any streaming website, service, app, or addon.

3. Wait for Aptoide TV to complete the installation.

4. Press the Install button.

5. Click the Done button.

6. When a pop-up window appears, choose the Delete option. On your Chromecast with Google TV, this will delete any unwanted installation files.

A pop-up window will appear, click the Delete button. This will remove unnecessary installation files on your Chromecast with Google TV.

7. Select the Delete button on the screen once again to confirm.

8. Return to Your Apps & Channels and scroll down to locate and select Aptoide TV.

9. Aptoide TV will be released.

10. Select OK.

11. Press the Allow button.

12. That’s all there is to it! You’ve successfully installed Aptoide TV, an alternative app store, on your Google TV-enabled jailbroken Chromecast.

How To Jailbreak Chromecast With Google Tv

Instructions for jailbreaking Chromecast using Google TV and Kodi

There are two ways for installing Kodi on a Chromecast device, as shown in our Kodi on Chromecast with Google TV guide.

We’ve got you covered if you’re new to Kodi.

This comprehensive tutorial will teach you all you need to know about the program and how to get the most out of it.

What Is Kodi and How Does It Work? Everything You Should Know About

To install Kodi on a Chromecast with Google TV, follow the steps below.

1. Open Downloader and type anything into the search box.

2. Go to and type in the following URL.

  • If you want to install Kodi 17.6, enter into your browser.

How To Jailbreak Chromecast With Google Tv

3. Wait for the program to download and install.

4. Press the Install button.

5. Click the Done button.

6. Press the Delete key.

7. Select Delete once more.

How To Jailbreak Chromecast With Google Tv

8. Go back to All Apps and look for Kodi.

9. That’s all there is to it! You’ve successfully installed Kodi on your Google TV-enabled jailbroken Chromecast.

Last but not least, get our free Supercharge Kodi guide!

The TROYPOINT Supercharge Kodi Guide is available for free.

In Seconds, Install the Best Kodi Addons

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Over a million cable cutters use it.

In addition to our Supercharge Kodi Guide, the following TROYPOINT Kodi Guides are updated regularly for your viewing pleasure:

With Kodi and other third-party applications now loaded on your Chromecast with Google TV, it’s critical to make sure you’re safe while using it.

Best VPN For Google TV With Jailbroken Chromecast

Installing a VPN on your Chromecast with Google TV is the best method to secure yourself and your online privacy.

Your IP address will be encrypted by a VPN, keeping your online activities anonymous to your ISP, app developers, hackers, watchdog organizations, and other third parties.

Because of its lightning-fast download speeds and user-friendly interface, TROYPOINT recommends IPVanish for your VPN requirements.

IPVanish is the best VPN for streaming, and it works well with Google TV and Chromecast.

IPVanish is the best VPN for safeguarding yourself online because of its zero log policy, unlimited device support, geo-restrictions unblocking, cheap monthly cost, streaming app compatibility, and more.

Today is the last day to safeguard your jailbroken Chromecast with Google TV.


Use IPVanish on unlimited devices & when away from home.

IPVanish offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on their service.  

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Refer to our comprehensive VPN guide below for additional information on VPNs, device installation instructions, features, and more.


Best Chromecast Apps And Services For Jailbroken Devices

You may be wondering what more is available after jailbreaking your Chromecast with Google TV and downloading Aptoide or Kodi.

There are infinite options, whether it’s streaming applications for free movies and TV programs, live TV services, games, tools, or music apps.

I recommend looking through our popular lists below for the finest VOD alternatives.

Plex Media Server is a home media server that we suggest for usage with your new jailbroken Chromecast with Google TV.

Setup Instructions for the Plex Media Server

Plex works perfectly with Torrent Sites to get public domain movies and television programs.

We suggest bookmarking our IPTV resource guide for the finest choices when it comes to watching live TV.


This updated guide includes the finest IPTV services, tools, applications, and any other live television-related information.

A separate list of the Finest Free IPTV Apps highlights the best free live television choices available.

If you have a Roku device, check out the guide below for additional jailbreak instructions.

How to Unlock Roku

If you have a Chromecast with Google TV, you can use it to its full capacity by jailbreaking it.

FAQs: How To Jailbreak Chromecast With Google Tv [2022]

What does a Google TV-enabled Chromecast do when it’s jailbroken?

You can use a jailbroken Chromecast to install apps that aren’t accessible on the Google Play Store. There are hundreds of free streaming apps available that provide access to free movies, TV programs, live channels, sports, and other content.

Is it possible to jailbreak a Chromecast?

Yes, the new Chromecast with Google TV gadget will work with our approach.

Is it unlawful to jailbreak a Chromecast?

No. It is not unlawful to use Google TV to “jailbreak” a Chromecast. What you access once you’ve jailbroken it, though, may be unlawful. To use your Chromecast anonymously, always use a VPN as described on this page.

With a Chromecast and Google TV, what channels can you access for free?

Because of the tens of thousands of Chromecast apps accessible, you can watch all of the channels that are usually only available via costly cable or satellite bundles for free.

Is there a charge for using a Chromecast every month?

No, unless you buy a monthly membership to one of the apps that charges a monthly price. The majority of the TROYPOINT lessons listed above cover how to set up and utilize free services.

What are the prerequisites for using a Google TV with a jailbroken Chromecast?

The majority of the apps you can run on a jailbroken Chromecast need a high-speed Internet connection. You’ll also need to create a free Google account since you’ll need to log into the gadget the first time you use it.

Will jailbreaking my Chromecast cause it to malfunction?

No, we’re not tampering with the Chromecast’s hardware with Google TV in any way, so jailbreaking it won’t damage it.

Is it possible to reverse the jailbreak on a Chromecast?

Yes, just reverse the steps in the screenshot instruction above. Alternatively, you may use the settings panel to conduct a factory reset on your device.

Is it possible to give or sell a jailbroken Chromecast?

Yes, you may do so by first downloading the apps you want and then deregistering the device. When a new user first activates it, they will be asked to provide their Google login and password. You will be able to use the apps that you installed on the smartphone. Important: Due to copyright restrictions, I do not recommend selling jailbroken Chromecasts or other devices with apps that offer free movies, TV programs, IPTV, and other content. Those who sell these gadgets have been known to suffer legal repercussions and even prison time.

Is it possible to purchase a Google TV-enabled jailbroken Chromecast?

You can purchase a jailbroken Chromecast, but I highly advise against it. Users must learn to maintain their gadgets updated and operating correctly as part of this pastime. Yes, a jailbroken Chromecast is available for purchase, but we do not suggest it. The majority of individuals who buy jailbroken Chromecasts are perplexed as to why their gadget stops functioning within a few months, if not weeks. It’s because they didn’t set it up themselves and don’t understand how things operate.

Can you hack a Chromecast?

Yes, I can hack a Chromecast.

Can you install Filelinked on Chromecast with Google TV?

This tutorial shows you how to jailbreak your Chromecast with Google TV. This version is for Chromecast 1.1. Read more about jailbreak chromecast 1st gen and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The Chromecast does not support the Filelinked app.

Can you pause Chromecast with Google TV?

Yes, you can pause and resume Chromecast with Google TV3

Final Words

Chromecast is a device that lets you watch online content on your TV. While it’s generally easy to use, there may be times when you want or need to jailbreak your Chromecast. In this article, we showed you how to do just that using Google TV. We hope you found this information helpful and that you enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies on your big screen TV!

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